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Bryonia - Cough symptoms - T.F. Allen

Wild Hops, Bryonia Alba, Bryonia Officinalis, Bryon, Bryonia dioica, bryonia alba, Bry.

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HPUS indication of Bryonia: Worse motion

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Bryonia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




Scraping, painful, hacking cough in the throat, as from rawness and dryness in the larynx, in the evening after lying down in bed,

(Cough, especially after eating),

(Nausea excites cough),

Dry cough,

Several attacks of dry cough,

A hacking dry cough from the upper part of the trachea,

Dry cough, in the morning, with coryza,

Continued dry cough, especially in the morning, together with collection in the mouth like water-brash,

A dry hacking cough; single, spasmodic, forcible shocks towards the upper part of the trachea, which seems to be covered with dry tough mucus; even tobacco-smoking causes it,

Dry cough, with sticking pain under the sternum,

Dry cough, as if coming from the stomach; together with a crawling and tickling in the pit of the stomach,

He awoke after a restless night with a violent dry cough and feeling of soreness in the chest; this cough returned several times during the day, but disappeared at night; it caused a thin greenish mucous expectoration (eleventh day, gradually decreasing till thirtieth day),

Cough with expectoration (immediately),

Cough, from a constant crawling upward in the throat, followed by expectoration of mucus,

Sudden cough, as if caused by irritation in the abdomen, with expectoration of yellowish-green mucus (eleventh day),

In the morning, in bed, a severe cough, which lasts a quarter of an hour, and causes a profuse mucous expectoration,

Cough, with expectoration of gelatinous mucus, in the morning,

Slight, hacking cough, with sensation of soreness and swelling in the pharynx and air-passages in the morning; expectoration of mucus difficult to loosen,

Cough, with expectoration, in the forenoon, for four days in succession (after thirty-four hours),

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