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Bromium - Throat symptoms - T.F. Allen

Bromine, Bromum, Brom.

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HPUS indication of Bromium: Hoarseness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Bromium in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



In General.

The throat is stiff and painful on turning the head, on the left side,

In the morning, the throat is stiff, so that she cannot turn the head,

A very acrid burning extending from the tongue to the stomach; on account of which he becomes nauseated, has great inclination to vomit, the mouth becomes filled with saliva, respiration difficult and somewhat painful (from 20 to 30 drops),

Sticking in the throat,

Stitches in the throat, with lachrymation and flow of thin saliva,

Stitches near the hyoid bone, with secretion of thin saliva; afterwards coldness in the tip of the tongue, with flow of saliva,

The throat is very sore and raw (second day), (from 6th),

Scraping in the throat,

Scraping and frequent hawking of scanty mucus from the throat,

Scraping and sticking in the throat, lasting two hours,

Scraping in the throat and a rough deep voice continued for an hour (soon after taking),

Feeling of rawness in the throat, with severe stitches and tickling in the larynx, lachrymation of the eyes, and a feeling as if the larynx were laced together, in the evening (second day),


Chronic inflammation of the fauces, with a dry sensation, was aggravated (from the 1st),

Fauces and uvula are red,

Fauces dark-red, the tonsils covered with much mucus, scraping-sticking sensation of rawness, some swelling of the tonsils; repeated after several days (soon after taking),

Feeling as if a small body were in the fauces, which caused hawking,

Unpleasant puckered sensation in the fauces, followed by burning and sensation as if sore,

In the fauces, at first, an unpleasant puckered sensation, followed by burning and soreness; salivation lasted a quarter of an hour, with increase of mucus in the mouth and nostrils (soon after 5 drops),

Puckering in the fauces,

Scraping in the fauces, which causes hawking,

Scraping and dryness in the fauces towards evening,

Pharynx, Oesophagus and Externals.

Feeling of warmth, which increases to a burning, extending through the whole pharynx into the stomach, especially distressing in the pharynx (after 8 drops in an ounce of water),

Sensation of burning and scraping in the pharynx, so violent that for some minutes there are convulsive twitchings in the face and in the hands, with strong inclination to vomit and forcible empty retchings (after daily doses increased to 45 drops),

Raw, unpleasant feeling in the pharynx (immediately),

Pressure arising from the stomach into the oesophagus,

Burning in oesophagus and stomach (1/2 drop tinct.),

Swallowing is especially painful in the whole of the right side of the fauces, which is dark-red and without secretion of mucus,

Pain in the submaxillary glands of both sides (first day),

Slight pressive pain in the left submaxillary gland (second day),

Stitches in the glands at the side of the hyoid bone,

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