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Cantharis - Modalities Etc

Spanish Fly, Cantharidin, Canth.

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HPUS indication of Cantharis: Minor burns

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Cantharis in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Forenoon), After coffee, nausea; from 11 till 1 o'clock, chilly, etc.

(Toward evening), Nausea; pressure toward sternum; palpitation; after stool, violent chill, etc.

(Night), Delirium; on waking slimy mouth; thirst; stitches in orifice of urethra; burning in urethra; erections; chill; restless prostration; restless; from 3 P.M. to 3 A.M., shaking chill; heart of body; sweat; sweat on chest.

(Before midnight), Sweat.

(Midnight), Cannot lie on left side.

(Toward morning), Perspiration.

(In air), Worse.

(In open air), Lachrymation.

(On ascending steps), Knees totter.

(In bed), Burning of soles of feet.

(Coffee), The symptoms; abdominal pain; sense of fulness in chest, etc.

(During and after coition), Burning in ducts of vesiculae seminales.

(During the coldness), Thirst.

(During dinner), Thirst.

(After dinner), Eructations, etc.; stitches in costal region; drawing, etc., in upper arm; tearing in bend of elbow; tension in calf; tearing in calf; yawning; sleepy.

(After drinking), Cardialgia, etc.

(When eating), Nausea, etc.

(After eating), Pain in palate.

(Inspiration), Sensation in epigastric region; stitching in chest; stitching in left side; stitching below right chest.

(Liquids, sight or contact of), Convulsive attacks.

(After meals), Scraping in throat; sleepy.

(Motion), Head heavy, etc.; headache; throbbing in side of spine; pain across small of back.

(Moving head), Tearing in nape of neck, etc.

(Pressure), Pain at the epigastrium, etc.; pain in abdomen; pain in lumbar region, etc.

(Deep respiration), Pressure towards sternum.

(Sitting), Rumbling in abdomen; weariness in small of back, etc.; pain in small of back.

(After sitting down), Tearing on surface of knee, etc.

(Speaking), Pressure toward sternum.

(Standing), Nausea; urging to urinate.

(After stool), Burning, etc., in anus.

(On stooping), Sensation in epigastric region; tensive pain in neck.

(Talking), Sensation in nose.

(Touch), Sensation in nose.

(While urinating), Pains in urethra; pain in spermatic cord.

(After urinating), Crawling, etc., in urethra; burning along urethra.

(Walking), Tearing in lower jaw; nausea; pain in groin; urging to urinate; headache; after rising from sitting, stitch in small of back; cutting in knees; tearing in calves; legs feel bruised; sweat.

(Writing), Cutting in the eye; dimness of vision.

(While yawning), Stitch in ribs.


Morning and afternoon, talking, motion, standing and sitting,

WORSE, from touch, or approach, urinating, drinking cold water or Coffea Cruda Coffee.


Drinking; cold

Bright objects

Sound of water

Touch; larynx


(Morning), In bed, the pains.

(Evening), On the appearance of the urinary difficulties, the other difficulties cease.

(Night), In the beginning, pains except those of the abdomen, cease.

(Alcoholic liquors), Prostration of strength.

(After breakfast), Headache disappears.

(Camphora Camphor), Pains in abdomen disappear; urging to stool; coldness; urinary symptoms.

(Lying), The symptoms; squeezing etc., in chest.

(On lying down), Morning chill disappears.

(Pressure on glans penis), Pains from ureters downward.

(On rising), Pressure in side of chest disappears.

(Rubbing), Stitch in temple; stitching in ear; tearing in arm; tearing in hand; pain in legs; tearing in knee; burning in swelling on foot; tearing in toes.

(Sitting), Pain in groin.

(On sitting up in bed), Headache disappeared.

(Standing), Stitch in frontal eminence.

(On walking), Headache disappears; pain in calves disappears.

(Warm applications), Relieve; pains in knees, etc.

(Wine), Refreshes.


Walking, lying quietly.

BETTER, rubbing.



Desires and aversions

Aversions to all kinds of nourishment, particularly in the evening.

Immediately on cessation of pains, patient feels hungry.

Great thirst with burning pain in throat and stomach.

Thirst, with aversion to all fluids.

Disgust for everything.


Great thirst, and throat very dry (second day),


Poor appetite (third day),

Position etc

Motion 1, 21, 40. Walking 2, 3, 21. Standing 3, 21. Stooping 8, 31. Sitting 21. Lying 1, 3.

Some symptoms appear every seventh day.

General aggravation after midnight and during the day.

Morning 1, 3, 31. Afternoon 1, 3. Evening 21, 40. Night 7, 21, 22, 40.