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Bryonia - Head symptoms - T.F. Allen

Wild Hops, Bryonia Alba, Bryonia Officinalis, Bryon, Bryonia dioica, bryonia alba, Bry.

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HPUS indication of Bryonia: Worse motion

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Bryonia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Confusion of the head, ,

Confusion of the head (second morning),

Head is confused (after one hour),

Confusion of the whole head,

Slight confusion of the head,

Head suddenly confused,

Transient sensation of unusual confusion of the head, though much less than from previous doses, after 210 drops (first day),

Head more or less confused the whole day (fourth day),

Confusion of the head for several days after the proving,

Great confusion in the head, especially in the frontal region,

Slight confusion of the head in the forehead,

Head confused, as if in a vice,

Head confused in the morning,

In the morning on waking, the head is as confused and aching as if he had dissipated and been intoxicated the evening previous; does not wish to rise from bed,

Confusion of the head after rising from bed,

Confusion of the head the whole forenoon (second day),

Confusion in the head until he goes to sleep,

Confusion of the head, especially when walking; disappeared when sitting quietly,

Confusion of the head, relieved by empty eructations,

Head very much confused, relieved by moving in the open air,

Confusion and stupefaction of the head,

Head confused and heavy,

Head confused and heavy after a meal,

Head very much confused, with pressure in both temples,

Confusion in the head, with drawing in the occiput, extending into the neck before going to sleep,

Sensible beating in vertex, with same, and fulness within cranium, in region of cerebellum (first day),


Confusion of the head without definite pain, while riding for two hours over a very rough road,

Confusion in the head, with dull pain in the forehead,

Confusion of the head, with pressive pain in the temples and forehead,

Confusion of the head, with pressive pain in various places, now in the temples, now in the occiput, now in the forehead,

A spot on the top of the head, as large as half a dollar, of burning pain, which is not sore to touch,

In the morning on waking, a headache on the top of the head, a painful throbbing,

Pain behind and above the ear on left side of head (thirteenth day),

Throbbing-drawing pulsating pain in the parietal bone, extending to the forehead (third day),

Pressing-together pain on both sides of the head,

Semilateral headache; a (digging) pressure upon a small spot in the right half of the brain, like a kind of digging or tearing, extending along down the bones of the upper and lower jaws, associated with a painful submaxillary gland (after thirty hours),

Piercing pain in the right parietal bone, as if torn with a sharp hook,

Suddenly a drawing-throbbing pain on the right parietal eminence, which on pressure (forenoon of second day),

Frontal headache,

Dull headache in the frontal and temporal regions (soon),

Frontal headache during the whole forenoon,

Slight headache in the left side of the forehead and in the occiput, with slight tension in the right side of the neck just below the mastoid process at 4 P.M.,

Drawing, distending headache in the left half of the forehead and occiput, while walking about the room,

In the afternoon, from a two hours quiet nap, he felt a constrictive pain in the frontal region and heaviness in the head, which, after one hour, was relieved by washing with cold water (second day),

Painful drawing in the whole forehead, with cloudiness and confusion of the head,

Drawing headache in the left side of the forehead (morning of third day),

Painful drawing and tension in the left half of the forehead above the eyebrow, as though a bud were slowly unfolding in the forehead, and caused a pressure upon the parts about it,

Very painful drawing and tension in the left side of the forehead above the brow,

Painful drawing and tension in the right frontal eminence and in the posterior portion of the right parietal bone, lasting ten or fifteen seconds, and after a quarter of an hour alternating with the same pain in the same place on the left side at 6 P.M.,

Slight drawing headache in the forehead, and pressure in the occiput,

Pressive frontal headache (after one hour),

Pressive pain in the whole frontal region,

A pressive pain in the forehead, so that he can scarcely stoop,

Pressive frontal headache, very much increased by stooping (second day),

Headache on stooping, as if everything would fall out at the forehead,

Headache as if everything would press out at the forehead.

Headache after eating, and on taking a walk a pressing outward in the forehead,

Violent pressive pain in the forehead, especially toward both eyebrows after an ordinarily violent motion (16th d.),

Pressive pain in the forehead and occiput, aggravated by motion,

Pressive pain in the forehead, which appeared after continued reading (third day),

Headache, even on stooping a pressure outward in the forehead mingled with stitches,

A drawing-pressive pain in the forehead over the right eye, which after two hours changed to a violent drawing pain in the diseased incisors of the same side; a quarter of an hour after this toothache had ceased the headache returned, which gradually spread over the whole forehead, and lasted all day,

Throbbing headache in the forehead, so that he is obliged to lie down,

Pain in the forehead and occiput, a kind of hollow throbbing (after two hours),

Headache in the temporal and frontal regions alternating with pressive pains in the finger and wrist joints, and with griping in the abdomen,

Drawing pain in the right temple (soon),

Painful drawing in the left temporal region near the eye, returning several times at short intervals,

Pressing-out pain in both temples,

Pressing together in the temporal bones alternates frequently with drawing pains in the occipital protuberances,

Pain in the left temporal region, as though the brain were pressed out at various places (fourth day),

Pain in the right temple; a tensive twisting in single muscle-fibres, lasting several seconds, very sensitive,

Drawing-tearing pain in the right temple, but mostly extending down into the upper back teeth and the muscles of the neck (forenoon of fourth days),

Pressive-tearing pains in the temples, which sometimes extend to the occiput, sometimes to the petrous portion of the temporal bones, and frequently change their position during the last days of the proving,

Dull pain in the occiput,

In the morning, in bed, after waking, white lying upon the back, headache in the occiput, which extends to the shoulders, like a heaviness which pressed upon a sore spot,

Painfulness of the lower portion of the left side of the occiput, aggravated by touch, at 4 P.M.,

Painful pressure on the left side of the occiput, with momentary sticking pain in the left heel,

A pressive pain in the occiput, with drawing down into the neck; this pain was relieved towards noon, but appeared in the afternoon as a pressure in the temporal bones, also frequently in the frontal and occipital regions,

A tensive pressive pain in both sides of the occiput,

Sharp pain in left occipital protuberance, coming and going suddenly (after half an hour to two hours),


Vertigo as soon as he rises from his chair; everything turns about; after walking awhile it disappears,

The scalp tightly drawn over the head and sensitive,

Sensation as if the scalp on the posterior half of the skull were spasmodically contracted, which caused a kind of tension in the anterior half of it, for half an hour (eighth day),

Sensitiveness of the scalp towards evening,

A biting-gnawing on the scalp at night,

A peculiar crawling and creeping sensation in the scalp on both sides of the ears to the distance of about an inch,

In the morning the hair seems very fatty, with a cool head; the hands becomes fatty while combing the hair (after ten hours),

Increase of pain under vertex, with soreness of scalp just over the same; painful soreness of vertex, it feels bruised (after three to four hours),

Pain in the temples, as if one pulled them by the hair,

Outer head

Itching of the head while combing,


Sensation of weight pressing on vertex (sixth and seventh days),


On coughing, a long-continued stitch deep in the brain on the left side,

Tearing in the sides of the head (first day),

Tearing in the left side of the head (after twenty-four hours),

Throbbing in the right side of the head, which is perceptible externally to the hand,


Whirling sensation in the right side of the forehead, and a stitch in the left side of the forehead,

A tension in the frontal muscles under the skin, on moving the eyes,

Dull compression in the head, in the forehead above the eyes,

Pressing outward in the frontal region and left eyeball from above downward, especially on stooping, in the evening,

Digging pressure in the forepart of the brain towards the forehead, especially severe on stooping and walking rapidly; walking fatigues him very much (after twenty-four hours),

Tearing in the head across the forehead, then tearing in the cervical muscles, then tearing in the right arm,

Stitches in the forehead in the forepart, with confusion of the head,

Itching, needle-like stitches in the right frontal muscles,


Gurgling in both temples,

Slight drawing in both temples towards the malar bones,

Slight drawing in the temporal bones from above downward towards the zygoma, especially on the left side (after four hours); afterwards this symptom returned and extended to the left jaw,

Drawing in the temporal muscles, in the muscles of the upper arm, and here and there in the body,

Drawing in the temples, followed soon afterwards by copious pasty evacuations,

Drawing and pressing in the left temple (after two hours),

The head seemed as if pressed from both temples towards the forehead,

Tearing-pressing in both temples (tenth day),

Throbbing pressure in the head from within outward towards the temporal bones, on going to bed,

Frequent sudden stitches in the head from the temporal region to the forehead,

Violent stitches in both temples, which several times extended over the parietal region,


Numb sensation over the whole occiput, with a feeling as though it were enlarged,

Dull pressure in the occiput,

Slight pressure in both side of the occiput,

Sore feeling on one side of the occiput on touch,

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