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Bryonia - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - Clarke

Wild Hops, Bryonia Alba, Bryonia Officinalis, Bryon, Bryonia dioica, bryonia alba, Bry.

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HPUS indication of Bryonia: Worse motion

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Bryonia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Upper extremities

Rheumatic swelling of the r. shoulder and upper arm, with stitches.

Tractive pains in the joints of the shoulders and of the arms, with tension, shootings, and shining red swelling.

Tractive pains in the whole arm, and to the ends of the fingers.

Convulsive movements, startings, and trembling of the arms.

Burning pains and weariness in the arms.

Constant trembling of the arms, and of the fingers.

Swelling of the arm, round the elbow.

Swelling of the elbow and hand joints, and upper parts of the hands.

The wrist feels as if dislocated when moving it.

Shootings in the joints of the elbow, and of the hand, with heaviness of the hands.

Red miliary eruption on the forearm.

Pain of dislocation in the joints of the hands, on moving them.

At night, inflammation in the back of the hand, with burning pain.

Swelling of the hands.

Sensation of torpor in the palms of the hands.

Shooting pains in the fingers when writing.

Hot and pale swelling of the joints of the fingers.

Starting of the fingers on moving the hands.

Lower extremities

Cracking and dislocation of the hip-joint, when walking.

Stitches in the hip-joint, extending to the knee.

Drawing pains in the thighs.

Shootings in the thigh, from the buttock to the ankle, with insupportable pain on being touched, and during movement, as well as with great sweat over the whole body.

Weariness and instability of the legs, esp. on going up stairs.

Paralysis of the legs.

Tensive and painful stiffness of the knees.

Red and shining swelling of the knees, with violent shootings, esp. on walking.

Painful stiffness of the knees, with stitches, esp. when moving them.

Staggering and yielding of the knees, while walking.

Tensive shootings and cramp-like pains in the knees, with tension extending to the calves of the legs.

Sharp pains in the knees, extending to the tibia.

Tensive and drawing shootings from the calves of the legs to the ankles, with red, shining swelling of the parts affected.

The ankle feels as if dislocated, esp. when walking.

Putrid ulcers on the lower extremities.

Cramp in the calves of the legs, night and morning.

Lassitude of the legs when walking and standing for any time.

Swelling of the legs, extending to the feet.

Pain, as of dislocation, in the foot when walking.

Swelling of the feet, with redness and heat; pain, as from a bruise, on stretching the feet, tension on moving them; and pains, as from ulceration, on being touched.

Shootings in the feet, the soles of the feet, and the toes, esp. when resting on the foot.

Corns, with pressure, or with burning shootings, or with pain of excoriation on being touched.

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