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Calcarea Carbonica - General symptoms - Hahnemann

Carbonate Of Lime, Calc carb, Calcarea, Calcarea Carbonicum, Calc c, Calcium carbonicum, Calcarea Carbonica Ostrearum, Calcarea Carbonica Hahn. Cal carb, Calcarea carb, calc. carb., cal carb, Calc.

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HPUS indication of Calcarea Carbonica: Overwork
Calcarea Carbonica
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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Calc Carb in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




Break in pieces a clean, somewhat thick oyster shell, take one grain of the softer, snow-white calcareous substance found between the outer and the inner harder shell. This is prepared in all the degrees of potencies up to X in the manner directed as to the preparation of dry medicinal substances for homoeopathic use, given at the conclusion of Part I. This is preserved from sunlight and great warmth, to be used for its various purposes.

For the sake of comparison I have also observed the symptoms of Calcarea Acetica acetate of lime, and have given them marked with a dash in front.

Lime when thus potentized belongs among the most effective antipsoric remedies, especially in cases where the following symptoms, are prominent

Dejection. inclination to weep.

lack of cheerfulness, with heaviness of the lower limbs.

anxiety when sweating.

restless . anxiety. shivering and horror.

anguish, excitable by thoughts.

anxiety after hearing of cruelties.

nervous excitation. fits of despondency about shaken health.

sensitive peevishness.

self-will. indifference.

difficulty in thinking.

long-continued numb feeling of the head as if a board was before the head.

dizziness and trembling before breakfast.

vertigo when going up stairs.

vertigo when mounting high, on the roof heaviness and pressure in the forehead, so that he has to close the eyes.

headache from reading and writing.

headache from overlifting.

boring in the forehead, as if the head would burst.

headache in the occiput.

throbbing in the middle of the brain.

hammering headache after walking in the open air, compelling him to lie down.

headache and humming in the head, with heat of the cheeks.

icy cold in the right side of the head.

. burning and excoriation of the eyelids.

burning and cutting in the eyes during reading by candle-light.

cutting in the eyelids.

stitches in the eyes. itching of the eyes.

. suppuration of a fistula lachrymalis.

in the open air or in the morning.

quivering in the upper and lower eyelids.

agglutination of the eyelids every morning.

obscuration of the sight when reading.

obscuration of the eyes, after eating.

dim vision, feathers before the eyes.

dim-sightedness as from gauze.

mist before the eyes, when straining the eyes and reading.

long-sightedness, he cannot read without convex spectacles.

dazzling of the eyes by a bright light.

stitches in the ears, running of pus from the ears.

cracking in the ears, when swallowing.

. ringing in the ears.

humming before the ears.

roaring in the ears. rushing in the ears, with hardness of hearing.

thundering in the ears.

obstruction in hearing.

. sore nose obstruction of the nose with yellow, fetid pus.

. bad smell and fetor from the nose.

smell of dung before the nose.

faceache. freckles on the cheeks.

itching and itching pimples in the whiskers.

eruption on the mouth, pain in the glands of the lower jaw.

toothache whenever drinking something cold.

drawing toothache, with stitches, day and night, renewed by cold and by warmth.

toothache, like digging and soreness.

difficult teething of children.

painful sensitiveness of the gums.

stitches in the gums. gum-boils.

bleeding of the gums. , at night, or in the morning on awaking.

aphthae under the tongue.

accumulation of mucus in the mouth.

hawking up mucus. constriction in the throat.

bitter taste in the mouth in the morning.

lack of appetite. aversion to his customary smoking of tobacco.

aversion to warm food.

long-continued aversion to meat.

hunger immediately or soon after eating.

voracious hunger in the morning, she cannot eat enough, she cannot get it down.

after meals, heat. eructation after eating, bitter eructation.

water-brash, weakness of digestion in the stomach,.

nocturnal pressure in the scrobiculus cordis.

stinging pressure, in the stomach after eating.

cramps in the stomach.

pinching and cutting in the scrobiculus cordis.

during pressure in the stomach, a pressing out under the last rib.

inability to bear tight clothing over the scrobiculus cordis.

swelling of the scrobiculus cordis, with pressive pain, the scrobiculus cordis painful to the touch.

tension in both hypochondria.

pressive lancinating colic, without diarrhoea.

colic in the epigastrium.

in the afternoon, cutting and griping in the abdomen, with vomiting of food eaten at dinner.

coldness in the abdomen.

. pressure of flatus to the abdominal ring, as if hernia was about to come.

constipation. costiveness.

stool scanty and hard.

stool twice a day. frequent, continual soft stool.

involuntary discharge of foaming stool.

during stool protrusion of the varices of the rectum, with burning pain.

after the stool, lassitude and feeling, as if bruised all over.

itching of the anus.

burning in the urethra.

too frequent urination.

haematuria. flow of blood from the urethra.

wanton, lewd ideas. lack of sexual instinct.

deficient sexual powers.

lack of pollutions. too brief erections during coitus.

stinging and burning in the male genitals during the emission of semen in coitus.

pressive pain in the vagina.

pressure upon the prolapsed womb.

stitches in the os uteri itching on the pudenda and anus.

distended veins on the labia pudendi.

after pains or milk fever after parturition.

. (suppressed menses).

. during the menses, cutting in the abdomen and griping in the sacrum.

. , like milk, in jets.

. during the flow of leucorrhoea, itching on the pudenda..

Frequent sneezing. constant coryza.

. dry coryza. dry coryza in the morning.

stoppage of the nose. ulceration of the larynx.

hoarseness. mucus on the chest.

evening cough in bed. during sleep.

cough in the morning.

yellow fetid expectoration.

during cough, pressure on the stomach.

arrest of breathing in stooping.

pressure on the chest.

. stitches in the left side, on bending to that side.

burning in the chest. prickling stitches in the muscles of the chest.

, also at night. pain in the sacrum.

pain as of a sprain in the back.

. swelling of the cervical glands.

goitre. pressive pain in the right upper arm.

nocturnal drawing and tearing in the arms.

. dying off in the hands on grasping.

swelling of the hands.

. arthritic nodosities on the wrists and the joints of the fingers.

formication as from going to sleep of the fingers.

numbness of the fingers and sensation as if they were dead, also in the warmth.

awkwardness of the fingers.

frequent paralysis of the finger.

heaviness of the legs.

stiffness of the legs.

cramps in the legs. going to sleep of the legs in sitting.

ulcers of the legs. stitches in the thigh on treading.

distended veins in the thighs.

stitches in the knees, when standing and sitting.

stitches and tearing in the knee.

drawing pain in the knee, when sitting and walking.

swelling of the knee. red spots on the legs.

burning of the soles of the feet.

swelling of the soles.

coldness of the feet, in the evening.

. dying off of the feet, in the evening.

sensitiveness of the big toes, corns.

pains in the corns. going to sleep of the limbs.

cramps in the arms and legs.

pain as of bruising in the upper arms, also in the middle of the thighs, on going up stairs.

tearing in the limbs, in the arms and legs.

tendency to strain oneself, making the nape of the neck rigid and stiff, with headache.

tendency to strains, with sore throat thence.

great fatness and corpulence with youths.

exhaustion from speaking.

. lassitude in the morning.

great exhaustion after every little walk.

attacks of epilepsy at night during full moon, with cries.

great fatigue from moderate walking in the open air.

copious perspiration on moderate exertion of the body.

great sensitiveness to cold.

. visible twitching in the skin, from the feet up to the head, causing dizziness.

dry feeling in the skin.

roughness of the skin, as if covered with miliary eruption.

bran-like covering of the skin.

furuncle. warts. drowsiness in daytime.

. frequent waking up at night.

insomnia. at night, tossing in bed.

thirst at night. at night, pressure in the scrobiculus cordis and rising from there to the larynx and the head.

nocturnal pain in the back and in the arms.

nocturnal asthma. nocturnal palpitation of the heart.

heat and anguish at night.

horrible fantastic visions before going to sleep, in the evening in bed.

anxious dreams. fantastic exaltation and delirium at night.

chill in the morning after rising.

frequent rushes of heat.

rushes of heat with palpitation and anguish of heart.

tertian, evening fever, at first, heat in the face then chill.

Calcarea when potentized has a long-continued action. When nitric acid, given previously, though selected apparently properly, yet acts in some respects unfavorably, then Calcarea may generally be profitably employed.

so also any unfavorable effects of Calcarea, even when selected apparently homoeopathically, may be neutralized by following it with Nitric Acid nitric acid, and the effect will be changed into favorable ones. Especially in nausea, produced by Calcarea, removed by smelling of the spirits of nitre.

this is almost a specific and much more effective than smelling of Camphora camphor. There are, however, troublesome effects which call for the smelling of Nux Vomica nux vomica. Calcarea is frequently useful after the use of Sulphur sulphur, also when the pupils of the eyes are apt to dilate.

If the catamenia usually come several days before the period and are excessive. Calcarea is frequently the indispensable curative and the more so, the more abundant the flow. But if the menses always appear at the right period or later, even if the menses are profuse, Calcarea is yet but rarely useful. Calcarea can rarely be advantageously repeated with older persons, even after other intervening medicines, and very rarely, yea, hardly ever, can its doses be repeated at once, without injury. But with children, when it is indicated by the symptoms, it may be repeated several times, and the younger they are, the more frequently.

The symptoms marked with a dash before them were the effects of Calcarea Acetica acetate of lime.

Dejected and melancholy in the highest degree, with a sort of anxiety.

Violent sexual instinct, due only to wanton fancies, while the organ lacks stiffness, so that erection was only effected through application.

scarcely had it entered, when the semen was emitted.

this was followed by excessive prostration and great excitation of the nerves.

he was discontented, irascible, and the knees seemed ready to give way for weakness (4th d.).

* * * * *

Literally, "dying off."

Literally, "dying off."

Fever from the morning till noon or afternoon.

first tearing in the joints and heaviness of the head, then lassitude, scarcely allowing her to raise herself up in bed, with heaviness of the limbs, stretching and extending the limbs, heat and sensation as if she was going to perspire always, with trembling and unrest in all her limbs.