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Calcarea Fluorata - General symptoms - Clarke

Fluor Spar - Fluoride Of Lime, Calc-fluor, Calc. Fluor, calc flour, calcarea fluorica, Calcium Fluorucum, Calcium Fluoratum, Schuessler Tissue Salt, Cell Salts, Tissue Salts, Biochemic Tissue / Cell Salt Number # 1 / one, Calcarea fluorica, Calc Fluor, cal flour, calc flour, Calcarea fluor, Calc-f.

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HPUS indication of Calcarea Fluorata: Minor joint pain

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Calcarea Fluorata in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Calcium Fluoride. Hydrofluoricum Acidum Fluor spar. Ca F2. Trituration.

Calc Carb Calc. Hydrofluoricum Acidum fluor. is Schüssler's "bone salt." It is found in the surface of bones, the enamel of teeth, in elastic fibres and in the cells of the epidermis. It has been principally used for dispersing bony growths.

ulcerations of bone. and for fistula. A giant-celled sarcoma of upper maxilla causing the deformity known as "frog-face" was very greatly relieved by Calc Carb Calc. Hydrofluoricum Acidum fluor. in a short space of time, after Silicea Silica had failed to make much impression. W. P. Wesselhoeft cured two cases of syphilitic periosteal swelling, one on right radius, one on left ulna, one sensitive, one not, one patient male dark, the other blonde female. Each case received a dose of Calcarea Fluorata Calc. fl. c.m. G. P. Hale, with the 3x, has removed induration after typhlitis, also encysted tumour of eyelids. He regards induration threatening suppuration as a marked indication. Induration in epigastric region after a kick from a horse was cured. Also indurated glands (of neck; of breast, &c.) of stony hardness. The mental condition is one of depression.

anxiety. indecision. Cephalhaematoma. Spots on cornea. Senile cataract has been cured by it. Ozaena. Herpes (hard, small) on lips. Deficient enamel of teeth. Prickly, burning, suffocating sensation in throat. Bleeding piles. One prover, Dr. Sarah N. Smith, had among other symptoms this peculiar and constant one in the head A sort of creaking, straining, and drawing, like the noise of a corn-stalk fiddle, greatly interfering with sleep. Dr. Sarah Hogan gave Calc Carb Calc. Hydrofluoricum Acidum fluor. with complete success in a case of flatulency in a pregnant woman. The patient passed through the labour quite easily, whereas the previous labour had been very difficult. In many other cases Dr. Hogan found the remedy facilitate labour. She found flatulency a marked indication for the remedy independently of pregnancy. In haemoptysis it has been used with success, its effect being apparently to cause contraction of the blood-vessels. Lumbago from strains.

warm drinks amel., cold drinks agg. throat pain. agg. From damp weather, but amel. from fomentations. amel. By rubbing.

Paroxysm of lancinating pains in r. hypochondrium under 11th rib, awaking him about midnight.

agg. lying on painful side, which causes a feeling of bursting outward.

amel. lying on painless side, and by doubling up.

with restlessness. At 8 a.m. frequent attacks of lancinating pain in hepatic region.

agg. when sitting. amel. after lying down at night.