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Carbolic Acid - General symptoms

Phenol - Carbolic Acid, Carb-ac, Carbol. Acid, Carbol-ac, Carbolicum Acidum, Acidum carbolicum, Acid carb, Carb-ac.

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HPUS indication of Carbolic Acid: Bad breath

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Carbolic Acid in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Dull constricting headache at 7.30 A.M., about half an hour after rising, continuing and increasing until noon, when I gave up to it. It did not locate anywhere particular, but was as bad in the forehead as anywhere else. Pressure relieved for about one minute, but if continued longer increased the pain. However, if the pressure was removed, if only for an instant, and then reapplied, it would bring relief for a moment. My head seemed to swell and feel hot, even as though it radiated heat as a hot stove. These sensations seemed confined to the cranium, not coming below the base of the skull proper.

continued until I went to sleep at night (second day),.

Sensation at left wing of nose as of fine electric sparks.

wants to rub the part repeatedly (after fifteen minutes).

during first hour same sensation on sternal end of right clavicle.

later on middle finger of left hand.

later on vertex. This sensation, during the time it was felt, changed slowly to a pricking-itching, with desire to rub the part, and relief from it,.

Urine dark smoky color, alkaline.

it deposited a sediment of granular urate of ammonia.

it also showed a mixture of different colored pigments, which apparently came from the coloring-matter of the dissolved blood-corpuscles.

this pigment appeared always after an application of Carbolic acid, and disappeared after the removal of it,.

Painless, languid and PROSTRATE


Burning secretions; expectoration, etc


Sepsis Low fever

Prickling-burning or sudden pain

Tender scalp

As of a burning ball in forehead

Acute smell


Dusky face

Fetor oris

Glazed throat



Stomach sore


Shreddy stools

Passes mucus from anus when urinating

Urine, scant, green or dark

Leucorrhoea; thick, causing itching

Aching between scapulae

Sopor Thready pulse


Bloody exudations

Vesicles or pustules


Profuse, cold sweats

Carbolic Acid. Phenol. Monoxy Benzine. Phenic Acid. Phenyl Alcohol. C6H5 OH. Solution in rectified spirit.

Carbolic acid, like the Carbons, is a powerful antiseptic, and its use as such in surgery has led incidentally to the poisoning of both patients and surgeons. These experiences have provided a number of the symptoms indicating its medicinal use. The pains of carbolic acid come suddenly. They are burning and pricking, sticking. The urine is very dark, black or blackish olive-green.

grass or olive-green. There is numbness and twitching. Putrid discharges are a marked indication. The skin is inflamed, and other symptoms appear, with burning, tingling, itching, and numbness. Gangrene has been caused by the application of 2 to 5 per cent. solutions. There is profound prostration and fatigue.

convulsions. collapse.

cold, clammy sweat. Constant yawning. R. K. Ghosh finds it admirable in cases of cholera where Veratrum Album Verat. alb. seems indicated and fails. There is intolerance of warm room.

but also sensitiveness to cold air which agg. many symptoms. Many poisoning cases show pneumonia, single or double, affecting the bases principally. Dr. Proctor has recorded a brilliant cure of a double basal pneumonia with drop doses of the B. P. solution, after failure of more commonly used remedies. Nervous dyspepsia of intensely painful character has frequently been cured by it.

trembled all over. wanted her hands held.

"pricking like needles," all over body.

unable to raise right arm. Cold hands and feet. Wanted a drink of water every few minutes.

nausea but no vomiting.

pain in lumbar region. Symptoms lasted four hours. It has been used with success in the vomiting of drunkards.

Vesicular eruption all over the body, which itches excessively; better after rubbing, but leaving a burning pai; ig The symptoms of Carbolic Acid appear in the morning ; forenoon ; afternoon ; evening ; night ; after midnight.