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Cinchoninum Sulfuricum - General symptoms

, CIN.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Cinchoninum Sulfuricum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Sticking in the side, alternating in one and the other, especially aggravated by motion.

these pains last during the second day, omit on the third and fourth days.

reappear on the fifth.

after the fifth day they extend more towards the back, affecting the whole length of the back, and especially seat themselves between the shoulder-blades,.

Pulse before taking 56, after two hours 70, after six hours 84, and in the evening 45.

second day, in the morning 54, at noon 82, in the evening 62.

third day in the morning 56, in the afternoon 75, in the evening 64.

fourth day in the morning 52, noon 78, in the afternoon 54.

sixth day (after 8 grains) in the morning 55, after two hours 68, after dinner 88, in the evening 68.

seventh day in the morning 56, noon 80, evening 72.

eighth day in the morning 54, at noon 78, in the evening 58 (rather irregular).

ninth day in the morning 54, noon 76, evening 54.

tenth day, morning 53, noon 72, evening 54.

eleventh day, morning 54, noon 76, evening 57,.

Stool thick, pasty, thin formed, and passed slowly and with much pressing.

the sphincter is very much relaxed, as if paralyzed.

the rectum on the contrary is more contracted than usual, which the prover recognizes not only from the thin-formed faeces, but also from a sensation difficult to describe, felt during the passage of the stool (fourth day),.

Cinchonine produces opposite effects on the urine, according as it is given in larger or smaller doses. After 20, 30, and even 40 centigrammes, the prover had frequent urging to urinate.

70 centigrammes, on the contrary, caused a sort of retention, so that he had to make prolonged efforts to expel the contents of the bladder.

the larger the dose, the less the urging, and the smaller the quantity passed,.

Urine first day 35 ounces, in four times, acid.

second day, 43 ounces in four times.

third day, 35 ounces in five times.

fourth day, 56 ounces in five times.

fifth day, 59 ounces in six times.

sixth day (after 8 grains), 45 ounces in four times.

seventh day, 30 ounces in four times (always with some sediment).

eighth day, 56 ounces in five times.

ninth day, 49 ounces in six times.

tenth day, 56 ounces in four times.

eleventh day, 45 ounces in four times,.

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