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Bryonia - Fever And Chill symptoms - T.F. Allen

Wild Hops, Bryonia Alba, Bryonia Officinalis, Bryon, Bryonia dioica, bryonia alba, Bry.

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HPUS indication of Bryonia: Worse motion

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Bryonia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




Continued chilliness (after two hours),

Chilliness, the whole of the first day, all over,

Chilliness toward evening,

Chilliness in the evening before lying down,

Chilliness in bed in the evening after lying down,

Chilliness in the open air and dread of it,

Chilliness on waking,

Chilliness while walking up a steep mountain, followed by unusual sweating and weariness,

Paroxysms of fever; lying down, chilliness, yawning, nausea; then sweat without thirst, from 10 P.M. till 10 A.M.,

Chilly in the open air,

After the midday nap he was chilly; the head confused,

After a walk in the open air, she gets chilly in the room; she was not chilly in the open air,

Chills over the whole skin,

Creeping chill (after two and a half hours),

Chills towards evening,

Frequent chills while walking on a hot day,

Violent chill, with such great prostration that she could not leave the bed for three hours; this unusual weakness lasted three days,

Violent shaking chill, through the whole body, as in an ague, which compelled her to lie down, with sticking pain in the left side above the hips, as if an abscess would break there, though without thirst and without subsequent heat (after forty-eight hours),

Cold sensation and discomfort through the whole body,


Shivering over the whole body, especially over the back,

A peculiar shivering sensation while washing (after tenth minutes),

Excessive shivering and nausea; aversion to tobacco-smoking,

Slight chilliness, followed by heat,

Chilly sensation, with sudden general heat (after half an hour),

Chilliness, with great heat, in the afternoon while walking,

In the afternoon shivering, then heat, together with chill; the chill was on the chest and arms (but the arms and hands were warmer than usual); the heat was in the head, with throbbing pulse-like pain in the temples, much aggravated in the evening; the shivering, heat, and chill were without thirst,


Chilliness in the face,

Chilliness on the arms,

Creeping chilliness in back, from above downward (after half an hour to two hours),

Creeping chills in the lower extremities in the evening, in bed, especially on the thighs; even the skin felt cool,

Creeping chills in the left thigh in the evening,

Creeping chills over the left leg (second day),

He felt coldness down the whole right side,

A cold sensation over the back, which extends forward, together with severe pressure in the pit of the stomach, soon after eating; afterwards this cold sensation extends over the shoulders and forearms,

Cold sensation along the whole spine, with drawing pressure in the back and lumbar muscles, and a necessity to suddenly straighten up, lasting the whole day, and only relieved by motion,

Shivering, which started in the neck and extended down the spinal column, but lasted only a short time,

Frequent, violent shivering in the back,

Shivering through the back and coldness over the whole body,

The shivering in the back became very violent and intense; with it the eyelids involuntarily closed (after 50 drops),


Sensation of heat through the whole body,

Flushes of heat,

Heat, without thirst,

Heat of the body, without thirst,

In the morning, repeated dry heat all over,

Dry heat at night,

Sudden dry heat, on every motion, and every noise,

Only internal heat, with unquenchable thirst,


Internally great warmth; the blood seems to burn in the veins,

Heat in the interior of the body (especially in the abdomen),

Heat in the head in the morning; it seems warm before the head,

Heat in the head in the forenoon; feels as though it would come out at the forehead,

Heat in the head at 3 P.M., with pressure in the frontal eminence,

Heat in the head and face,

Flushes of heat over the face,

Heat in the face, toward evening,

Heat of the face, and, after light work, profuse sweat of the face,

A feeling of heat in the face, with redness and thirst (after three hours),

Extraordinary warmth in the region of the pit of the stomach caused excessive thirst, but not dryness in the throat,

Heat in the abdomen (and over the whole inside of the body),

Heat in the chest and face,

Along the spine, where there was yesterday a cold sensation, appeared to-day increased warmth; the skin was hot to the touch and somewhat sensitive and even transpiring on slightest motion (second day),

Sensation of heat in the palms and in the forearms; she was obliged to put them out of bed in the morning; after some hours a cold sensation in them,

Heat only in the lower limbs, and frequent attacks; it seems as if she stepped into hot water,

Heat of the knee, perceptible externally,

In the evening, hot and red cheeks, with chill all over, with goose-flesh and thirst,

Heat in the evening, in the external ear, followed by shivering and shaking in the thighs (after four hours),

Paroxysm of fever; in the forenoon heat (with thirst); after a few hours (in the afternoon) chilliness without thirst, with redness of the face and some headache,

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