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Calcarea Carbonica - Fever And Chill symptoms - T.F. Allen

Carbonate Of Lime, Calc carb, Calcarea, Calcarea Carbonicum, Calc c, Calcium carbonicum, Calcarea Carbonica Ostrearum, Calcarea Carbonica Hahn. Cal carb, Calcarea carb, calc. carb., cal carb, Calc.

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HPUS indication of Calcarea Carbonica: Overwork
Calcarea Carbonica

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Calc Carb in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Great sensitiveness to the cold air; the feet seem dead, in the evening,

Goose-flesh in the thighs and legs, on the slightest contact of cold air, so great that it was painful,

Shivering, at first over the face, with which the hairs stood on end, then over the whole body, with chilliness,

Very chilly in the evening,

She became chilly if she got out of bed,

Frequent external chilliness, on the ears,

Great internal chilliness; she was obliged to wrap up the cold hands, but the feet were warm,

Continued severe chilliness, the whole day (second day),

Constant chilliness and coldness, with pale sickly look,

Great constant chilliness, with much thirst,

Chill in the evening, for several hours (after ten hours, thirteenth day),

Chill for a quarter of an hour, two evenings, without subsequent heat or sweat,

Chill, in the evening, in bed,

Chill in the evening, in bed, so that he was unable to get warm, though covered with a feather bed, as though he had no warmth in this body (after thirty days),

Shaking chill at night,

The evening before menstruation, after supper, a severe chill, followed by colic, lasting the whole night,

Internal chill, with restlessness and trembling anguish,

Coldness and numb sensation on the side of the back on which he had lain, during the midday sleep,

He felt very feverish, and was obliged to stay at home for three days; his teeth chattered, and though he sat over the fire, he was quite cold,

Cold feet, after eating,

Paroxysm of fever, in the forenoon; chill and heat alternating,

Paroxysm of fever; now chilliness, now heat; she was obliged to lie down,

Paroxysm of fever, in the evening; chill externally, with internal heat and great thirst; even in bed he was chilly, and sweating at the same time; he could not get warm; at last profuse sweat (after ten hours),


Orgasm of blood, in the morning, on waking, after a restless sleep, for several mornings (first day),

Much orgasm of blood, at night, with many dreams,

At night, orgasm of blood, with restless sleep, especially during menstruation,

In the evening, in bed, he became immediately warm, and sweat the whole night,

Frequent transient heat,

Transient heat, two or three times a day, general, though most in the face and hands; it attacked her while sitting, as from anxiety, with sweating of the face and hands, for ten minutes,

Almost constant heat, which at first caused weariness and anxiety, lasting until sweat broke out,

Severe heat in the head, and great orgasm of blood,

Very much heated, in the morning, after rising,

Heat for several evenings, from 6 to 7 o'clock,

Dry heat, towards morning (after six days),

Dry heat, at night (after twelve hours),

Fever, from morning till noon or afternoon; first, tearing in the joints and heaviness in the head, then weariness; which scarcely allowed her to rise from bed; with heaviness of the limbs, stretching, heat, and sensation as if she would sweat, with trembling and uneasiness in all the limbs,

Paroxysm of fever every forenoon, at 11 o'clock, without thirst, and without previous chill, lasting one hour; she felt hot, and was hot to touch, with red face; followed by anxiety and slight sweat, especially on the hands and feet, and in the face; for four days in succession (previous to menstruation),

A feeling of heat in the interior of the body,

Internal heat at night, especially in the hands and feet, with dry tongue, in the morning, without thirst, with external heat in the head (sixth and seventh days),

Heat in the chest and head, with chilliness of the rest of the body, the whole day (after twenty-four days),

Fever heat, with burning first, then alternating with chill,

Unaccountably feverish; first hot, then cold,

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