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Bromium - Nose symptoms - T.F. Allen

Bromine, Bromum, Brom.

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HPUS indication of Bromium: Hoarseness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Bromium in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Objective and Discharges.

Some twitchings in the right side of the nose (first day),

Severe inflammatory affection of the mucous membrane of the nose, fauces, and respiratory organs, has been noticed since taking Bromine, also palpitation of the heart, frequently, at times when walking, at times on rising from chair,

Swelling and pain in the left side of the nose on pressing it, as if a boil were forming (from the 3d),

Ulceration in the left nostril like crust, with tingling under it (second day),

Crusts in the right nostril, second day; crusts in the nostrils, especially in the right, in the morning of third day,

Much mucus in the nose, sometimes with streaks of blood, in the afternoon (second day),

Much tough white mucus, mostly in the right nostril; sometimes pieces of though yellow mucus in both nostrils (second day),

Yellowish mucus from the nose, and yellowish expectoration,

The nose is stopped, by mucus (fifth day),

Stopped nose, scanty mucus (one hour),

Several drops of blood after blowing the nose (second day),

Nose-bleed after slight blowing of the nose; on the right side,

On the third morning, on blowing the nose some blood from the right nostril,

On blowing the nose, some blood from the left nostril,

Some blood from the left side of the nose on blowing it; the blood is bright red,

Nose-bleed after oppression of the chest (from fumes),

Nose bleed for twelve minutes, with relief of the chest and eye symptoms (from fumes),

Awoke with nose very cold, subjectively and objectively (second and third night),

Pain on the right side of the tip of the nose (from the 5th),

Pain in the left compressor nasi on pressing upon it (from the 5th),

Momentary pressure in the nasal and superior maxillary bone, and in various places in the frontal bones,

Soreness in the nose, and crusts,

The whole nose is sore, and the wings of the nose swollen; a scurf forms in it, with pain and bleeding on wiping it (from 7th),

Soreness and swollen feeling, first around the lamilla and then in the wings of the nose, then crusts; and also constant crustiness of the right nostril, which bleeds after removing it (from 7th),

Smarting beneath the right nostril (first day),

Slight crawling, at first below the left nostril, then on the right cheek (from 8th),

Tickling in the nose (half an hour),

Tickling in the left side of the tip of the nose (from 7th),

Tickling in the left nostril, afterwards in the right (from 8th),

Itching in the nose, with continued smell of Bromine,


Stoppage of the nose, together with fluent coryza, with lachrymation of the right eye,


Sneezing (first day),

Sneezing a few times,

Sneezing several times (after four hours),

Sneezing frequently,

Violent shattering sneezing, followed immediately by stoppage of the nose (from 5th),

Much sneezing, which is frequently repeated (after several days); nasal mucus is secreted in large quantities, especially in the posterior portion of the nares; at times the mucus is very watery, mixed with streaks of blood; at other times there is obstinate dryness in the nose,

Coryza for two days,

Coryza with stoppage of the right nostril (from 8th),

Severe coryza, whereby the right nostril is stopped and sore throughout (evening of second day),

Continued coryza, with discharge from the right nostril, and at the same time stoppage of it (from 3d),

Long-continued obstinate coryza, with soreness beneath the nose, and on the margin of the nose (from 5th),

Fluent coryza, in which the right nostril is more affected and more stopped, afterwards the left (from 6th),

Fluent coryza, with frequent violent sneezing; corrosive soreness under the nose and on the margins of the nose (second day), (from 6th),

It seemed to him as if a fluent coryza would appear, with soreness in the right nostril, as if he had pulled out some hairs; with dim eyes, and violent pain in the right ribs, and little appetite (from the fumes); the same symptoms returned afterwards, from the fumes mixed with Iodium iodine,

Tickling in the nose, as if he would sneeze immediately,

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