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Calcarea Phosphorica - Chest symptoms - T.F. Allen

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HPUS indication of Calcarea Phosphorica: Stiffness
Common symptoms: Stiffness, Chills, PMS.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Calc phos in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Burning sensation in chest, from below up into the throat; sometimes downwards,

Dull aching in chest, and sore to the touch,

Pressing ache in the chest; most below and upwards,

Over the clavicle sore, cutting; pain in throat, soreness, glands hurt,


Creaking on the left side of the sternum, like a cracking in the joints (from the 2d),

Sharp pain, like an instrument passed through end of breast-bone, during the day,

Tearing, pressing, and shooting in breast-bone,

Sore pain on the sternum,


Pains where the cartilages and ribs meet,

Hardness, soreness, pressure in right side,

Pressure and soreness in left side,

Shooting pain in the left chest, going through the shoulder,

Collar-bone sore; first left and then right,

A tumor like a Juglans Regia walnut in left mamma,

In left mamma, a hardness, like a Juglans Regia walnut, sore to pressure; with a man of eighteen years,

Milk watery, thin, neutral,

Milk acid, not alkaline; acts on blue litmus,

Milk changeable, from the alkali to the neutral, or to the acid,

External feeling of warmth in mammae, towards the left arm,

Child refuses the breast; the milk has a saltish taste; trying it, the taste remains long in the mouth, 3e Jenichen. Next day, milk sweet (Pehrson, Guernsey),

Pressing, tearing, rending, drawing contraction; pinching, shooting, burning in mammae,

Mammae sore to the touch,

Nipples aching, sore,


Beating on a small spot on left side of chest,


Pain on a small spot, from coughing; with short breath,

Constriction of breast; difficult breathing in the evening, better when lying in bed, worse again when rising in the morning, with great pain in the chest when breathing,

Contraction of the chest and difficult breathing, evening till 10 P.M.; better on lying down, worse when getting up,

Stitch in left side, while breathing,

With inhalation, shooting in left breast and right temple; with breathing, inhaling, and exhaling, a shooting in chest; most with a deep breath,

Sharp pain in region of sixth rib; first on right side, later on left fourth and fifth rib, coming and going; takes the breath away; most with a deep breath, during the day,

Sharp pain in region of heart, with inhaling, interferes with breathing,

Sharp cutting, shooting, in region of heart; interrupts breathing,

Involuntary sighing,

Involuntary sighing at time (Cate, C. Hg., Biggen),

(He was frequently obliged to take a deep sighing breath), (crude),

Desire to take a deep breath, to sigh; with it a pain in the chest; shooting in liver,

Breathing more frequent, short and difficult,

Short breath and cough,

Lifting child up from cradle, suffocative fits (down, Borax Borax),

Suffocating attacks of a male child of six months, after nursing; more often after crying, and after being taken out of the cradle; breathing ceases; head turns backwards; face blue; fighting with hands and feet; after attacks, greatly relaxed, some days none, some days several attacks,

Heart and pulse

Feels beating of pulse, not frequent but quick; while sitting, he feels it in the nape of neck and left chest,

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