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Calcarea Carbonica - General symptoms - T.F. Allen

Carbonate Of Lime, Calc carb, Calcarea, Calcarea Carbonicum, Calc c, Calcium carbonicum, Calcarea Carbonica Ostrearum, Calcarea Carbonica Hahn. Cal carb, Calcarea carb, calc. carb., cal carb, Calc.

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HPUS indication of Calcarea Carbonica: Overwork
Calcarea Carbonica
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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Calc Carb in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Morning), Near sounds frighten him.

irritable, etc. peevish.

before stool, peevish, etc.

on waking, confusion of the head.

when rising, vertigo, etc.

after rising, dizziness.

on rising from bed, dullness in head.

on waking, headache. throbbing headache.

on awaking, pain in forehead, etc.

swelling in temple. on waking, headache in temples.

at 5 o'clock, pain in vertex.

pressure in eyes. after rising, swelling of lower lid.

lachrymation. after rising, stiffness of the eyeball.

on waking appearances before eyes.

roaring in ears, etc.

sneezing. nose-bleed. on rising, stoppage of nose.

on rising, swelling of cheeks.

swelling of upper lip.

dryness of tongue. mouth slimy.

after rising, bitter taste.

metallic taste, etc., in mouth.

on waking, inky taste.

hawking of mucus. throat dry, etc.

hunger. eructations. sour eructations.

nausea. nausea, etc.

vomiting, etc. after rising, pain in the abdomen.

immediately, constriction of abdomen.

drawing in abdomen, etc.

on waking, cutting in abdomen.

after copious stool, burning in rectum.

after rising, eructations.

twitching of the penis.

larynx rough. hoarseness.

cough. in bed, cough.

mucous expectoration. on rising, sense of fulness in chest.

tightness of chest. stiffness in spine, etc.

on waking, and after rising, sleepiness.

immediately after rising, pain in small of back.

hands pain, etc. in bed, sticking in the palms.

on beginning to walk, weariness, etc., in muscles of thigh.

more when sitting. pain in knee.

inclination to stretch.

on waking, trembling of body.

trembling of body, etc.

great exhaustion. on waking, rushing of blood.

on waking, difficulty in rousing.

orgasm of blood. after rising, much heated.

sweat. profuse sweat.

(Forenoon), Nausea.

dizziness. headache, etc.

at 11 o'clock, stitches in forehead.

saliva collects in mouth.

nauseated feeling. when pressing on the part, and after the stool, pressure in pit of the stomach.

stitches in right hypochondriac region.

cramp in the rectum. frequent, etc., urinating.

when walking, desire for coition.

on walking in open air, tightness of chest.

paroxysm of fever.

(Afternoon), Anxiety.

stupefaction of the head.

from 3 or 4 o'clock till 9 or 10, tearing on the head, etc.

feeling in the pharynx.

thirst. eructations. nausea.

cramp in stomach. burning below navel.

tension of abdomen, etc.

frequent, etc., urinating.

drawing in limbs. trembling in hands.

when walking, pain in ankle.

(Evening), Peevish.

when walking, loss of consciousness.

when walking in open air, tottering.

heat about head. stitches in the head.

burning-itching, etc., on scalp.

pressure in eyes. itching in eyes.

lachrymation. on lying down, toothache.

toothache. swelling of right cheek, etc.

great appetite, etc. acid eructations.

nausea, etc. feels stuffed, after eating.

pressure in stomach. stitches in hypochondriac region.

fulness in abdomen. cramp in intestinal canal.

stitches in side of abdomen.

when sitting, pressure in rectum.

pain in rectum. during stool, blood from anus.

in bed, twitching in penis.

after lying down, mucus in larynx.

spasmodic cough. especially in bed, dry cough.

after lying down, much cough.

in bed, cough. during cough, sweet expectoration.

during cough, pain in chest.

stitches in left chest.

especially on breathing, stitches in right chest.

before going to sleep, palpitation, etc.

pain in right arm. shoulder-joint pains.

on waking from sleep, pain in finger-joints.

during walking, tension in hip-joint.

pain in muscles of legs.

when sitting, legs go to sleep.

burning in feet. in bed, twitching in great toe.

great general weakness.

attack of faintness, etc.

uneasiness. restless, uncomfortable feeling.

in bed, itching on back, etc.

in bed, uneasy waking, etc.

soon after falling asleep, starting up.

chilly. in bed, chilly.

in bed, becomes warm, etc.


(Night), Anxious, etc.

stupefaction of the head, etc.

vertigo. on waking, itching of scalp.

nose-bleed. pains in back teeth.

tearing in teeth. tearing through cheek.

pain in gum. on waking, eructations.

vomiting of sour water.

cramp in stomach. pain in liver.

cramp in intestinal canal.

colic. pain in bladder, etc.

frequent urinating.

cough. on waking, cough.

much cough. cough. expectoration of mucus, etc., during cough, pain in chest.

palpitation, etc. pain in arm, etc.

at commencement of sleep, shoulder-joints disturb.

shoulder-joints pain. cramp in hands.

twitches, etc., of the extremities.

stitches in the thigh, etc.

weariness in knee. cramp near tibia.

cramp near tibia. cramp in calves.

burning in soles. cutting on right sole.

itching in the thigh. shaking chill.

orgasm of blood, etc.

dry heat, etc. internal heat, etc.


(When walking), Vertigo.

pain in occiput. after supper, pinching, etc., below navel.

pain in abdomen. pain in haemorrhoids.

desire to urinate. difficult breathing.

palpitation, etc. pain in sacrum.

pressure in muscles of forearm.

weariness in thighs, etc.

pain in tibia muscles.

lower leg painful.

drawing sensation in body.


Vesicular eruption grouped on the back of the hand, with severe itching.

it obliges scratching involuntarily.

the vesicles are clear, without areola, filled with clear fluid.

a dark point forms at the tip.

they gradually dry and the skin desquamates.

if the vesicles are scratched, they become enlarged and seem like nettle-rash.

cold relieves the itching (the prover had suffered for two years, during great heat in the summer, from and; insignificant vesicular eruption on the back of the hand), (seventh day),.

Excessive sexual desire, caused by lascivious fancies, wherewith the penis failed in erection, which was only induced by rubbing.

scarcely had coition taken place when the semen was emitted.

this was followed by excessive weakness and great excitability of the nerves.

he was discontented and angry, and the knees seemed to give way from weakness (fourth day),.

She started so much from the slight prick of a needle in the finger, that she became nauseated.

the tongue, lip and hands became very white and cold, with coldness of the forehead and face, with obscuration of sight, uneasiness, flushes of heat, and trembling.

she was obliged to lie down (mesmerizing relieved her at once), (after eighteen days),.


Warm streaming of blood from the pit of the stomach to the head, twice,

During menstruation, rush of blood to the head, and heat in it,

Rush of blood to the head, with heat in the face (two hours after dinner),

Rush of blood to the head, with heat of the face, seven hour after a meal,

Rush of blood to the head, with discharge of blood from the anus, for several days in succession,

Congestion of blood to the head and chest, preceded by painful stiffness in the spine,

Great affection of the head, the day after coition,

Great dulness in the head, every morning, on rising from bed,

Heaviness and heat of the head, almost only in the forehead,

Heaviness in the heat, in the morning, on waking, for several hours (after twenty hours),

Great heaviness of the head, in the morning, on waking, with heat in it; both are much aggravated on moving the head and on raising it (after twenty-seven hours),

Constant fulness,

Shivering in the brain, on severe motion, with dull tearing pain (twelfth day),

Painful shivering in the brain, especially in the left side of the occiput, on slightly shaking the head, and on every step,

Icy coldness in and on the head (after four hours),

The head becomes cold very easily, which causes headache, as if a board lay upon the head, with pressive pain in it, and chilliness of the whole body (after six days),

Heat about the head, in the evening,

Headache the day before menstruation,

Headache, also vertigo, every morning on waking,

In the forenoon, first, headache, which continually increased, with rapid sinking of the strength, so that he could scarcely reach the house, with great heat in the forehead and hands, with much thirst for acid drinks; then, after lying down, ice-cold hands with rapid pulse (after twenty-one days),

Pain in the head, as though the skin were detached, extending downwards upon the neck,

Headache, with nausea (after twelve days),

Feeling of fulness in the head, constantly,

The head hurts as if tense,

During every cough, the head is painfully shattered, as if it would burst out,

Digging and pressure in the head, which extend to the eyes, the nose, the teeth, and the cheeks, with great sensitiveness to noise, and attacks of faintness,

Painful dragging, from within outward, in the whole head, with a feeling as if the brain were pressed together (fifteenth day),

Drawing headache, extending upward from the neck,

Pressive headache, mostly in the forehead, increased in the open air,

Sticking headache, extending outward to the eyes (the first days),

Sticking pains in the brain, with a feeling of emptiness of the head, for three days (after twenty-eight days),

Stitches in the head,

Stitches in the brain,

Transient stitches, here and there, in the head,

Stitches in the head, in the evening, with stitches in the limbs,

Stitches in the whole head, for half an hour, if she rises up from lying flat on the back, and also after stooping,

During the cough, stitches in the head,

Several stitches through the head, with great chilliness,

During the cough, painful shootings in the head, like tearings,

Tearing on the head and in the eyes, with redness of the whole face, every afternoon, from three or four till nine or ten,

Jerks in the head, momentarily,

Single jerks or shocks through the brain,

Throbbing headache in the middle of the brain, every morning, and continuing the whole day,

Stitch-like throbbing in the head, when walking rapidly,

Takes cold very easily,

Rushing of blood in all the veins, in the morning, on waking from a restless sleep; the veins are swollen, with a bruised sensation in the whole body,

Uncomfortable feeling in the evening, such as one feels before an attack of ague,

Very much indisposed, the hands and feet were frequently cold; paleness of the face and frequent palpitation; all of which was relieved by motion,

Attack of general depression, with confusion of the head, vertigo, pain in the small of the back, and chilliness of the whole body, for six hours (after twenty-two days),

Sick feeling in the whole body; she was obliged to spit a great deal, and dreaded the open air (after twenty-two days),

A very sick feeling, the day before menstruation; a trifle caused the greatest fright,

After a walk, sick, hoarse, with oppression of the chest,

The parts on which he has lain during the afternoon nap go to sleep,

Great heaviness of the body,

A feeling of painful tension over the whole body,

During a walk, a drawing sensation in the whole body, extending into the head, which obliged her to sit down (after thirty days),

In various places of the joints and muscles, more or less severe sticking pains (second day),

Severe pulsation of the vessels, especially in the chest, after dinner; pulse rapid (second day),

The pain was very intense, but disappeared quickly,

The chronic troubles were worse and better every other day,

The damp open air does not agree with her; the skin is immediately affected by it,

Burning in the skin, with itching over half the back, on the nates and posterior surface of the thighs (after ten days),

Stitching in the skin, as from needles,

Itching on the skin,

Itching over the whole body (after twenty-three days),

Violent itching over whole body,

Itching of the dry, hot skin, as if it had been sprinkled with salt and ashes,

Severe itching of the sweating parts, especially between the shoulder-blades,

Itching in the concha,

Itching behind the ear, with dizziness in the head, after scratching,

Itching about the mouth, on the nose and on the nates,

Itching externally on the chest (after ten days),

Itching and itching pimples on the back,

Itching on the thighs (after twelve days),

Itching on the right thigh (first day),

Itching on the malleolus of the diseased foot,

Much itching on the lower leg and foot,

Itching about the ankle and below the calves (after thirteen days),

Severe itching in the whole face; she was obliged to scratch it constantly (first seven days),

Severe itching on the back, on the pit of the stomach, the neck, chin, the left eye, the scalp, the mons veneris, and the scrotum, in the evening, in bed,

Severe itching in the lower part of the thighs, at night,

Burning-itching on the left arm, from morning till evening,

Burning-itching on the fingers of the left hand (after thirteen days),

Burning-itching on the nates,

Burning-itching on the left thigh, from morning till evening,

A burning-itching on the right tibia,

Violent burning-itching on the malleoli of the right foot, from morning till evening (after fifteen days),

Fine sticking-itching on the thighs,

Sticking-itching in a small spot on the left thigh (after twenty days),

Tickling-itching on the margin of the right lower jaw, with desire to scratch,