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Caladium Seguinum - Abdomen symptoms - T.F. Allen

American Arum, Caladium, Cal, Calad.

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HPUS indication of Caladium Seguinum: Motion sickness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Caladium Seguinum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Frequent eructations of very little wind, as if the stomach were full of dry food (after twelve hours),


Scanty, offensive flatus,



Nausea, with confusion of the head,

A constant sensation as if a bird were fluttering in the stomach and trying to escape, causing nausea in the stomach, but without retching, from morning till afternoon (very soon),

Stitches in the pit of the stomach, which is drawn inward with every stitch; worse when sitting; it makes him weak and nauseated (Ignatia Ignatia relieves),


Evenings, after the theatre, he is hungry, contrary to custom, but eats nothing; nausea in the morning while half asleep, a sensation like faintness, as if he had over eaten and must vomit; when fully awake this sensation ceased (second day),

After, and while smoking his accustomed tobacco, nausea and inclination to vomit,

While smoking a cigar, sudden inclination to vomit; he must stop-smoking; at the same time urgency to stool, so that he thought he could scarcely retain it, yet is obliged to strain hard to get rid of the pappy yellow stool (second day),


Stitches, jerkings, and pressure in the region of the spleen,


Spasmodic cutting in the abdomen, below the navel; must bend himself double,

General Abdomen.

Abdomen very hard, distended, painful to pressure,

Felt, three or four times, a sensation as if a long worm were writhing in the region of transverse colon or transverse duodenum,

If the pain extends into the abdomen it leaves behind a dull pressure,

Sudden twisting pain in the abdomen, in the evening (first day),

The abdomen is painful to touch, especially the region of the bladder (one hour),

Violent throbbing, especially on the right side, above the navel,

Violent pulsating in the upper part of the abdomen,


Appetite and Thirst.

Sensation of hunger, soon after taking,

Takes his breakfast with hunger and relish, but is hardly satisfied when he becomes discouraged and uncomfortable; head exceedingly confused, and he grows sleepy (fifth day),

Has great desire to smoke, and relishes it uncommonly (fourth day),

He only eats because the stomach is so hollow, without hunger, but very hastily, and is immediately satisfied,

Thirst, with dry lips, wakes him at night,

Longing for beer, without decided thirst; he was not able to drink water throughout the proving,

Does not drink for many days,

After eating, he drank only because it seemed so dry in the stomach, which sensation could not be called thirst; it was quite different from it,

Eructations and Hiccough.

Incomplete eructations, because they are hindered by burning pressure in the abdomen,

Hiccough continues for some time,

Pain deep, internally, when pressing on the pit of the stomach (after several hours),

Burning in the stomach, which is not relieved by drinking (after one hour); it continues the whole evening after drinking tea and chocolate (several hours after eating),

Dull internal burning in the stomach and upper part of the abdomen; at last it becomes a very severe pressure, extending upward under the breast, and then a gnawing, in the orifice of the stomach, which prevents deep breathing and eructations (after several hours),

Pressure in the pit of the stomach impedes respiration and causes cough,

Cuttings, as with glass, across the pit of the stomach,

Cuttings in the pit of the stomach and in the left flank; disturbed him at midnight so that he could no more sleep,

Stitches, as with needles, deep in the pit of the stomach,

Throbbing in the pit of the stomach, after walking; it makes him very tired,

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