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Calcarea Fluorata - General symptoms

Fluor Spar - Fluoride Of Lime, Calc-fluor, Calc. Fluor, calc flour, calcarea fluorica, Calcium Fluorucum, Calcium Fluoratum, Schuessler Tissue Salt, Cell Salts, Tissue Salts, Biochemic Tissue / Cell Salt Number # 1 / one, Calcarea fluorica, Calc Fluor, cal flour, calc flour, Calcarea fluor, Calc-f.

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HPUS indication of Calcarea Fluorata: Minor joint pain

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Calcarea Fluorata in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Some tickling in the larynx and occasional hawking, with desire to clear the larynx, in the forenoon. Occasional attacks of tickling itching in larynx, inducing a hacking cough.

worse from 3 to 4 P.M. (second day). Slight feeling of oppression and tickling in the larynx (third day). In the night itching tickling in the larynx, forcing a spasmodic cough, which was relieved, after a few turns, by hawking a little mucus from the larynx (tenth night),.

About midnight, or soon after, was awakened by a sharp pain in the right hypochondrium, under the eleventh rib, occurring in paroxysms of lancination.

worse when lying on the painful side, so much so as to cause a feeling of bursting outward.

better when lying on the painless side and when doubling up, and accompanied with restlessness, 8 A.M. Frequent attacks of the lancinating pains in the liver region, worse when sitting, better when walking about (fourth day),.

On the afternoon of the second day there was oppression of breath, such as arises from taking cold, this continued throughout the proving, subject to fluctuations of intensity.

at the end of a week there was a prickling, burning, suffocative sensation in the throat, which grew worse at night.

cold drinks seemed to aggravate and warm drinks to palliate only for a short time.

this feeling was less in the morning, but exacerbation occurred in the latter part of the day.

much thirst, constipation, and consequent dizziness of head and dull headache.

experienced irritability of bladder, frequent urging to urinate.

urine causing smarting along the urethra, particularly at its external orifice.

urine emitted pungent odor. On the eighth day discontinued the drug, but there was an increase of all the symptoms, the difficulty of breathing was such that it seemed as though the epiglottis was nearly closed, or that I was breathing through some thick substance, which permitted but slight ingress of air to the lungs,.


Weak in morning

Discharges turn grass green Slow, processes

General stiffness

INDURATIONS; of stony hardness; glands, tonsils, neck; piles, tumors, edge of ulcers, etc

Nodes in breasts

Rough and ragged, tonsils, exostoses, periostitis, enamel, hypertrophied nails, etc

Vascular dilatation; varicoses, inflamed; aneurism


After apoplexy


Fistula Cataract

Sluggish temperament

Gushing, watery stools or carrion odor

Expectorates tiny, tough, yellow lumps


Hip-joint disease


Chronic synovitis

Periostitis of lower jaw, ribs, etc

Skin cracked; dry, hard and of alabaster whiteness (Arsenicum Album Ars)

Stinking pus

X-ray Xray burns


Cold wrists and ankles

Calcium Fluoride. Hydrofluoricum Acidum Fluor spar. Ca F2. Trituration.

Calc Carb Calc. Hydrofluoricum Acidum fluor. is Schüssler's "bone salt." It is found in the surface of bones, the enamel of teeth, in elastic fibres and in the cells of the epidermis. It has been principally used for dispersing bony growths.

ulcerations of bone. and for fistula. A giant-celled sarcoma of upper maxilla causing the deformity known as "frog-face" was very greatly relieved by Calc Carb Calc. Hydrofluoricum Acidum fluor. in a short space of time, after Silicea Silica had failed to make much impression. W. P. Wesselhoeft cured two cases of syphilitic periosteal swelling, one on right radius, one on left ulna, one sensitive, one not, one patient male dark, the other blonde female. Each case received a dose of Calcarea Fluorata Calc. fl. c.m. G. P. Hale, with the 3x, has removed induration after typhlitis, also encysted tumour of eyelids. He regards induration threatening suppuration as a marked indication. Induration in epigastric region after a kick from a horse was cured. Also indurated glands (of neck; of breast, &c.) of stony hardness. The mental condition is one of depression.

anxiety. indecision. Cephalhaematoma. Spots on cornea. Senile cataract has been cured by it. Ozaena. Herpes (hard, small) on lips. Deficient enamel of teeth. Prickly, burning, suffocating sensation in throat. Bleeding piles. One prover, Dr. Sarah N. Smith, had among other symptoms this peculiar and constant one in the head A sort of creaking, straining, and drawing, like the noise of a corn-stalk fiddle, greatly interfering with sleep. Dr. Sarah Hogan gave Calc Carb Calc. Hydrofluoricum Acidum fluor. with complete success in a case of flatulency in a pregnant woman. The patient passed through the labour quite easily, whereas the previous labour had been very difficult. In many other cases Dr. Hogan found the remedy facilitate labour. She found flatulency a marked indication for the remedy independently of pregnancy. In haemoptysis it has been used with success, its effect being apparently to cause contraction of the blood-vessels. Lumbago from strains.

warm drinks amel., cold drinks agg. throat pain. agg. From damp weather, but amel. from fomentations. amel. By rubbing.

Paroxysm of lancinating pains in r. hypochondrium under 11th rib, awaking him about midnight.

agg. lying on painful side, which causes a feeling of bursting outward.

amel. lying on painless side, and by doubling up.

with restlessness. At 8 a.m. frequent attacks of lancinating pain in hepatic region.

agg. when sitting. amel. after lying down at night.

Calcarea Fluorata chemical union of lime and fluoric acid gives us a remedy with a new nature and properties. However conversant one may be with either or both of these elements, he could not predict the curative powers held in this double remedy.

I refer to its ability to cure indurated infiltrations of glands, cellular tissues and bony formations.

A nodule in the course of a tendon and exostosis, a stony bard gland, bony infiltration in the periosteum, rice bodies in cartilages have been cured by Calcarea Fluorata wonderful to tell, when there was a paucity of symptoms. It will cure of course when symptoms agree, but it needs proving in order that individualization may be oftener possible.

A recurrent fibroid in the hallow of the knee was removed once by the knife, but returned, and grew to the size of a fist. The leg was drawn up to forty-five degrees, and the knee became immovable.

Calcarea Fluorata wonderful remedy was prescribed on the symptoms of the case and the hardness of the tumor.

The tumor gradually dwindled, the limb became normal and as good as ever; this patient has since born a healthy child is still perfectly free from the trouble. It is now ten years since she was cured.

The patient is sensitive to cold, to drafts, to changes in the weather, and to damp weather. The symptoms are ameliorated by heat and by warm applications. The symptoms are worse during rest.

Calcarea Fluorata is a useful remedy in gout, with copious pale urine and diarrhea. The patient is sad and miserable. Calcarea Fluorata has cured a fluctuating tumor on the cranium of infants known as Cephalaematoma.

Blur before the eyes after exerting the vision. Cataract. It cures ulceration of the cornea if the edges are hard; also hard, small spots and conjunctivitis. It has cured adenoids and thick, yellowish green discharge from the nose.

Offensive catarrh of long standing. Scanty enamel of the teeth.

Pain, ulceration and granulation of the throat, worse from cold, and better from warm drinks. Pain worse at night. Large indurated tonsils will be cured after Baryta Carb Baryta carb has failed.

Pain in the liver at night, worse lying on the painful side, better from motion. Cutting pains in the liver, better walking.

Diarrhea in gouty subjects. Itching of anus and hemorrhoids, painful and hard bleeding. Fissure of anus. Constipation.

Copious watery urine. Strong smelling urine. Urine causes smarting when passing.

Indurated testes. Nodular testes.

Varicose veins of the vulva. Uterine fibroid.

Hard nodules in the mammae.

Dryness and tickling in the larynx. Desire to clear the vocal cords. Hoarseness after reading aloud. Hacking cough after eating, and in cold air, from tickling in the larynx. Spasmodic cough.

It cured an exostosis at the angle of the eighth rib.

It cured a lumbago, worse during rest, and better from heat, after Rhus Tox Rhus had failed. Pain in back, extending to the sacrum. Indurated cervical glands.

Vivid dreams, and unrefreshing sleep. jumps out of bed in a dream. it is similar to Silicea Silica in suppuration.

Indurated swellings, of a stony hardness; in glands, or fasciae or ligaments


Elastic fibre Veins



Left side