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Calcarea Carbonica - Modalities Etc - T.F. Allen

Carbonate Of Lime, Calc carb, Calcarea, Calcarea Carbonicum, Calc c, Calcium carbonicum, Calcarea Carbonica Ostrearum, Calcarea Carbonica Hahn. Cal carb, Calcarea carb, calc. carb., cal carb, Calc.

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HPUS indication of Calcarea Carbonica: Overwork
Calcarea Carbonica

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Calc Carb in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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(Toward noon), Crackling in occiput.

(Noon), Very long sleep.

(After midnight), Dry cough.

(Toward morning), Anxious dream; dry heat.

(Every other day), Chronic troubles.

(Air), Teeth cannot endure it.

(Open air), Headache; trembling of the body.

(On ascending a height), Shortness of breath.

(On bending backward), Spine pains.

(On getting out of bed), Became chilly.

(On breathing), Stitches in pit of stomach; pain in abdomen; stitches in left chest.

(Deep breathing), Pain in upper abdomen.

(Chewing), Pain in tongue; tension in submaxillary glands.

(When closing eyelids), Burning in eyes.

(During coition), Stitches in anus; tickling in glans penis.

(After coition), Weak, etc.

(Coldness), Teeth cannot endure it.

(Cold air), Toothache.

(After getting head cold), Dimness of eyes.

(Coughing), Stitches in head; shootings in head; raw pain in chest.

(At dinner), Nausea; griping in abdomen.

(After dinner), Pressure in vertex, etc.; immediately, blindness; stitches in epigastric region; abdomen distended; distension of abdomen; palpitation; weakness, etc.; pulsation of the vessels; sleepiness.

(Eating), Throbbing toothache; eructations; rumbling around navel; fulness in abdomen; pain in rectum; cough; palpitation of heart; sleep; cold feet.

(After eating and drinking), Distension of abdomen.

(On exertion), Pressure in lower abdomen; sweat of the palms.

(During great exertion), Tension in abdomen; pain in the joints.

(Inspiration), Stitches through abdomen; stitches in abdomen; stitches in abdominal muscles; cough; cutting in chest; pain in chest; stitches in back.

(On kneeling), Tension below knee.

(When leaning backward), Tension in muscles of upper abdomen, etc.

(After every meal), Burning in throat; eructations; especially after hard, dry food, burning.

(Before menstruation), Voluptuous dream.

(During menstruation), Rush of blood to head, etc.; pain on vertex; eyes becomes agglutinated, etc.; attack of toothache; boring in hollow teeth; burning in throat, etc.; sore throat; nausea, etc.; when the discharge ceased for some hours, colic; pain in abdomen.

(After menstruation), Immediately, toothache.

(Milk), Water rises from stomach; nausea.

(Motion), Pressure in right side of chest; pain in long bones, etc.; pain in arms; pain in wrist; stitches in hip-joint; pain in left thigh.

(Moving head), Does not know where she is; heaviness of the head, etc.

(Noise), Toothache.

(Pressure), Pain in occiput; especially after stool, pain in pit of stomach.

(Raising head), Heaviness of head, etc.

(Raising body), Stitches in left chest.

(Reading), Heaviness in forehead.

(On respiration), Stitches in left chest; jerks in back; pain in spine.

(During rest), Pain between shoulder-blades; pain in shoulder-joint; pain in forearm.

(When riding), Aching in kidneys, etc.

(Riding in wagon), Toothache.

(On rising from sitting), Pain in knee-cap; tearing, etc., in inside of knee.

(Rising up from lying on back), Stitches in head.

(Shaking head), Shivering in the brain.

(Sitting), Enlargement, etc., for abdomen; tension in abdomen; pain in groin; pain in haemorrhoids; short breath; and sewing, pain in left upper arm.

(When going to sleep), Illusions of fancy.

(During the midday sleep), Moisture from the anus; while sitting, palpitation.

(After midday sleep), Confusion of head; sensation in knees.

(Sneezing), Pain in occiput; shooting in ears.

(Speaking), Stitches in throat; pain in chest.

(Spitting), Pain in tongue.

(Standing), Vertigo; weariness in ankles.

(Stepping), Shivering in the brain; pressure in hepatic region; stitches in hip-joint; lower leg painful.

(Before stool), Nausea.

(During stool), Twitching in abdominal muscles; burning in anus.

(After stool), Oppression of breathing; itching in anus; oppression of chest; feeling of weakness.

(Stooping), Did not know where she was; during menstruation, vertigo; stitches in head; pain in region of vertex; stitches in hepatic region; neck feels stiff; stitches in hip-joint.

(On stretching), Spine painful.

(On stretching out leg), Cramp in calves.

(At supper), Sweat of face.

(After supper), Pressure in stomach; colic; inclination to sleep.

(Swallowing), Pain in tongue; pain beneath tongue; pressure in pharynx.

(Touch), Pain in submaxillary glands; pain in mammary glands; pain in nates.

Lower leg painful.

(After turning in a circle), Dizziness.

(On suddenly turning head), Vertigo.

(On twisting and turning head), Pain in neck.

(On urinating), Pain in urethra.

(After urinating), Itching in glands.

(From vexation), Vertigo.

(On beginning to walk), Stitches in hip-joint.

(When walking fast), Throbbing in head.

(Walking in open air), Sadness, etc.; vertigo; pain in forehead; headache in vertex; itching on scalp; visible distension of abdomen.

(When walking in the wind), Loss of breath.

(When walking in room), Pain in hip-joints.

(After walking), Vertigo; pain in chest; pain in muscles of thigh; sick, etc.

(After warm bath), Weariness in knees, etc.

(Writing), Heaviness in forehead; lachrymation.


(Fresh air), Weakness.

(Bending toward left side), Cramp in intercostal muscles.

(Bending knee), Cramp in calves.

(Cold air), Nettle-rash.

(On walking in cold air), Pressing out in forehead disappears.

(Bathing in cold water), Attacks of colic.

(Pressure of cold hand), Pressing out in forehead.

(Eating), Stitches in back teeth.

(After expectoration), Sensation of fulness of chest disappears.

(Lying), Headache in forehead.

(Motion), Indisposition.

(Rest with closed eyes), Stitches in left ear, etc.

(Rubbing), Stitches in left chest.

(Sitting), Pressure in muscles of forearm; pain in nates.

(Standing), Pressure in muscles of forearm.

(Touch), Pressure in muscles of forearm.

(Walking), Weariness.