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Carbolic Acid - Genitals Etc symptoms - T.F. Allen

Phenol - Carbolic Acid, Carb-ac, Carbol. Acid, Carbol-ac, Carbolicum Acidum, Acidum carbolicum, Acid carb, Carb-ac.

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HPUS indication of Carbolic Acid: Bad breath

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Carbolic Acid in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Greenish tinge in the urine, and disappearance of all deposits of lithates,

Urine very dark-colored,

A dark greenish-brown color to the urine is a characteristic sign of the incipient poisoning,

The urine passed the day after the accident was almost black, but was free from turbidity, and no trace of Carbolic acid, blood, or albumen could be detected in it,

By Nitric Acid nitric acid there is deposited a large quantity of brown pigment in the urine,

Evacuation of offensive very dark-colored urine, depositing urate of ammonia, sometimes phosphates, but no albumen,

Urine smells strongly of carbolic acid,

Urine more acid than normal,

Urine alkaline, dark-brown,


Frequent micturition,

The urine was voided about once in two hours, and was large in quantity, quality normal (second day),

Passed urine oftener than usual during the night, but observed no change in color (second day),

Slept well, but had to rise about 5 o'clock to urinate, a very unusual thing, also passed a larger quantity than usual,

Unusually free flow of urine, normal in color, in odor, and quality (third day),

Copious flow of limpid colorless urine, which lasted several hours. The amount of the urine was enormous, though no measurement was resorted to. Carbolic Acid's odor was slight, but peculiar, not that of Carbolic acid nor that of normal urine (after fifteen minutes),

During the night, passed a large quantity of pale urine, nearly three quarts (fifth day),

During day the urine was increased in quantity, and had a very strong smell (second day),

Urine less in amount (fourth day),

Urine diminished in quantity and heightened in color,

Straining at passing urine, followed for two hours by uncomfortable feeling,

Fruitless efforts to urinate,

Ineffectual attempts to pass urine,


Prickling pains through the glans penis and in urethra,


Pain in region of left ovary, when walking in the open air, soon subsiding,

Menses more profuse than usual,

Menses much more profuse and darker-colored than usual, followed by headache and great nervous irritability for twelve hours (sixth day),

Menses came on two days later than usual, and were more profuse,



During all this time I noticed my sexual organs to be in an unusually relaxed, weakened state during the day, but regularly every night I would have lascivious dreams, with seminal emissions, which weakened me greatly and filled me with horror,

After going to sleep, was awakened by unusually strong sexual excitement, which continued some time (first night),

Sexual appetite very much decreased (second day),

Loss of sexual desire for thirteen days,

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