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Cinchoninum Sulfuricum - Appendix symptoms - T.F. Allen


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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Cinchoninum Sulfuricum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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1, Rust, effects, Rust's Mag., 12, 3 (in Noack, Hygeia, 16, 148); 2, Berandi, effect of 15 to 20 grains, Omad, Annali di Med., 1829 (ibid.); 3, Barbier, effects of 4 to 8 grains of pure Cinchoninum, Traité Elément de Mat. Méd., 1837 (ibid); 4, Madam M., suffering lately from catarrhal cough (cured by the proving), and occasional leucorrhoea, took (first day) 1 grain, (second day) 2 grains (ibid.); 5, Julian P., aged 25, complains of oppression of chest, want of breath, and weeping mood, took 1 grain (ibid.); 6, Wilhelmina Deitz, a healthy girl of 19, took 2 grains, on the first and fourth and ninth days (ibid).; 7, Wilhelmina Walter, girl of 17, never menstruated, but lately has had periodic menstrual colic, has just recovered, took 2 grains (ibid.); 8, Fritz, aged 25, took (first day) 1 grain, (third day) 4 grains (seventh day) 6 grains (ibid.); 8b, same prover took 12 grains at once (ibid.); 9, Dr. Otto Piper took 8 grains (ibid.); 10, Birkner, aged 23, took (first day) 4 grains, (sixth day) 8 grains (ibid.); 11, Dr. Geyer took 2 grains (ibid.); 11b, same one took 4 grains, second proving (ibid.); 12, Dr. Noack took 4 grains (ibid.); 12b, same prover took 10 grains (ibid.); 13, Bouchardt and Delondre, Experiments, l'Art Med., 13, 3; 14, Dr. Elson, experiments on the pulse, Am. J. M. S., N. S., 52.


Sulphate of Cinchonine, Formula, C20H24N2O,SH2O4+4H2O (Baup).

Preparation, Triturations.

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