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Bryonia - Vertigo, Dizziness symptoms - T.F. Allen

Wild Hops, Bryonia Alba, Bryonia Officinalis, Bryon, Bryonia dioica, bryonia alba, Bry.

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HPUS indication of Bryonia: Worse motion

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Bryonia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Continued inclination to vertigo,

Slight vertigo (after three hours),

Several times momentary vertigo, as though all objects were reeling (after four hours),

Vertigo, as from drunkenness, the whole day (after eight days),

A kind of vertigo, as if he were drunk, and as if the blood rushed furiously to the head,

Vertigo in the morning,

Frequent attacks of vertigo during the forenoon,

Vertigo in the afternoon, as though the brain were turning around (eighteenth day),

Vertigo suddenly towards midnight,

Slight vertigo after eating,

Slight vertigo on raising the head from inclining it forward (after three to four hours),

Vertigo like whirling if she sits up in bed, with nausea in the middle of the chest, as if faintness would ensue,

Vertigo, as if one were being turned around, or as if everything whirled about, when standing,

So great vertigo, on standing, at 8 P.M., that he reeled backwards, and nearly fell over backwards,

Vertigo and reeling of all objects while walking; the general exhaustion increased to a feeling of complete prostration,

Frequent attacks of vertigo while walking in the open air, which disappeared always on sitting down,

Vertigo, with feeling of heaviness; it seems as if everything were turning in a circle,

Vertigo with fulness of the head,

Dizziness in the head,

Dizzy and weak on waking in the morning,

Dizzy in the morning, and weak in the limbs the whole day,

In the morning on rising from bed, dizzy and whirling, as if the head were turning in a circle,

On sitting (stooping) and reading, dizzy heaviness in the head, which disappears on raising up the head,

Dizziness on turning the head (third day),

He felt as if drunk, and would lie down,

After moving when standing, she tottered to one side,

On walking he reeled to both sides, as if he could not stand firmly (after forty-eight hours),

General Sensations.

Head feels light, with constant wabbling in both ears (sixth and seventh days),

The head is dull; reflection is difficult,

Dulness in the head, with remarkable forgetfulness,

Stupefaction of the head,

Stupefaction of the head (fourth day),

Headache (after half an hour),

Tormenting headache,

The head is painful, especially to touch, mostly in the forepart, for twenty-four hours,

Headache in the morning on waking,

Headache on waking, which continued to increase, lasting all day (second day),

Awoke with headache, especially over the left eye; after rising the pain extended towards the vertex and occiput, and there disappeared,

Headache commences in the morning, not on waking, but when first opening and moving the eyes,

Headache in the morning after rising, a twitching-drawing in the malar and maxillary bones,

Violent headache in the forenoon, especially in the forehead and vertex,

Headache towards evening, with all the symptoms of a commencing coryza,

(Headache a quarter of an hour after every meal; it then gradually ceased, but returned after the next meal),

Heat in the head, with continued nausea from the stomach,

Rush of blood to the head,

At first the blood mounts to the head, then a pressing together of both temples follows,

He is scarcely able to turn the head on account of a feeling of fulness in it,

Heaviness in the head,

Excessive heaviness of the head (frequently and also after four days),

The head seems as heavy as a hundredweight,

Sense of heaviness and vertigo in the head,

Great heaviness in the head, and pressure of the whole brain forward,

Violent headache, like a great weight in the head, as if he would incline it to either side, with pressure in the brain from within outward, and great desire to lie down, immediately,

Oppressive headache in the afternoon,

Always on coughing, motion in the head like pressure,

Pressive headache (after three hours),

Pressive headache, which became so severe in half an hour that he was obliged to stop riding,

Headache, as if something pressed the skull asunder,

Sensation as if the head were pressed together from both ears,

Pressive headache in the morning (second day),

Violent pressive headache on waking in the morning, especially seated in the upper portion of the forehead; after rising the pain extends to the supraorbital region; during the forenoon slight returns of the headache; in the afternoon quite well,

In the morning before breakfast, pain as if the head were compressed, with heaviness in it mingled with stitches; she could not raise the eyes on account of the pain, and if she stooped she could not rise up (after sixty hours),

Pressive headache, more upon one side, with severe pressive sensation in the eye of the same side (in the afternoon),

A pressure in the head, as if the brain were too full and pressed outward, mostly when sitting,

(Pressure in the head on stooping),

Headache pressing together, with jerks in the brain like pulsation,

Stitches in the head from the forehead to the occiput,

Stitches through the head, mostly from before backward, on stepping hard,

On walking in the open air, a stitching in the head, then on the temples,

When coughing, shooting thought the whole head,

Pain in the head, more a twitching than a throbbing, with a hot face,

A throbbing headache, which affects the eyes so that she cannot see well; on motion, the throbbing in the head becomes more rapid; she thinks she hears it,

A dull, dizzy confusion in the head,

More confused than dizzy in the head,

Very dizzy confusion and stupefaction of the head,

In the region of the crown and of the forehead dull motions in the head, which cause vertigo and cessation of ideas,

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