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Bufo Rana - General symptoms - Clarke

Poison Of The Toad, Rana Bufo Bufo.

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HPUS indication of Bufo Rana: Sadness

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Bufo Rana in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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The Toad. (Including the common variety, Bufo rana, and the Brazilian toad, Bufo Sahytiensis, proved by Murex Mure.) N. O. Bufonidae, Batrachidae. Solution in rectified spirit of the poison expressed from the cutaneous glands.

In spite of modern scepticism regarding the poisonous properties of the toad, Shakspere, who seems to have known everything, was absolutely correct in speaking of the toad as having "sweltered venom." The poison is excreted by glands in the skin of the back. L. Guthrie (H. W., xxviii. 484) tells a story of an Italian peasant, apparently dying of dropsy, whose wife, weary of the interminable length of his illness, thought to hasten his end by putting a toad into his wine. The result was the man was completely cured. "Quintessence of toads" figured largely in the therapy of Salmon's Doron Medicon (1583), where it is commended as a "Specifick in the Dropsy." Homoeopathic experiments and poisonings have shown that this reputation is founded on fact. But the chief laurels of Bufo have been won in the treatment of epilepsy. Bojanus has cured many cases.

there was also easy perspiration in general, apt to be offensive, especially on the feet." According to Lippe Bufo is especially indicated in epilepsy when the attacks occur during sleep at night. The patient may or may not be awakened by the attack.

if not, when he does awaken he will have violent headache. Epileptic symptoms are agg. in warm room.

but there is also great sensitiveness to cold air and wind. Marked periodicity quartan fevers. Haemorrhages.