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Calcarea Carbonica - Generalities symptoms - T.F. Allen

Carbonate Of Lime, Calc carb, Calcarea, Calcarea Carbonicum, Calc c, Calcium carbonicum, Calcarea Carbonica Ostrearum, Calcarea Carbonica Hahn. Cal carb, Calcarea carb, calc. carb., cal carb, Calc.

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HPUS indication of Calcarea Carbonica: Overwork
Calcarea Carbonica

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Calc Carb in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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He becomes tired very soon, from bodily exertion,

After walking, he becomes fatigued, even to feverishness, and is attacked with chilliness and thirst,

Very weary and sleepy the whole day (after eleven days),

Weakness with yawning (after four days),

Sleep and dreams


Frequent yawning,

Continued yawning, with sleepiness (after four days),

Long-continued, almost endless yawning, followed by shattering throbbing in the head, abdomen, and chest, with great heat of the face,

During the day, sleepiness and weariness; he fell asleep several times in the forenoon (ninth day),

Sleep and weary through the day, with chilliness and headache,

Sleepiness in the morning,

In the morning, when he should rise, he was still sleepy and weary; could hardly get awake,

Sleepy very early in the evening (after three hours),

Weary sleepiness in all the limbs in the evening, with chilliness; He was unable to escape sleep; he did not, however, sleep soundly, but continually awoke (for sixteen hours); in the morning much sweat and dryness in the throat, without thirst (after four days),

Sleepiness, with nodding, after dinner,

Great inclination to sleep after supper,

Very long sleep at noon,

He seemed to fall suddenly four times into a sweet sleep, with nausea, in the evening, from 7 to 9, with blackness before the eyes, which still continued while lying down, without vomiting,

Overpowering sleep, after eating, followed by chill and tickling cough,

Difficult to arouse himself, in the morning, on waking,


When she went to bed late she could not get to sleep; she felt as though she could not get rested,

Frequently very late falling asleep in the evening,

Cannot get to sleep at night, and when asleep soon wakes again,

Difficult to get asleep on account of many involuntary thoughts,

Was unable to sleep before midnight, on account of mental activity,

Was unable to get to sleep at night before 2 or 3 o'clock,

She was unable to sleep before 12 o'clock, but tossed restlessly about,

He was unable to get to sleep for a long time in the evening, and could not free himself from lascivious or vexatious thoughts; they followed him even in the morning after waking,

Night restless, full of dreams,

Restless sleep, with sweat,

Restless sleep towards morning (after fifteen days),

Restless, half asleep at night, with dry heat and confusion in the head and constant waking, as in fever,

He tossed about the bed the whole night,

At night, soon after falling asleep, he rose out of bed and worked with the hands, with open eyes, without consciousness,

The child rises up in bed after midnight and calls "father;" begins to cry and tries to spring up; the more one talks to him the worse becomes his cries and resistance; he rolls upon the floor and will not be touched,

Frequent waking from sleep,

Anxious waking at night; frequent anxious dreams (after thirty-six hours),

Anxious waking after midnight and difficult breathing (twelfth day),

Uneasy waking, in the evening, in bed, full of frightful fantasies (sixth night),

He could not sleep long in the evening, because he was too hot, although only lightly covered in a cold room (after eleven days),

Sleep only from 1 to 2 or 3 o'clock, then she could sleep no more, and was wide awake,

Unrefreshed, after waking in the morning,

In sleep she laid the arms above the head,

Starting up in the evening, soon after falling asleep, till she was wide awake,

Jerking of the upper part of the body on going to sleep in the evening, with jerking extending into the head, followed by roaring and hissing in the ears,

In sleep he often chews and then swallows,

Snoring the whole night in a stupid-like sleep, from which he could not be wakened, with constant tossing about; profuse sweat in the face before falling asleep,

Screaming at night, with restless sleep,

Crying out and starting from anxious dreams,

Talking during a dreamy sleep (after ten days),

Confused talking in the sleep, with restlessness from dreams and heat,


Sleep at night full of dreams,

Half waking dreams in the evening, soon after falling asleep, with great anxiety,

Vivid dreams all night,

Amorous dreams at night (first day),

A voluptuous dream the night before menstruation,

Confused, anxious dreams,

Several anxious dreams in each night, for seven nights in succession,

Anxious dream that he would be bitten by a dog, which awoke him, after which he fell asleep again, and was again awakened by the same anxious dream, and several times every night,

Anxious and frightful dreams, from which he was unable to free himself on waking,

Frightful dream, as though he would fall or be thrown down,

Frightful dreams the whole night, and at last a sensual dream with an (extremely seldom) emission (after ten days),

At night frightful things present themselves to her, and she is unable to keep them off,

Dreams of dead people and smell of corpses,


Profuse sweat during the day, in the cold air,

Sweat breaks out frequently though the day,

Almost constant sweat,

Sweat during the day, on the slightest exertion,

Sweat in the morning (the next morning),

Sweat in the morning, for three mornings in succession,

Profuse sweat in the morning, for several mornings in succession,

Night-sweat, especially before midnight, with cold limbs,

Much sweat through the day, when walking, and also at night,

A kind of anxious sweat, with some nausea,

Sweat of the whole face, at supper,

Night-sweat, on the back,

Night-sweat, only on the limbs, which feel clammy (after a few days),

Sweat of the palms, on the slightest exertion,

Sweat on the knees,

Sweat of the feet,



Inclination to stretch, in the morning,

Twitching of the muscles,

Trembling in the body,

Trembling of the body (second day),

Trembling in the body on walking, with spasmodic twitches of various muscles in the thigh and arm (second day),

Trembling in the morning,

Continual trembling of the whole body, which became worse when she went into the open air,

Anxious trembling, with weariness,

Epileptic attacks; while standing at his work he fell suddenly to the ground sideways, without consciousness, and on returning to consciousness found himself lying with outstretched arms; this was followed by heat and some sweat (after nine days),

Congestions of blood,

Easily strained; pain in the small of the back; he could not lift anything heavy,

Such great weariness that the person is not able to walk (second day),

Unusual weariness, which was better when walking,

Weakness (first day),

Great general weakness in the evening, lasting half an hour,

Weakness and weariness, after dinner (after nine days),

Very weak from speaking; she was obliged to cease,

A feeling of weakness, after a stool,

Very weak and sick, for several days after coition,

Weakness during the day, so great that she scarcely knew how she could bear the oppressive anxious condition; breathing the fresh open air, only, refreshed and strengthened her (after twelve days),

Great loss of strength,

Great loss of power on walking, especially in the limbs, with exhausting sweat,

Exhaustion and weariness in the limbs, especially in the knees,

Great exhaustion on waking in the morning from a deep sleep, so that the confused and sleep condition continues even after rising from the bed,

She was unable to go upstairs, and became very much exhausted from it (after fourteen days),

She lay for ten days in the greatest exhaustion, so that she could neither move about nor do any work; with most violent attacks of convulsive laughter,

Attack of faintness in the evening, with blackness before the eyes when sitting,

Attacks of faintness, with coldness and indistinct vision (after three days),

Attack of faintness, with great drops of sweat on the face,

Much uneasiness, so that he was obliged to move the hands and feet,

Great uneasiness in the evening, especially in the limbs; he was unable to lie still,

Bodily restlessness does not permit her to lie long in one place,

Restless motion of the whole body, on account of suppressed eructations,

Extremely restless in the evening, after nausea in the afternoon, whereby she was very absent minded,

Restless disposition, with gloominess and anxiety,

Restlessness, and orgasm of blood,

He found it necessary to walk a great deal,

The skin of the whole body is very sensitive to touch, mostly in the feet,

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