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Bryonia - Abdomen symptoms - T.F. Allen

Wild Hops, Bryonia Alba, Bryonia Officinalis, Bryon, Bryonia dioica, bryonia alba, Bry.

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HPUS indication of Bryonia: Worse motion

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Bryonia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Food smells good, but when he begins to eat, the appetite disappears,

Aversion to food,

Aversion to all food,

Little appetite for dinner (second day),

Eructations tasting of food,

Frequent eructations tasting of the food,

Drinks cause no eructations, but the slightest food does, though only of air, without bad taste,

(Eructations almost constantly burning, which make the mouth raw, and prevent tasting of food),

Food rises into the mouth, with a kind of gulping,

Violent griping in the umbilical region, which started the sweat on the forehead an hour after dinner; it gradually disappeared with passage of offensive flatus (thirty-second day),

Colic-like pains around the navel half an hour after dinner, lasting half an hour, relieved by passage of flatus,

Distension of the abdomen and feeling of discomfort after a simple meal (eleventh day),

Distension of the abdomen after every meal,

Griping in the abdomen, while walking, before a meal, followed by a liquid stool, whereby the contents of the intestines poured out as from a tube; after the meal a similar stool, followed by burning in the anus,

Colic-pain during and after dinner,

Spasmodic pain in the abdomen after dinner,

A sudden violent stitching in the lower abdomen from left to right, soon followed by two very painful stitches across through the chest from the left to the right side, while at dinner,


The distension of the stomach increased to a slight meteorismus, rumbling, without gripings, in the intestines; passage of offensive flatus,

Feeling of fulness as from accumulation of flatus, which pressed forward toward the stomach, and caused severe pressive pain, soon again pressing backward; these symptoms, continuing more or less severe the whole day, were relieved by walking and bending backward, increased by bending forward (third day),

Very violent attack of colic, two fingers breadth below the navel, followed by passage of flatus after eating,

Sudden colic-like pain in the right side of the abdomen somewhat below the navel, sticking-pinching, lasting several minutes, and followed by passage of flatus,

Distension of the abdomen, relieved by passage of offensive flatus,

Extreme tension and distension of the abdomen and epigastric region, which was only relieved towards morning by passing a great deal of offensive flatus,

Gurgling in the bowels in the afternoon at three, followed by a moderate pasty evacuation and passage of flatus,

Rumbling in the abdomen and passage of offensive flatus,

Rumbling in the abdomen; griping, rather severe colic pains in the left side of the abdomen, which cease after a few minutes, followed by passage of flatus,

Passage of much flatus,

All day long discharge of flatus (third day),

Passage of much loud odorless flatus,

Passage of offensive flatus, ,

Passage of offensive flatus (second day),

Constant, or rather frequent, short emissions of offensive flatus (after three hours to hour hours),

Passage of flatus in the night, preceded by loud rumbling and grumbling,

Dull griping and cutting in epigastric region, prior to passage of flatus; motion and standing increase the pains (after three to four hours),

The griping in the abdomen returned several times (second day), but became less severe as flatus was passed, and at last there was only rumbling in the abdomen (second day),

A slight attack of colic after eating, followed by passage of flatus and afterwards a pasty evacuation,

The colic lasted two hours and disappeared with a pasty evacuation and passage of flatus,

Sensitiveness of the abdomen; rumbling and passage of flatus,


Scraping sensation in the stomach, eructations, rumbling in the abdomen, great nausea from the stomach, with shuddering, shivering, and convulsive contraction of the abdominal muscles, especially on each side of the epigastrium (after half and hour), (from 80 drops),

Loss of appetite for his usual breakfast, which almost nauseates him,

Desire for wine, which, however, caused nausea,

Twisting about the navel, with slight nausea,


Contractive pain in the stomach after eating, then cutting pain in and above the pit of the stomach, eructations, rising heat, nausea, and vomiting of what he had eaten (after forty-eight hours),

Scraping sensation in the stomach, with inclination to eructations of air (after half an hour), followed by nausea arising from the stomach, as if he would vomit, with dizzy confusion of the head, frequent yawning, continuing for two hours,

Eructations of the contents of the stomach, almost without effort to vomit,

Hiccough after vomiting,

Slight griping above the navel, extending from the region of the liver to the spleen, with nausea and inclination to vomit,

Pain in the abdomen as if one would vomit (after fifth day),

Pain in the abdomen as if he had taken a purge, or as of haemorrhoids; vomiting,


Slight pressive sensation in both hypochondria,

A tensive pain in the right hypochondrium lasting ten minutes, then disappearing with rumbling in the upper abdomen (from 3d dil.),

Tensive pain below the false ribs in the right hypochondrium, especially sensitive on deep inspiration, lasting about ten minutes (from 1st dil.) (28th d.), (from half an hour),

Transient, sharp stitches deep in the right hypochondrium,

A sharp transient stitch beneath the wall of the abdomen in the right hypochondrium, extending toward the epigastrium (from 5th dil.),

Sharp, transient stitches in the right hypochondrium, soon followed by a similar on in the epigastrium,

Some transient stitches in the right hypochondrium; painful sensitiveness of this region, especially to hard pressure and deep inspiration,

Burning pain in the abdomen in the region of the liver (after eight hours),

Tensive pain in the region of the liver,

Long-drawn stitches in the liver while sitting (ninth day),

The region of the liver was sensitive,

Umbilical and Sides.

Hard swelling about the navel and beneath the hypochondria,

Transient burning in the abdomen below the navel,

In the afternoon, while riding in a very jolting wagon, pinching pain above the navel extending towards the spleen,

Slight griping around the navel (after quarter of an hour),

Slight, frequently repeated griping in the upper part of the umbilical region (first day),

Severe griping around the navel,

Awakened three times in the night by severe griping in the umbilical region,

Colic-like pain around the navel before eating,

Boring pains around the navel,

Boring pain around the navel (after two hours),

Boring, but transient pains around the navel, with chilliness (after half an hour),

Slight pressive pain below the navel towards noon,

Pressive pain in the region of the navel and great urging to stool, which awoke him from sleep at 6 A.M. (second day),

Dull pressure in the region of the navel every time on waking, but he soon sank back into a kind of half sleep, in which he was busy with frequent fancies; this continually recurred until he awoke at six in the morning, with urgent desire for stool,

Pressure on the navel, as from a button, when walking in the open air,

A pressive sensation in the region of the navel was relieved by walking in the open air, but lasted in a slight degree till about 5 P.M. (second day),

Painful twisting, with stitches around the navel,

Rather severe bruised sensation at the ends of the left false ribs, extending to the navel, continuing thirty hours,

Painless twitching in the left side of the abdomen between the navel and the left flank, as of twitching in the muscles of the walls of the abdomen, followed by sticking pains deep in the left side of the back,

Tearing pains in the left side of the abdomen,

Stitches in the left flank (fourth day),

General Abdomen.

Distension of the abdomen,

Distension of the abdomen (soon after taking),

Great distension in the abdomen, towards evening,

Great distension of the abdomen after eating,

The abdomen is very much distended, with an unusual uneasy feeling in it, as if menstruation would come on,

Distension of the abdomen, impeding respiration,

Distended abdomen, continued motions in the abdomen, and colic, then continued constipation; feels as if something lay in the abdomen,

Sudden dropsy of the bowels; is unable to breathe and must sit (after eighteen hours),

The whole abdomen very tense (second day),

Very troublesome tension in the abdomen after eating, which even made respiration difficult,

Tension in the abdomen, which disappears after a long walk,

Tympanitic tension of the abdomen, painful, followed the next day by two pasty evacuations, which relieved the distension,

The abdomen tense and distended,

Tension and distension of the abdomen, especially in the afternoon after eating (third day),

Abdomen very much retracted,

Frequent twitchings and convulsive movements in the abdominal muscles on the right side,

Rumbling in the abdomen, without pain,

Rumbling in the abdomen, especially in the forenoon,

Rumbling, with tension in the abdomen, after eating,

Rumbling in the abdomen and sensation as if diarrhoea would ensue,

Rumbling in the intestines followed by three liquid stools, without relief,

Rumbling and gurgling in the intestines with gripings, followed by two liquid stools at short intervals (soon after taking),

Frequent rumbling in the abdomen, with desire for stool, which was softer than usual,

Loud rumbling of the bowels for fourteen days,

Loud rumbling in the bowels, especially in the evening, in bed, for eighteen days,

Flatulent troubles, with constant inclination to diarrhoea,

Heaviness in the abdomen,

Heaviness in the abdomen below the navel,

The abdomen, especially the lower abdomen, seemed heavy while sitting, as if it hung down upon the thighs,

(Sensation as if a lump were lying in the abdomen),

Pain in the abdomen, as if diarrhoea would ensue, for one and a half hours (after five minutes),

All day long feeling in abdomen as though a diarrhoea would come on; the same sensation exists in anus (third day),

Pain in the abdomen on urinating,

At 6, 7, and 8 P.M., sense of fulness, weight, and intestinal hypertrophy (third day),

Tension in the abdomen,

Pinching and pressure in the abdomen, in the region of the navel, when walking and standing,

Gripings in the abdomen,

Griping in the abdomen (fifth day),

Slight griping in the abdomen (fourth day),

Frequent griping in various places in the abdomen,

Gripings and rumblings in the abdomen, with tympanitic distension of the abdomen,

Gripings and rumblings in the bowels, with ineffectual urgings to stool,

Griping and pinching in the abdomen and in the region of the navel, as after taking cold, for several days, and (after three days) a profuse, thin evacuation followed,

Slight colic at time of rising, and through forenoon (second day),

The nights rest was disturbed by continuous wind colic,

Flatulent colic after supper, with pressure in the caecum,

Colic with the stool, like a constriction and griping with the hand, which causes diarrhoea,

Intermittent cuttings in the abdomen in the forenoon, as if dysentery would ensue, without stool,

Sudden painful cuttings in the intestines, with a feeling as though one were digging him with the fingers, compelling him to bend double; relieved by profuse pasty evacuations,

Very violent cuttings in the abdomen, with gurglings and rumblings, followed by a watery stool,

Severe cutting stitches in the abdomen from below upward into the stomach (after drinking a cup of warm milk in the afternoon); the pain obliges him to bend double and is relieved after a stool,

Pain in both sides of the abdomen, like a pleuritic,

Tearing and drawing in the abdomen, especially on motion, followed by stitches, especially with stool, mostly in the evening,

Sensitiveness in the abdomen,

Abdomen very sensitive, as if sore (first day),

Constant movings in the abdomen, as if a stool would follow, which, however, did not,

Hypogastrium and Iliac Regions.

Slight, crampy, cutting pain, with heat in right hypogastric region, increased by every inspiration (after half an hour to two hours),

Violent colic-like pain, starting from the small of the back and extending over the whole lower abdominal region (after four hours),

Pressure and pinching in the lower abdomen,

Violent cutting deep in the lower abdomen,

Drawing in both groins, which gradually changed to a burning on the right side; afterwards this sensation extends over the inner surface of the right thigh (second day),

Pressive pain in the region of the left inguinal ring every morning for half an hour for several days,

Pressive pain towards the inguinal ring on sitting down,

Dull stitches in the right inguinal region (fourth day),

Soreness in the groin, in the overhanging folds of the abdomen,



Distension of the epigastric region,

Distension of the stomach and eructations of wind (immediately),

Distension of the stomach, and afterwards of the abdomen,

Painful distension of the stomach, and afterwards of the whole abdomen, lasting all day,

Stomach full and sensitive to pressure,

A painless throbbing-twitching to the left of the epigastrium (like twitching of tendons and muscle-fibres), in or just beneath the wall of the abdomen,

During the last days of the proving the digestion is very weak (little appetite, eats more from habit than from necessity, and frequently feels a distension in the epigastric region), (twelfth day),

The stomach is empty; he is hungry, without appetite,

Feeling of great emptiness in the whole stomach; great distension of the whole abdomen,

Uncomfortable sensation in the epigastric region, with distension of the abdomen,

Uncomfortable feeling in the stomach, with flatulent distension of the abdomen (two hours after taking),

Burning in the stomach,

Short attacks of heartburn in the afternoon,

A glass of wine taken in the evening caused heartburn (second day),

Pressive-burning pain in the stomach,

Pressive-burning pain in the stomach (after one hour),

Burning and pressure in the stomach in short repeated paroxysms,

Violent burning-twisting pain in the stomach (after two hours),

Heat in the pit of the stomach, worse during every inspiration (first day),

An extraordinary warmth in the epigastric region causes shortness of breath, with a kind of pressive pain,

Sensation in the stomach as of something sharply rancid (a quarter of an hour after 100 drops),

Fulness of the stomach,

Sensation of fulness in the stomach,

Stomach full and sensitive, with a sensation as if heartburn would appear,

A feeling as if the pit of the stomach were swollen,

Exceedingly unpleasant sensation as of swelling below the pit of the stomach,

Tension in the stomach and bowels,

Contractive pain in the stomach several hours after eating,

Pinching in the stomach (after twelve hours),

Pinching pain in the stomach, soon changing to colic pains in the bowels,

Griping and tension in the stomach, which extends to the abdomen,

Stomachache, associated with anxiety,

Pressure in the stomach (after three hours),

Pressure in the pit of the stomach,

Pressure in the stomach after eating,

Pressure in the stomach as soon as he had eaten, and even while eating,

Severe pressure in the stomach, as if a stone were lying there, after eating,

Pressure in the stomach after eating; a feeling as if a stone were lying in it, which makes him fretful,

Pressive sensation in the stomach after eating (second day),

Pressure in the stomach when walking,

Violent pressure in the pit of the stomach, when walking, immediately after supper; then pressure on the bladder and perineum; it becomes insupportable; disappears while sitting (after twelve hours),

Pressure in the stomach, as from a stone (soon) this pressure continued after breakfast, and was followed by rumbling and griping in the intestines, together with constriction of the chest and tension in the pectoral muscles,

Pressure in the stomach, with continual eructations, without relief,

Pressure and burning in the stomach,

Pressure and fulness in the stomach,

Pressure in the stomach, with feeling of fulness,

Pressure and constriction in the stomach at 4 and 5 P.M., repeated every two or three minutes (soon after taking),

Pressure in the stomach, and tension, with burning, in the right side of the chest, increased by moving the arm (soon),

Pressive pain in the stomach (half an hour after taking),

A sensation as though a stone lay in the stomach; the epigastric region is painful to touch (after six hours),

Sticking pain with every eructation,

Cutting, as with knives, in the epigastric region (after one hour),

Several attacks of sharp sticking-cutting, though only transient, pains in the pit of the stomach, returning several times at short intervals with renewed severity,

Violent stitches in the stomach on deep inspiration (twenty-fifth day),

Fine stitches in the pit of the stomach on walking about the room, especially noticed on deep inspiration,

The epigastric region is painful to pressure,

Epigastric region sensitive; he could not endure the clothes (second day),

When coughing, soreness in the pit of the stomach,

A scraping sensation in the stomach (from 3d dil.),

Scraping, rancid feeling in the stomach as of beginning heartburn, with a tensive pain in the right hypochondrium,

Scraping sensation in the stomach, with eructations of tasteless gas and rumbling in the upper abdomen (from 1st dil.),

Nausea and vomiting


Nausea (immediately),

Great nausea (after one hour),

Nausea upon taste, the whole day (120 drops),

Nausea soon after taking,

Nausea soon after taking, which lasted the whole evening,

Nausea (immediately after taking),

Great nausea, lasting several hours after taking it (120 drops),

Nausea became so severe, even on looking at the bottle containing the tincture, that he was obliged to desist from taking it (second day),

Every morning, two hours after rising, nausea for half an hour, with collection of water in the mouth,

Nausea in the morning, after anxious dreams, without being able to vomit, with frequent empty eructations,

Nausea the whole forenoon,

Nausea the whole forenoon at intervals of ten to fifteen minutes,

Nausea in the evening, before going to sleep,

Nausea in the evening, followed by a flow of much water from the mouth,

Nausea before midnight,

In order to remove the persistent bitter taste, he frequently rinsed his mouth with water, but it always caused inclination to vomit,

Nausea from tobacco (after six hours),

Nausea, especially on smoking (to which he is accustomed),

He was obliged to lie perfectly quiet, because the slightest motion caused nausea, even to vomiting,

When walking in the open air, he felt so qualmish and nauseated, the limbs seemed so weak, and he felt so weak in the head, that he believed he would fall; he gasped, and warmth came into the chest, which extended to the head; this disappeared in the room, but returned in the open air,

Nausea and qualmishness after drinking, in the afternoon,

Severe nausea starting from the stomach, several times during dinner; it made him anxious,

Nausea for twenty-four hours, with much running of water from the mouth (after five minutes),

Continued nausea, and immediately afterwards ravenous hunger (after a few hours),

A feeling of qualmishness and emptiness in the stomach,

Nausea, with much salivation and frequent spitting,

Nausea and creeping chills (soon),

Frequent nausea, causing a shivering, with involuntary shocking of the head and closure of the lids,

Nausea and inclination to vomit (after half an hour),

Nausea, with inclination to vomit,

Nausea, with inclination to vomit (after one and a half hours),

Nausea, with inclination to vomit (from 60 drops),

Nausea, with inclination to vomit (soon after 90 drops),

Great nausea, with inclination to vomit,

Nausea and inclination to vomit after a breakfast of coffee (soon after taking),

Sudden nausea from the stomach at 9 P.M., in bed, as if it would cause vomiting, frequently repeated, followed by in creased flow of saliva and a sensation in the stomach as if rancid, and scraping, without the slightest cause,

Immediately after midnight, he wakes with nausea; is obliged to vomit food and bile,

In the morning, on waking, nausea and vomiting,

After eating food which had tasted good, nausea and vomiting,

Nausea and vomiting, without having eaten (after one hour),

Nausea, even to vomiting, especially when lying upon the right side, followed by easy empty eructations, alternating with secretion of saliva in the mouth (soon after taking), (fourth day),

Sudden nausea, followed by vomiting, half an hour after eating; the vomiting was paroxysmal and with great exertion; the material was much larger than had been eaten; it was accompanied by a few drops of bright-red blood from the right nostril,

Inclination to vomit,

Great inclination to vomit,

Great inclination to vomit soon followed by vomiting of a very bitter taste (soon),

She vomits solid food, but not drinks,

Sour vomiting, in the morning, of the fish which he had eaten the previous evening, which he had usually digested easily,

On coughing, vomiting of food,

Frequent vomiting of yellow and green mucus,

Vomiting of mucus, in the evening (after five hours),

In the morning (about 6), vomiting of bitter, musty, and putrid liquid, which leaves a similar taste in the mouth,

(Vomiting of blood and lying down),

When coughing, he vomited, without nausea,

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