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Calcarea Carbonica - Genitals Etc symptoms - Clarke

Carbonate Of Lime, Calc carb, Calcarea, Calcarea Carbonicum, Calc c, Calcium carbonicum, Calcarea Carbonica Ostrearum, Calcarea Carbonica Hahn. Cal carb, Calcarea carb, calc. carb., cal carb, Calc.

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HPUS indication of Calcarea Carbonica: Overwork
Calcarea Carbonica

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Calc Carb in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Tenesmus of the bladder.

Too frequent emission of urine, even in the night.

Wetting the bed.

Deep-coloured urine, without sediment.

Urine red like blood, or a brownish red, of an acrid, pungent, and fetid smell, with white and mealy sediment.

Passing of blood.

Flow of blood from the urethra.

Abundant discharge of mucus with the urine.

Polypus of the bladder.

Burning in the urethra, when making water, and at other times.


Inflammation of the prepuce, with redness and burning pain.

Pressure, and pain as from a bruise, in the testes.

Absence of pollutions, or great frequency of them.

Erections of too short continuance, and emission of semen too slow and too feeble during coition.

Lancinations and burning in the genital parts, during the emission of semen in coition.


Itching or pressing in the vagina.

Shootings in the orifice of the matrix, and pressive pain in the vagina.


Itching in the womb.

Inflammation and swelling of the womb, with redness, purulent discharge, and burning pain.


Weakness of the genital functions, and absence of sexual desire.

Increase of sexual desire, with voluptuous and lascivious ideas.

After coition, confusion of the head and weakness.

Flow of prostatic fluid, after evacuation and emission of urine.


Voluptuous sensation in the genital parts, with emission.


Prolapsus uteri, with pressure on the parts.

Varices in the labia majora.

Leucorrhoea, with burning itching, or else like milk, flowing by fits, and during the emission of urine.

Pain, as of excoriation and ulceration, in the nipples.

Inflammatory swelling of the mammae and of the nipples.

Swelling of the glands of the breast.

Milk too abundant, or suppressed.


Catamenia premature and too copious.

Sterility, with catamenia too early, and too profuse.

Before the catamenia, mammae swollen and painful, fatigue, headache, disposition to be frightened, colic, and shivering.

During the catamenia, congestion in the head, with internal heat, or cuttings in the abdomen, and cramp-like pain in the lumbar region, or else vertigo, headache, toothache, nausea, colic, and other sufferings.

Suppressed menstruation, with full habit.

Flow of blood at a time different from the catamenia.

Leucorrhoea before the catamenia.

Breasts painful and tender before menses.

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