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Capsicum Annuum - Modalities Etc

Cayenne Pepper, Capiscum, Capsic, Capsic., Capsicum, Caps.

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HPUS indication of Capsicum Annuum: Fever
Capsicum Annuum

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Capsicum Annuum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Forenoon), Pain in urethra; pain in testicle.

(Noon), After eating, hot cheeks, etc.

(Afternoon), About 5 o'clock, paroxysms of cough; chill.

(Towards evening), From 5 to 9 o'clock, cough.

(Evening), After lying down, crawling, etc., in larynx, etc.; after lying down, coldness; chill; febrile chill; shivering, etc.; about 6 o'clock, general heat, etc.

(Night), Eruption on skin.

(After midnight), Wakes several times; becomes wide awake.

(When walking in open air), Sensation in thighs.

(Bending trunk backward), Pain in hip-joint.

(Sitting bent), Pain in pit of stomach.

(After breakfast), Burning in stomach.

(When breathing), Stitch in side of chest.

(Deep breathing), Pain in chest.

(After coffee), Nausea, etc.; cough.

(Draught of cold air), Is intolerable.

(On coughing), Headache; pain in throat; nausea; pressure towards the bladder; pain in side of chest, etc.; pain shooting into limbs; pain from hip to feet; pain in thigh; trembling of body.

(After drinking), *Shivering; *urging to stool; diarrhoeic feeling.

(After eating), Fulness, etc., in chest; burning above pit of stomach; immediately, pain in abdomen; in two hours, distension of abdomen; immediately, stool.

(On inspiration), Pain in ribs, etc.

(Lying down), Stiffness of joints.

(During menstruation), Pressure in pit of stomach.

(Motion), Headache; tension in abdomen, etc.; especially stepping and walking, pain in abdomen, etc.; pain in chest; stiffness of neck; pain in small of back; pain in limbs, etc.

(Beginning to move), Stiffness, etc., in all joints.

(Raising eyes), Headache.

(Raising head), Headache.

(Rest), Headache; lassitude in limbs; pain in thigh returns.

(After rising), Lameness in knees, etc.; stiffness of feet.

(When sitting), Desire to urinate; pain in chest; lassitude in limbs.

(On sneezing), Pain shooting into limbs.

(After every stool), *Thirst.

(Stooping head), Headache.

(When standing), Pain in small of back.

(On stooping), Pain in back.

(Stretching out part), Pain in right thigh.

(Touch), Pain in hip joint.

(On turning body), Pain in chest.

(After urination), Immediately, sticking in urethra; pain in urethra.

(On walking), Headache; erections; stitch in side of chest; tension in calves.

(Washing in cold water), Burning in hands returns worse.


Evening moving head or eyes, cold, walking, stooping.

BETTER, while eating, from heat. WORSE, open air, uncovering, drafts.







Empty swallowing

Drinking worse throat, or excites urination




(Very deep inspiration), All troubles.

(Motion), Headache; stiff neck; pain in thigh.

(Continued motion), Crushed feeling in joints.

(Washing in sweet oil), Burning, etc., in hands.

(Sleep), Aversion to everything.

(On stamping foot), Stitches in great toe.

(Walking), Pain in thigh.


Continuous gentle motion in open air, warmth, lying with head high.

Continued motion

Desires and aversions

Appetite increased, alternating with aversion to food.

Thirsty, as the chill comes on.

Intense thirst, abdominal uneasiness, but no tenderness on pressure.

Desire for coffee, but it nauseates.


Want of hunger, loss of appetite,


Desire for coffee (after eight hours),

Loss of thirst,


Eructations from the stomach only when walking, and with every eructation stitch in the side; when sitting, no eructations, and so no stitches,

After eating, fulness and anxiety in the chest followed by sour eructations or heartburn; at last, thin stool,

Position etc

Rest 3. Motion 26, 40, 44. Moving head 3, 4. Walking 3, 4, 26, 30, 36; in open air 40. Ascending 26. Lying 27. Desire to lie down 36. Must bend double 31.

Remission during day and before midnight.

Morning 7, 27. Evening 8, 27, 29. Night 13, 22, 27.

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