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Bryonia - Chest symptoms - Clarke

Wild Hops, Bryonia Alba, Bryonia Officinalis, Bryon, Bryonia dioica, bryonia alba, Bry.

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HPUS indication of Bryonia: Worse motion

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Bryonia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Oppression, with fits of choking.

Constant occasion to make a deep inspiration.

Fit of dyspnoea, even at night, sometimes with shooting colic and inclination to evacuate.

Pressure on the chest, as if from a weight, with oppression.

Contractive pain in the chest, excited by the cold air.

Tension in the chest, on walking.

Heat in the chest (pleurisy, pneumonia).

Heat and burning pain in the chest, with anxiety and tightness.

Sensation in the chest as if all there were detached, and were falling into the abdomen.


Frequent sharp pain, stitching in cardiac region.


Beatings of the heart; frequently very strong, and attended by oppression (carditis).

Pulse full and hard, tense, and quick; seldom intermitting.


Respiration difficult, or short, rapid, and anxious, or sighing.

Respiration impeded by shootings in the chest.

Respiration deep and slow, esp. while making any exertion.

Shootings in the chest and in the sides, as from an ulcer, esp. when coughing or breathing deeply, obliging the patient to remain seated, and when lying down to rest only on the back; aggravated by every movement.

Hoarseness, with tendency to perspiration, cough and rattling in the chest.

(Acute bronchitis).

Deep, slow breathing.

Difficult breathing only possible with the assistance of the abdominal muscles.

Frequent sighing, breathing.

Continued inclination to draw a long breath.

Breathing quick, difficult, and anxious; caused by stitches principally in the chest, compelling him to sit up.

Stitches in the chest, when breathing or coughing.

Inclination to cough, as if from viscid mucus, afterwards pains, as of excoriation, in the larynx, aggravated by speaking, or by smoking tobacco.

Cough, mostly dry, excited by a tickling in the throat, or as if caused by smoke in the larynx, with a necessity for breathing often.

Cough, from tickling in the throat and pit of the stomach; in the evening at night without expectoration; during the day the expectoration is yellow, or consists of coagulated brown blood, or of cold mucus of a disagreeable flat taste.

Cough and stitches in the head and chest; or pain as if the head and chest would burst.

Cough with involuntary secretion of urine; hoarseness; thirst; sneezing; stitches in the chest and small of the back; red face; aggravated by motion, talking, laughing, eating, and drinking.

Cough, as if from irritation of the stomach.

Cramp-like, suffocating cough, esp. after midnight, or after having eaten or drunk, and often with vomiting of food.

Cough in the morning, with water-brash.

Cough which seems to bruise the chest.

Cough, with shootings in the sides of the chest, or with aching pains in the head, as if it were going to split, as well as with shooting pains in the pit of the stomach, or with pains in the hypochondria.

Cough, with expectoration of mucus of a dirty reddish colour.

Cough, with yellowish expectoration.

Cough, with expectoration of pure blood, or of slimy matter with streaks of blood.

On coughing, pain, as of excoriation, in the pit of the stomach.

Fit of choking before the paroxysm of nocturnal cough.

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