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Calcarea Sulphurica - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - T.F. Allen

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HPUS indication of Calcarea Sulphurica: Boils

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Calcarea Sulphurica in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Extremities, limbs

Some rigidity in legs, shoulders, arms, and hands, and in feet in evening, especially in right foot (twelfth day),

Upper extremities

Growing painful rigidity of arms, shoulders, and back, from forenoon till late in afternoon, not noticeable in evening (fifth day),


Shoulders stiff in morning (tenth day),

Shoulders, back (over scapulae), and forearms very stiff; can't move them without great discomfort, almost pain, worse in morning, better walking (forty-second day),

Painful rigidity of muscles of shoulder and back; noticed when putting on or off a coat (thirty-seventh day),

Shoulders and arms rigid and painful to touch; it is painful to put off or on a coat; worse in the morning and evening, better in open air and walking; darting pain from elbow to wrist, diagonally across the arm (forty-first day),

Neuralgic pains in shoulder, extending to wrist and back of hand (third day),

Sharp darting pain in left shoulder about 6.45 P.M. (first day),


Sharp pain in ulna at wrist several times during evening (first day),


Backs of hands inflamed, as if sunburned (sixth day),

Numbness of hands, with sticky sensation (first day),

Hands somewhat rigid in afternoon, especially right hand (twenty-first day),

Rigidity in both hands, disappearing in afternoon (thirty-ninth day),

Distressing uneasiness (barely pains) in hands (twenty-second day),

Pain in hands late in evening (eleventh day),

Painful cramps in right hand, and stiffness and numbness of little finger in afternoon (twenty-third day),

Darting pains in hands when holding anything (fifteenth day),

Vague shooting pains in hands; worse towards night (seventeenth and eighteenth days),


Fingers puffy and stiff in the morning (forty-seventh day),

Right little finger numb and stiff for awhile in the morning (thirty-third day),

Fingers very stiff and rigid; dreamed of trying to catch and hold an eel, and was unable, because of stiffness of fingers (thirty-ninth day),

Middle-finger of left hand stiff and puffy in afternoon; some pain in metacarpal bone and phalanx of the same finger (fifty-second day),

Painful rigidity of thumb of left hand, and puffiness of fingers in the afternoon; mainly fingers of right hand (third day),

Pain in right thumb and wrist late in the afternoon (forty-seventh day),

Sharp pain (a half hour or so) in right thumb, extending to wrist (forty-sixth day),

Exquisite soreness of left forefinger under nail (twelfth day),

Bruised right thumb under nail; applied Arnica Arnica tincture; pain and lameness from thumb to elbow (nineteenth day),

Lower extremities


Painful rigidity of thighs in morning; worse in afternoon, and worst early in evening (fourteenth day),


Weariness of knees, after walking, usually felt in calves of legs (second day),

When at bath, in morning, lameness of inner side of left knee (forty-seventh to fifty-first day),

Inner posterior part of left knee very lame, when stooping or walking fast (fifty-seventh day),


Legs somewhat stiff (fifteenth day),

Legs stiff, and fingers puffy and stiff, in morning (nineteenth day),


Feet slightly swollen and tender (thirty-first day),

Vague pains in left foot, as if rheumatism would set in (twenty-eighth day),

Feet very tender (thirty-fifth day),

Ball of left foot, opposite fourth toe, suddenly becomes tender while walking, and continues so all day (twenty-seventh day),


Pain in fourth toe, right foot, as if asleep, while lying down, with sweat (first day),

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