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Bryonia - General symptoms - T.F. Allen

Wild Hops, Bryonia Alba, Bryonia Officinalis, Bryon, Bryonia dioica, bryonia alba, Bry.

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HPUS indication of Bryonia: Worse motion

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Bryonia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




(Morning), At daybreak, delirious.

head confused. on waking, head confused, etc.

vertigo on waking, dizzy, etc.

on waking, headache.

when first opening eyes, headache.

after rising, headache.

pressive headache. on waking, pressive headache.

before breakfast, pain as if head compressed.

on waking, headache on top.

in bed, after waking, while lying on back, headache in occiput.

hair seems fatty. on waking, pressure in eye.

agglutination of lids.

weakness of eyes. sneezing.

sneezing, etc. after rising, nose-bleed.

during sleep, at 3 o'clock, nose-bleed.

dry sensation in mouth.

in bed, twitching between lower lip and gum.

nauseous taste in mouth.

fasting, taste in mouth.

on waking, pain in tonsil, etc.

ravenous hunger.

on rising, great thirst.

about 3 o'clock, before sweat, thirst, etc.

raises mucus from stomach.

two hours after rising, nausea, etc.

after anxious dreams, nausea, etc.

on waking nausea, etc.

sour vomiting. about 6 o'clock vomiting.

every time on waking pressure in region of navel.

pain in left inguinal ring.

6 o'clock, desire for stool.

diarrhoea. soft stool.

brownish evacuation. pasty evacuations.

in bed, pain in region of right kidney.

scraping sensation in trachea.

in bed, severe cough. cough, etc.

hacking cough. expectoration of mucus.

dry cough, etc.

anxiety in chest. oppression of chest.

twitching near spine. 6 o'clock, pains in right shoulder, etc.

pressing, etc., in forearm.

stiffness in thighs. pain in knee.

9 o'clock, on waking, pain in right knee, etc., cramp in calf.

stitches in heels. weariness.

after rising, weak, etc.

on rising, exhaustion, etc.

whole body painful. every part laid on, sore.

feels bruised, etc. dry heat all over.

heat in head.

(Forenoon), Attacks of vertigo.

violent headache. headache.

swelling of one eye, etc.

pasty taste. nausea. rumbling in abdomen.

slight colic. cutting in abdomen.

cough, with expectoration.

oppressed breathing, etc.

while sitting and talking, oppression in chest.

while walking, oppression of chest.

tension in back, etc.

stitches in back. while walking, pains beneath scapula.

while walking, loss of sensation in lumbar, etc., regions.

lumbar vertebrae pain.

pains in all limbs, etc.

stitches in the thighs.

when walking, weak, etc., feeling in right knee.

when walking, tearing in metatarsal bones.

pain in periosteum. heat in head.

heat, etc..

(Afternoon), Vertigo.

oppressive headache. pain in frontal region.

sensation in right eye.

after drinking, nausea, etc.

attacks of heartburn. while riding in a jolting wagon, pain above navel.

after eating, tension, etc., of abdomen.

at 3 o'clock, gurgling in bowels, etc.

after drinking warm milk, stitches in abdomen.

ineffectual desire for stool.

4 P.M., diarrhoea. while lying, stitches between the shoulder-blades.

stretching of the limbs, stitches in hollows of knees.

heaviness, etc., in right leg.

pain in metatarsal bones.

when walking painfulness of toe.

sticking in toes. weariness.

great sleepiness. while walking, chilliness, etc.

shivering. 3 o'clock, heat in head.

(Evening), On lying down, feeling of anxiety.

insensibility. on stooping, pressing outward in frontal region, etc.

going to bed, pressure in head.

in open air, pains about right eye.

10 o'clock, attacks of sneezing.

in bed, toothache. dryness in mouth.

after lying down, bitter taste in mouth.

throat becomes slimy, etc.

late, offensive taste in throat.

at 6 o'clock, gulping up of water, etc.

before going to sleep, nausea.

nausea. at 9 o'clock, in bed, sudden nausea, etc.

vomiting of mucus. in bed, rumbling in bowels.

at 6, 7, and 8 o'clock, sense of fulness, etc., in bowels.

tearing, etc., in abdomen.

burning in haemorrhoidal vessels.

stitches in perineum. stitch in urethra.

after lying down in bed, cough.

at 9 o'clock, pain over chest, etc.

at 6 o'clock, stitches in chest.

pain in ensiform cartilage.

twitches near the spine.

in bed, stitches in right shoulder-blade.

on going upstairs, weak feeling in the knees.

pain in right knee. digging, etc., about the knees, etc.

bruised sensation in legs.

dull stitches. after lying down in bed, itching, etc., in various parts.

before lying down, chilliness.

in bed after lying down, chilliness.

pain in temples during fever.

in bed, chills in lower extremities.

chills in left thigh. immediately after lying down in bed, sensation of heat, etc.

heat and red cheeks. heat in external ear.

(Night), At 10 o'clock, delirious fantasy.

gnawing on scalp. pain in tooth, etc.

dry sensation on palate.

thirst. at 11 o'clock, wakes with thirst.

gripping in umbilical region.

passage of flatus. diarrhoea.

diarrhoea, etc. frequent urinating.

urine copious. sticking pain in back.

when lying, cramp in knee, etc.

cramp in calves. when lying in bed, cramp in feet.

immediately after lying down, shooting into heel.

itching, etc., in hollow of knee.

dry heat. sweat.

(After eating), Slight vertigo.

pressing outward in forehead.

pain above left eye. toothache.

dry sensation in palate.

sour, etc., taste. thirst.

eructations, etc.

severe eructations. sourish eructations.

bitter eructations. hiccough.

constant nausea. pain in stomach, etc.

pressure in stomach.

attack of colic. distension of abdomen.

tension in abdomen. rumbling, etc., in abdomen.

attack of colic. painless diarrhoea.

soft stool. cough. heaviness in chest, etc.

drawing, etc., in lumbar region.

when one leg is riding over the other, pain in knee repairs.

immediately, sleepiness..

(Motion), The symptoms.

pain in general. throbbing in head.

pain in forehead. pressive pain in forehead, etc.

pressure in articular cavity of jaw.

nausea. griping, etc., in epigastric intestines, etc.

tearing, etc., in abdomen.

sticking etc., beneath breast-bone.

stitches in left chest.

sticking between shoulder-blades.

pains in wrists.

stiffness in right hand.

pains in finger. twitching of fingers.

tearing in finger-joints.

pain in left hip. pains in right trochanter, etc.

painfulness of right thigh.

pain in right thigh. stitches in knee-joints.

stitches in right knee-joint.

tension in ankles. stitches in the joints.

chilliness reappears. sudden dry heat..

(Sitting), Pressure in head.

stitches in right chest.

drawing down back.

twitches near spine. pressure between shoulders, etc.

pain in small of back.

pain in the arms, etc.

pain in hip-joints. cramp in knee, etc.

pains in knees, etc. bruised pain in knees, etc., after a meal tearing in right calf.

pain in left ankle. pain in sole of right foot.

pain in balls of right toes.


(Walking), Confusion of head.

vertigo, etc. reeled to both sides.

pressing outward in forehead.

pinching, etc., in abdomen.

griping in abdomen. respiration more rapid, etc.

tension in chest. pain in sacral region.

drawing in coccyx. stitches in left knee, et.

heaviness in lower extremities.

pain in left hip-joint.

weariness, etc., in knees.

pains in left knee. pains in knee-joint.

stitches in knees.

immobility of right knee.

pains in toes. pain in great toe.

especially after rising from seat, and when beginning to walk, unsteadiness of the body.

fatigue. weakness.

exhaustion, etc. painful sensitiveness in body.

pain in the joints. frequent chills.

profuse sweat..

Confusion of the head, which gradually increased to a severe pressive pain, especially in the left temple.

this pain reached its greatest severity at 5 P.M., and was then accompanied by nauseous vomiting, great sensitiveness of the smell, and a hissing in the left ear like the noise of boiling water.

all these symptoms disappeared within half an hour after riding in a wagon,.

Pressive pain above the left eye which continued for half and hour, was followed by a dull pressive pain in the occipital protuberances, whence it spread over the whole body, and continued more or less severe the whole day.

on quick motion and after eating the pain became so severe that it seemed like a distinct pulsation within the head,.

Flickering before the right eye on looking out of the window after a very moderate dinner afterwards appearance of all the colors of the rainbow.

every object seemed covered with these colors.

on closing the eye there appeared a jagged, broken, iridescent stripe, which on keeping the eye closed a long time became of a blinding white color.

the left eye was not affected by this illusion.

after a quarter of an hour these symptoms disappeared, but the eye remained weak for some time.

after half an hour photophobia and confusion of the head,.

The sensitiveness of the ear extends from the convex to the concave surface.

the latter was decidedly red, the temperature of the ear increased, the external meatus somewhat swollen, the convex surface rather painful.

during the course of the day the symptoms increased.

the inner surface of the ear became hot to the touch.

the swelling increased.

at times severe stitches pierced deep into the ear.

the hearing was diminished, though only momentarily.

ringing in the ear. chewing became difficult and the bony parts about the ear painful.

at night it was impossible to lie upon the right side.

the next day the condition of the ear was the same, only somewhat more painful.

there was also a constant noise before the ear as of boiling water.

the hearing itself was not impaired.

pressure upon the ear, even severe, was pleasant, but warmth especially so.

cracking in the ear on sneezing.

the night was very restless.

next day the stitches in the ear were more frequent, often when at rest, but especially on every step.

hearing was somewhat diminished.

cold air increased the pain in the ear.

the next day, after an almost sleepless night, the swelling in the ear had decidedly increased.

the hearing on the right side very much diminished, the hissing continued, the right ear felt completely stopped.

the swelling and pain extended over a portion of the parotid gland into the zygoma.

transient stitches extend as far as the head and external portion of the neck.

on the two last evenings there was slight chilliness and some acceleration of the otherwise small pulse.

it was interesting to notice that, while listening to harmonies of music, the high tones were heard correctly, while the lower ones seemed incorrect and even reversed.

the next night was sleepless, with the exception of about two hours.

it was not, however, the excessive pain that kept him awake, but he could not find a place to lay the head without the general integument over parotid being made tense, for such tension caused pain sufficient to prevent sleep.

the parotid gland was especially sensitive to the touch of the steel bows of the glasses, which also caused violent burning, that lasted several seconds after removing them.

this symptom, which did not disappear during the whole duration of the Bryonia ear-trouble, was at first ascribed simply to pressure, but he became convinced that the burning pain was just as violent from a light touch upon the parotid with the steel as from severe pressure.

the region of the parotid gland was somewhat more distended, and tearing pains attacked two teeth in the lower jaw (he had never suffered from toothache except when proving Colocynthis Colocynth).

the next night was almost sleepless.

the ear continued to swell, so that the convex surface continued to be more removed from the base of the ear, the margin was double its ordinary size, the external skin was very red and warmer than usual, and the hearing greatly diminished.

towards evening creeping shivering over the back.

small, accelerated pulse.

the toothache continued the whole day, with some interruption.

the next night was entirely sleepless.

the next day all symptoms aggravated.

the following day the external ear stood out from the base of the ear.

the skin, especially on the margin, thickened, dry, white, with many scales, insensible to touch, but itching exceedingly.

the meatus was very much contracted, the antitragus very much thickened, hearing greatly diminished.

at short intervals violent stitches pierced the auditory apparatus.

cracking in the internal ear when blowing the nose, hawking, etc.

the region of the parotid gland greatly distended and painful even to slight pressure.

burning and sensation of warmth lasted for some time after touch.

the swelling extended even to the lower eyelid and the right side of the neck.

toothache continues in the molar teeth of the right side of the lower jaw, it was like electric shocks and caused one to drink cold water instinctively, whereby the pain was completely relieved for a time, but returned after a few minutes with the same intensity.

The next morning a severe chill attacked the back and extremities, with small, accelerated, depressed pulse.

he remained in bed and took, morning and evening, six pellets of the thirtieth dilution of Rhus Tox Rhus tox.

the symptoms lasted all day, with the same intensity.

towards evening, although in friendly company, he could not rid himself of the idea that he would become delirious in the night, and spoke of all possible precaution in such a case.

indeed he could scarcely help thinking of the probably fatal issue of his sickness..

The next night he slept very little.

he had headache which extended from the region of the parotid gland into the temple.

a little after midnight he had a sensation of moisture in the ear.

there really was a small quantity of odorless, dark matter, like ear-wax. On the next day, the same symptoms as yesterday.

took, morning and evening, a dose of Rhus Tox Rhus.

he did not leave his bed.

no appetite or thirst.

taste not changed. in the afternoon there was some discharge from the ear.

the matter discharged was cleared than that of yesterday.

the next night was still little refreshing.

in addition to the toothache, which still continued, he was troubled by repeated severe stitches extending from the region of the parotid through the malar bone to the nose. The next morning, the fever had disappeared and he sat up for a few hours.

the discharge from the ear was more profuse, quite clear and smelt like pus.

warm injections were especially agreeable.

dry warmth he could not endure, on account of the burning pain which it caused.

the discharge from the ear lasted three days.

on the fourth it ceased, the toothache also ceased, the hearing improved, and the nights became refreshing.

the sensitiveness of the ear and also the diminished acuteness of hearing lasted a week longer.

during this time portions of the integument of the ear desquamated.

even after this the parotid region was sensitive to steel (from fifth to thirty-second day),.

An eruption began upon the sacral region, extended over the back, chest, and forearm, consisting of more or less diffused groups of rashlike pimples, as large as the head of a pin, pointed with white semi-transparent vesicles.

these gradually dried, the spots desquamated, and left a red color for a long time.

there was no pain, only sometimes, on especially active motion, a slight itching, easily relieved (the last weeks of the proving),.

On the day after the last symptom (315) he noticed only a very slight sensitiveness of the parotid, which was very slightly enlarge.

he took, at 1 P.M., an ounce of the 203d dilution.

repeated slight stitches in the parotid during the first three hours, followed by a stitch in the inner ear and a sensation of warmth in it, with a sensation as though an abscess would open.

soon afterwards, ringing in the ears and itching in the concave surface of the ears.

these stitches continued far into the night, but not so severe as to prevent his falling asleep late.

the next day stitches here and there, but much more frequent itching in the ears.

the sensitiveness of the parotid to steel ceased. The next day very frequent stitches, especially in the region of the articulation of the lower jaw, even when not chewing.

on swallowing, a sensation of swelling in the throat, with stitches and noises in the right ear.

dull pain in the forehead.

pasty taste. the stools become very irregular.

in the afternoon, long-continued stitches in the hitherto healthy left ear.

towards evening, great sensitiveness of the right ear, frequent stitches in it, but especially in the right articulation of the lower jaw.

on the next day, pain in the throat and very slight sensitiveness in the right ear,.

Pain in the chest, so that he had to go to bed.

the pains were violent, pressive, tearing, seated between the sixth and seventh ribs on the right side near the sternum, were not aggravated by deep breathing.

they continued the next day, and it seemed as if they approached pleuritic stitches.

at the same time a pressive throbbing pain appeared in the right clavicle,.

Fine, wandering, very sensitive stitches in the right side of the chest, in the pit of the stomach, and in the region of the navel, as if these places were touched here and there with a fine-pointed instrument with several points at the same time.

some of these stitches pierced with lightning-like rapidity the right half of the chest, and seemed more like fine cuttings (second day),.

When lying upon the abdomen, a sensation in the left supra-iliac region of a bladder filled with air, the size of a man's fist, lying beneath the walls of the abdomen and pressing toward the surface, without pain or hardness.

this sensation was least noticed when lying upon the back. Slight diarrhoea in the evening and morning (1st dil.),.

He was unable to lie stretches out without violent pain in the sacral region.

sitting up, lifting, or turning the body increased the pain.

he found himself relieved when at rest with the body bent forward.

he arose out of bed with great difficulty.

putting on the clothes was very difficult on account of the violent pain in the sacral region.

walking in the street caused great exhaustion.

going upstairs was especially troublesome.

walking caused such intolerable pain that he was obliged to be taken home in a carriage.

he went to bed. the pain extended from the lumbar and sacral regions in part along the spine, in part down towards the legs.

on attempting to raise or stretch out the legs or to raise the body upright, the greatest pains.

every slight touch of the spine, especially in the lumbar region, increased the pain.

urination much increased.

urine yellowish-red. fever moderate.

pulse full and had (third day),.

Sensitive pain in the stomach.

burning constriction caused by bending forward, aggravated by deep inspiration, without intermission.

it rapidly reached great severity, together with accumulation of saliva in the mouth.

during its greatest severity there was pressive pain in both axillae and on the right hip.

the head was confused for a short time.

this was followed by pain in the intestines and desire for stool (second day),.

Constrictive pain in the region of the stomach, as if the stomach were rolled into a ball, which he believed he could feel with the hand.

this pain was so marked that he could not straighten up, hence he went to bed, where he obtained relief by drawing the legs up against the abdomen.

after half an hour the sensation as of a ball in the stomach disappeared and gave place to a severe pressive pain in the left side of the chest, which impeded breathing.

it seemed to him as if the left lobe of the lung had become enlarged.

while lying quietly in bed with a thin summer coverlet, he soon began to sweat, and then he fell asleep,.

Constrictive pain in the epigastric region, which extended over the whole chest, and caused a feeling of oppression.

this pain increased toward evening, so that he was not able to stand upright.

vigorous rubbing of the epigastric region gave relief.

he lay in bed and took a cup of warm soup, covered the stomach with warm clothing, and drew the legs up to the abdomen.

scarcely was this pain in the stomach relieved, when another not less troublesome symptom appeared, urging to stool, with audible rumbling in the intestines and very offensive yellowish diarrhoea.

he was obliged to rise nearly every hour for stool.

the stool caused severe burning in the rectum.

he was only able to sleep after 3 o'clock, and even then was awakened several times by desire for stool and diarrhoea (first night),.

Aversion to every kind of food.

even a glass of beer, before eating, is repugnant, with longing for warm broth.

immediately after taking it, urging to stool, with three successive painless, liquid stools, which are discharged as from a tube.

the color of the stool is greenish-brown.

followed by burning pain in the rectum and on the nates,.

He awoke at 11 o'clock at night with unusual thirst, which he attempted to satisfy with a few glasses of water with raspberry juice.

he was in a feverish excitement, pulse accelerated, hearing sensitive to every noise, even the swinging of the pendulum of a small clock affected him unpleasantly.

he tried to sleep again, but lay a long time in a dreamy half-sleep,.

Slight pinching and moving in the intestines, followed by watery stool, with passage of flatus.

the pinchings of not disappear, but are frequently repeated during the afternoon, with a sensation of soreness in the intestines, together with a dragging downwards and outward, with two profuse watery evacuations in one hour, followed by slight burning in the anus,.

Very offensive, pasty evacuation (soon after 25 drops),.

sudden severe griping in abdomen, followed by copious pasty evacuations of a dark greenish-black color, and a very offensive cheesy odor, followed by great prostration.

the natural course of the attack extending over twenty-four hours, with five or six stools, and ending in a dysenteric diarrhoea.

arrested in fifteen minutes by Bryonia (the potency apparently a matter of indifference, the 6th, 30th, 200th, and 50th m., having been equally efficacious). An observation many times repeated on three patients, whose habit was constipated -C. D.

Bright-red spots around the orifice of the urethra, and in many places on the glans and on the inner place of the prepuce.

they were very sensitive and burned severely.

the secreting gland of the prepuce became swollen, and secreted a profuse, yellowish smegma.

this balanitis increased from the third to the sixth day, then gradually disappeared, with fine itching and biting on the prepuce and glans,.

Drawing-tearing pains frequently return, now in the upper, now in the lower extremities, now in the ligaments, now in the tendinous sheaths of the muscles, but they never last long.

these pains at first seemed to appear on motion, but they also appeared during pains at first seemed to appear on motion, but they also appeared during rest (fifteenth to thirtieth day),.

Tearing in the right shoulder, with increasing discomfort.

this increased for half an hour, so that he must move the arm involuntarily back and forth.

in the afternoon, in the open air, the arm was nearly painless.

after going into the house the pains were renewed.

especially troublesome was the sensation bordering on paralysis.

could hold nothing firmly with the hand, and on attempting it, as in writing, the pains in the shoulder increased and became violent, even continuing after the hand was rested.

on rubbing the hands together, the right one seemed thicker than the left,.

Violent tearing pains in the right shoulder and upper arm, so that the A.M. could scarcely be moved, at 6 A.M.

after rising the pain became greatly relieved, and disappeared after half an hour.

at 11 A.M., while walking in the open air, the pain in the arm remained, though not so severe, and alternated with some pain in the right hip.

at noon, in the arm, the pain was only in the shoulder-joint, but so violent that the arm could scarcely be moved.

after half an hour it disappeared, and was followed by creeping and crawling along the ulnar nerve, with sensation of coldness in all the limbs,.

Pressive pain in the left hip-joint, aggravated by motion, after half an hour.

this pain extends after a little while to the right hip, then it suddenly leaves the left hip and attacks the inguinal region of the same side, especially the tendinous fibres which form the inguinal ring, even after an hour there is slight sensitiveness of both hips,.

Great painfulness of the right thigh.

the pain comes from the head of the femur, extends along the anterior surface of the thigh to the knee, is most severe about the middle, and disappears in the night.

aggravated by motion, although it does not entirely disappear during rest, on motion, the pain is drawing tearing, during rest there is a paralytic sensation,.

He dreamed that violent pain prevented walking, and on waking, found that he had a real sticking and scraping in the outer malleolus of the foot.

it lasted a quarter of an hour.

when it ceased, pains spread over the whole body, alternately attacking the limbs and joints, were continued a long time, lasting two hours.

the sleep after midnight was restless and interrupted by fatiguing dreams, only towards morning quiet sleep, and on rising he felt slight remnants of the wandering pains,.

Sore feeling near the middle of the tarsal bone of great toe, left foot, before getting up in the morning.

on walking down to my office (about six squares) after breakfast, the foot became so painful in that region that I could scarcely walk.

the further I walked the worse it became I felt as if the ligaments had been sprained.

I forgot that I had taken Bryonia, and supposed I was getting the rheumatism.

I took a few globules of Cauloph. 3d.

it soon got better, the pain passed off with a comfortable sensation of burning, very much like an injured part does "when it stops hurting." On walking out about 11 A.M., the pain returned again, but was not so intense as in the morning, when it was so severe as to make me walk lame. This time it also affected the right foot slightly in the same place for a short time.

took Cauloph, again, when it again got better, but came back slightly at night (fourteenth day),.

Foot a great deal better to-day, it only pains now when walking.

the pain has moved down into the large joint of the great toe.

it feels when I stand or step on that foot as if the joint had been sprained.

sometimes it has felt when treading with that foot, as if the joints were giving way or spreading apart (sixteenth day),.

A very slight degree of pain in joint of big toe this morning, still aggravated by walking. For several days the skin over the tarsal bone of the big toe has been swollen and inflamed.

it has nearly disappeared this morning. The soreness appears to be in the sheath of the tendon, but principally in the periosteum and ligaments.

there does not appear to be that swelling of the joints, stiffness, and dread of motion that usually characterizes rheumatism.

but motion always increases the pain (nineteenth day), .

The joint is better, but there is a great deal of soreness all along the top of the metatarsal bone of great toe.

there is also swelling, redness, and great engorgement of the veins, so much so that I am afraid of a permanent varicose condition of them. Took Hamamelis Virginica Hamamelis, 3d dil., 2 drops, and used tincture externally (twenty-sixth day),.

The sleep was very remarkable.

he seemed conscious that he was sleeping.

consciousness was apparently emancipated from the realm of sleep, which overpowered the other senses (analogous to somnambulism?).

this condition caused him the more anguish, since consciousness became weaker, and at last was entirely lost as in faintness.

from this anguish arose an internal cramp, which caused a return to complete consciousness, which had the effect of making him wide awake.

after waking, the arm upon which he was lying was senseless and stiff, which, however, soon disappeared (second night),.

Awakened in the night by shouts and laughter of students living with me.

I found myself out of my bed, in the opposite corner of the room, lying upon the bed covers spread upon the floor, without knowing how I got there.

it must have happened in deep sleep, from which I was only aroused sufficiently to get back to bed without being able to give connected answers to questions put to me. In the morning I ascertained that for several nights while asleep I had disturbed others by cries and groans without being able myself to remember more than heavy dreams. My sleep for about three weeks had been unusually sound.

though I had always enjoyed sound sleep, yet I was usually awakened by every slight noise in my room, while lately I had not been conscious of persons entering my room, and could be aroused from sleep only by shaking. I only knew that during this time I tossed about restlessly in my sleep, because I had been conscious of knocking against the wall several times in a not very gentle manner (thirty-third night),.

Violent shivering was suddenly caused by a draft of air from turning in bed.

he jerked up convulsively in the bed.

the dorsal, pectoral, and abdominal muscles twitched convulsively.

the extremities trembled.

the chill seemed especially to concentrate itself in the interior of the chest.

it lasted ten minutes, gradually diminishing, but immediately reappeared on moving the body or putting a limb out of bed (22d night),.

Immediately after lying down in bed in the evening, sensation of heat, with external heat over him, without thirst, through the whole night.

he turned from one side to the other.

did not dare to uncover any part, because it immediately caused violent pain in the abdomen, a painful griping-sticking or a sticking-griping, as if flatus moved spasmodically here and there, with loss of sleep from a multitude of crowding thoughts.

in the morning this condition disappeared, without his noticing any flatulence,.

Dry heat spread over the whole body.

especially the hands, feet, and face burned.

the circulation was very much excited, over one hundred pulsations to the minute.

confusion of the head, pressing-out pain in the occiput and neck, roaring in the left ear, violent coryza, the left nostril stopped, and from the right a discharge of a thin watery substance.

slight angina tonsillaris.

loss of thirst and appetite.

transient stitches below the left nipple, as if in the pleura costalis.

pressive pain in the loins.

continued erection of the penis without desire.

single fine stitches in the left testicle.

burning pain in the region of the lower third of the right ulna.

during this heat-stage he slept quietly, and awoke about midnight quite bright and active, with copious sweat over the whole body, after which all symptoms disappeared (22d night), (after 70 drops),.

Sudden desire to vomit.

vomiting lasted continuously for five minutes.

repeated after half an hour, and again a third time after a half hour.

the last was very painful.

the pain consisted in extremely violent retching and constriction of the stomach.

the matter vomited seemed like chocolate, water, and mucus, and tasted of the medicine,.

Transient drawing and tension in almost all the limbs and joints.

the pains were most sensitive in the left wrist.

they were only transient, and soon moderated in the knees, ankles, and neck, but remained longest in the left shoulder-joint.

they appeared equally during rest and motion.

during the latter a sensation of chilliness was felt,.


Always after taking the medicine, I would feel light, vigorous, and active, or I might say supple,

General discomfort, weariness, so that even the clothes feet oppressive (soon after taking),

General sick feeling,

Soon after waking from the midday sleep, he felt sicker, all the symptoms were increased, and he was out of humor,

Every spot in the body is painful when taken hold of, as if bruised, or as if suppurating, especially in the pit of the stomach, and especially in the morning,

Pain all over the body, as if the flesh were too loose (for sixteen days),

The pain affected every portion of the body, even to the feet, especially on the right side,

Transient pain in several parts of the body, in the metacarpus, metatarsus, the ribs, and clavicles,

Pain in the joints, especially worse after walking,

Painless drawing back and forth in the affected parts,

Slight drawing pains here and there in the body,

Drawing pains at 10 P.M., while at rest in bed, wandering through all the limbs and joints of the body, most violent and continued in the middle of the left side, where it caused stitches, impeding respiration,

Drawing rheumatic pains in various parts of the body, especially in the insertion of the left ligamentum patellae, on the anterior portion of the right leg, and in the nape of the neck, at different times during the day (fourth day),

Same pains as before described, not only in the joints, but also in the forearms, upper arms, thighs, and legs, along the course of the long bones, in the phalanges of the fingers and toes, and in the neck; the drawing-scraping pain in the long bones was combined with transient fine stitches,

Pressive-drawing pain in the periosteum of all the bones, causing apprehension, as in the onset of ague, in the forenoon (after twenty-four hours),

A pressing in the whole body, especially on the chest,

Stitches over the whole body, as with needles,

Stitches in the affected part,

Stitches, which cause her to start, in the affected parts,

Some stitches here and there, especially in the right eye and left arm,

Two stitches in various parts of the body, at different times (third and following days),

Stitches in the joints, on motion and on touch,

In the affected parts, stitches if one press upon them,

In the evening, dull stitches from before backwards, and also a similar sensation in the abdomen, a hands breadth above the navel,

Jerking stitches here and there, on the vertex, on the wrists and elbows, especially frequent and violent in several places on the forehead, with sensitiveness of the teeth,

Frequent tearings in various parts of the body, especially in the toes and in the right shoulder, with a feeling as if motion was difficult,

In the morning, unable to lie in bed; every part on which she lay was sore,

In the morning, feels bruised and lame, particularly in right hip (fourth day),

(Painful throbbing in the vessels of the whole body),

Pains arise during rest, disappear after motion; others, however, during motion, and disappearing during rest,

During a slight mental excitement (in laughing), a sudden sticking (itching) burning over the whole body, as if he had been stung with nettles, or had a nettlerash, though nothing could be seen upon the skin; this burning appeared even when merely thinking of it, or if he became heated,

A sore painful spot begins to burn violently,

A burning pain in the skin on the right side of the first dorsal vertebra, in a place as large as a quarter of a dollar, as if this part had been touched by nettles, for half an hour (eleventh day),

Burning pain in the skin on the outer margin of the left knee-cap, lasting several seconds, and frequently returning,

A tension of the skin of the face on moving the facial muscles,

Paroxysmal drawing in the skin under the lower jaw on the right side, and the inner side of the left leg, and groin, an knee,

In the morning, after rising, a biting pain in the region of the scab of an ulcer, which increases on standing, is relieved on sitting, and disappears on moderate motion,

Itching-biting in the left inner canthus, as from sand, at 3 P.M. (first day),

A throbbing in the vicinity of the crust of an ulcer, which resembles a sticking (after dinner),

(Crawling in the hands, as if asleep),

A crawling-creeping, as from a mouse, from the axilla to the hip,

Itching on the scalp and about the anus,

Itching on the border of the left upper lid, mingled with burning and tearing,

Itching at the union of the first and second phalanges of the fingers of the left hand without any apparent cause (fourth day),

Itching in the hips and thighs (after forty-eight hours),

An itching, as if something was healing, in the hollow of the knee, with sweat in this place, at night,

Burning-itching and continued stitches in various parts, in the evening after lying down in bed (after two hours),

Sticking-itching here and there over the body,

A sticking-itching below the right upper lid, as from a stiff hair, relieved by rubbing,

Immediately before going to sleep, during the day or in the evening, tearing-itching in various places on the soft parts of the body, or digging burning-itching stitches,

Tickling-itching (during the day) on the arms, hands, and feet, with rashlike pimples,

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