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Caladium Seguinum - Modalities Etc

American Arum, Caladium, Cal, Calad.

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HPUS indication of Caladium Seguinum: Motion sickness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Caladium Seguinum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Morning), Vertigo, etc.; till afternoon, sensation in stomach; urgency to stool, etc.; erections; on rising, small of back, etc., feel bruised; pains in sacrum; 7 o'clock, sleepy, etc.

(Forenoon), Restless, etc.

(Toward evening), Perspiration.

(Evening), Tickling, etc., in ear; hungry; pain in abdomen; stitches in rectum; sticking in side of chest, etc.; stitches in chest; after eating pickled fish, feels unwell, etc.; chilly; till midnight, heat, etc.

(Night), Thirst, etc.; cramp in the soles; when lying down, itching of the fingers.

(Midnight), Cutting in pit of stomach, etc.

(After coition), Symptoms of the prepuce return.

(Driving), Feeling unwell, etc.

(After eating), Oppression of chest.

(Lying), Faintness.

(After lying on side), Headache.

(When reflecting), Faintness.

(On rising up), Faintness.

(After the siesta), Headache; oppression of chest.

(Sitting), Stitches in pit of stomach.

(Sleep), During the day, all the symptoms.

(Before going to sleep), Apprehensive.

(Attempting to speak), Cough.

(After stool), Sticking in the rectum; mucus passes.

(Tabacum Tobacco smoking), Pressure in eyes, etc.; cramp in the soles; when lying down, itching of the fingers.

(Walking), Vertigo; throbbing in pit of stomach; stitches in the sacrum.

(After writing), Faintness.

(Lying on right side), Sticking in right side of chest.

(Pressure), Boring, etc., in left temple.

(When sitting), Headache disappears.

(During sleep), Internal fever disappears.

(Sweat), All symptoms.

(Walking), Feeling unwell, etc.


BETTER, after sweat, after sleeping in daytime. WORSE, motion.

Sexual excesses


Sudden noises

On falling to sleep

Tabacum Tobacco


Cool air

Short sleep


Desires and aversions

Thirst and want of appetite, before coma.

Thirstless, even aversion to cold water; drinks only warm drinks.

Eats, but without hunger.

Position etc

Walking 5, 17, 33. Stepping 33. Rising 31. Sitting 17, 33. Can hardly turn 31. Lying down 2, 33. Better lying on right, worse lying on left side 28.

Morning 2, 31, 32, 34. Evening 20, 32, 33, 40. Night 27. Before midnight 40. After midnight 17, 40.