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Carbolic Acid - Head symptoms - T.F. Allen

Phenol - Carbolic Acid, Carb-ac, Carbol. Acid, Carbol-ac, Carbolicum Acidum, Acidum carbolicum, Acid carb, Carb-ac.

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HPUS indication of Carbolic Acid: Bad breath

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Carbolic Acid in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Transient confusion of the head,

Confusion and heaviness of the head,

Confused feeling in head (third day),

Muddled and confused, and could collect thoughts only with an effort,


A giddiness and fulness, or peculiar feeling in the head (after two to eight minutes),

My giddiness was better when walking fast in the open air, but as soon as I would sit down, would become so bad that I would have to hold on to something to prevent falling,

Head swimming, and he felt as if staggering like a drunken man (soon after 20 drops),

Staggering as if drunk,

General Head.

Rush of blood to head (second day),

Felt like rubbing head and eyes constantly (soon after 20 drops),

Dulness in head (third day),

Dull feeling in head (after a few moments),

Head felt heavy (after half an hour),

Head very heavy,

Heaviness of head, when leaning forward (after two hours and one-third),

Head hot (after thirty-five minutes),

Fulness of the brain,

My head felt as if enclosed in a band, which at times would seem to be compressed and crushing in my head. This pressing feeling was especially noticeable in both temples,

Dull, hot, constricted feeling in the head, especially in the forehead, on waking at 6.30 A.M., severe enough to become an ache at times (relieved by pressing the head with the hands), lasted all day and until late in the night (second day),

Head feels sore when moving it (after one hour and a quarter),

Beating pain in right side of head (after thirty-five minutes),


Confusion and pain in head, pain located over right eye,

Brain felt confused and painful (soon after 20 drops),

Head feels muddled, although no severe pain,

Feeling as though I had suffered from headache, for three days before (third day),

Heavy pain in head, running from forehead to occiput (after half an hour),


Complained of headache,

Headache, worse on left side,

Headache, worse when bending head forward (after one hour and five-sixths),

Headache disappeared soon after breakfast (second day),

Drinking a cup of green tea relieved somewhat the headache, but not the sense of smell,

Slight headache,

Severe headache, with nausea (after half an hour),

In morning, awoke with a hard headache confined to the upper half of the head (second day),

Had a hard headache most of night, and has it this morning; feels as if a band was around the forehead (second day),

Pain and fulness in head, which seemed to locate itself especially over right eye,

Fulness of head all over the brain, with dull pain,

Expansive pains in head, with swimming before eyes; hardly able to write,

Dull headache (second day),

Dull headache, running from forehead to occiput (after five minutes),

Headache, as if somebody was jagging a sword in and out all around the head; she could hardly keep the eyes open; aggravation from the least noise, and from light; desires to have head tightly bandaged (after one hour),

Sore feeling, as though I had suffered from headache (third day),

The head-pains are the most severe, and are worse on right side (after thirty-five minutes),

While smoking after tea, the head-pains are very much better (after two hours and a half),

Burning pain in top of head,

Constant aching pain in right side of head (after twenty minutes),

Neuralgic pain in left side of head (after one hour and a quarter),

Pains in head of a sharp, darting, neuralgic character, changing their situation from one side to the other, affecting the eye of the painful side so much that it was difficult to keep it open (soon after 10 drops),

Frontal headache, worse in a hot room,

Headache in forehead and temples,

Frontal headache and oppression of chest, beginning on left side and going over to right (after fifteen minutes),

Headache in the forehead of a neuralgic character (second day),

Burning headache in forehead (after twenty minutes),

Severe burning pain in brain over the eyebrows,

Full feeling in frontal lobe of cerebrum, which increased to a severe headache,

Aching pain in forehead (transient),

Dull aching pain in left temple and back of head, when leaning forward (after one hour and a quarter),

Dull pains through the forehead (after thirty-five minutes),

Dull frontal headache in centre of forehead,

Dull frontal headache, as if an india-rubber band was stretched tightly over the forehead,

Woke in morning with a dull frontal headache and burning in throat (second day),

Does not know whether he has taken cold or not; the same dull frontal headache, with general lassitude (fifth day),

Dull frontal headache, with chilliness (very soon),

Dull frontal headache, somewhat relieved in the fresh air (after three hours),

Pain extends to temple (from over right eye), with sense of soreness of the eyeball,

Burning pains in right temple and top of head (after thirty-five minutes),

Bandlike constrictions from one temple to the other, followed by a dull, heavy headache, greatly aggravated by a walk in the open air (after half an hour),

Dull, heavy pain in left temple during the day (fourth day),

Dull, heavy pain through the temples, with tight band across forehead, and tightness in the nose between the eyes,

Dull, pressing, occipital headache,

Dull aching pain in back of head and right side and temple. The pains in head are constant, and similar to those felt when making the first proving (after one hour and a half),


Itching of scalp (after one hour and a quarter),

Itching of scalp (after fifteen minutes),

Itching of scalp, first on right side, then on left,

Outer head

Small pustulous vesicle a little to left of vertex (third day),


I felt, on top of my head, as if my brain was swashing about,



Forehead feels hot, and the pressure of a cold hand on it gives some transient relief,

A pressing fulness in the forehead,

Feeling of tightness across forehead directly above frontal sinuses,

Slight aching in forehead, left side (after one hour),


Feeling of tightness, as if an india-rubber band was stretched from temple to temple,

Slight aching in left temple (soon after),

When I read for any length of time the pressing in my temples became fearful, and my whole head would feel somewhat in the condition known as "asleep" in a limb,


Occipital pressure,

Back of head feels sore (after one hour and five-sixths),

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