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Bovista - Nose symptoms - T.F. Allen

Puff-ball, Bovista Gigantea, Bov.

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HPUS indication of Bovista: Acne

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Bovista in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




The septum of the nose where it unites with the upper lip is red and sore,

Scabby nostrils,

A scab in the nostril is frequently renewed, after removal, the sore place burns,

She is frequently obliged to blow the nose, whereby only thin water is discharged,

Frequent need to blow the nose, though but little nasal mucus is discharged,

The nose is very much stopped; troubles her in speaking,

At night, the nose is stopped; she cannot draw air through it (eighteenth day),

The left nostril is stopped, and a few drops of water run out of it (seventeenth day),

The previously profuse, tough, yellow nasal mucus, a quantity of which was discharged, became white and more profuse (after sixteen days),

Bleeding of the nose in the morning,


Burning in both nostrils, as if they were sore,

A contraction over the nose, with a feeling of heaviness and pressure as though the skin were too short,


Coryza, for a few moments only,

Stopped coryza,

Stopped coryza, in the morning, after rising, with frequent sneezing; with which she could draw air only through the right nostril,

Great stoppage of the nose; she could only get air through with great difficulty; with pressure in the temples,

Fluent coryza,

Fluent coryza; thin mucus is discharged from the nose,

Fluent coryza, with confusion of the head,

Frequent sneezing,

Sneezing, in the morning, after waking,

A few drops of blood from the nose every time on sneezing (fifth day),

Constant feeling of coryza in the nose, and swelling of it (fifteenth day),

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