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Carbo Animalis - Abdomen symptoms - Hahnemann

Animal Charcoal, Carbo an, Carb-an.

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HPUS indication of Carbo Animalis: Hoarseness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Carbo Animalis in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



During eating, sudden weariness of the chest and the organs of mastication.

During eating, perspiration.

He gets tired from eating.

After eating, anxiety on the chest.

After little eating, with good appetite, soon fullness of the stomach.

After eating, pressure in the stomach.

Immediately after eating, boring in the right side of the abdomen.

After eating, asthma.

Soon after eating, anguish and restlessness in the back, without pain.

Frequent, empty eructation, changing to belching up.

Rising heartburn from the stomach.

Scratching heartburn.

Qualmishness (in the abdomen) toward evening, with rising heat (aft. 10 d.).

Sick and nauseous at the stomach, in the morning on arising, with heat, anxiety and rising of sourish water in the mouth, with general lassitude.

Pressure in the stomach, also before breakfast.

Severe pressure in the stomach, in the evening, after lying down in bed; she had, in order to relieve herself, to press with her hand on the region of the stomach (aft. 16 h.).

Pressure in the stomach, with heaviness and fullness, with tendency to waterbrash.

Sudden transient pressive pain in the scrobiculus cordis, when taking a deep breath.

Contracting cramp in the stomach.

Sensation as from a bruise in the scrobiculus cordis, as after a violent cough (aft. 6 d.).

Frequent stitches in the stomach.

Sharp stitches on the right side, near the scrobiculus cordis, also during inspiration, and better while walking.

Tearing stitch from the scrobiculus cordis into the chest, on raising the head after stooping.

Boring pain in the stomach, almost as if from fasting, extending into the abdomen.

Clucking, as from bubbles, in the stomach.

Audible rumbling in the stomach, in the morning on awaking.

In the liver, pressure, even while lying down.

Severe pressive pin in the liver, almost like cutting; this region is also painful externally to the touch, as if sore.

Under the left ribs; pressive stitches.

Pressive pain in the left side of the abdomen.

Pain in the region of the kidneys, when walking.

Repeated lancinating pecking in the renal region.

Feeling of heaviness in the abdomen, as from a lump, also fasting, for several days.

Severe inflation of the abdomen.

The belly is always much inflated.

Inflations here and there in the belly, like hernia.

Painful tension in the abdomen, with pain to the touch under the ribs, as if there was an ulcer and as if the places festered underneath.

Pain in the abdomen, as if festered inside.

Sensation as if constricted in the abdomen, while fasting, with sensation of great emptiness, but without hunger and appetite.

Pinching constriction, deep in the hypogastrium.

Griping and restlessness in the abdomen.

Griping in the umbilical region.

Pinching in the belly, about the navel, with a sensation as if a stool was coming.

Pinching in the right side of the epigastrium, with stitches, while sitting.

A lancinating pinching in the epigastrium, every morning, chiefly in bed.

Partly cutting, partly stitching in the abdomen, very painful all day, and returning frequently during the day.

Colic in the forenoon.

Brief cutting, deep in the hypogastrium.

Digging and writhing in the epigastrium.

Heat about the abdomen.

Burning in the abdomen, while walking.

Colic, as if diarrhoea was coming.

In the right hypogastrium, painful sensation, as if something was trying to squeeze through.

In the groins, straining; at times like the burning in dysury.

Cutting in the right flank, when sitting; better when walking and when respiring deeply.

Stitches in the groins, also at night, disturbing the sleep and awaking her.

The hernia protrudes and is painful in walking and moving, and when touched.

Audible rumbling in the belly.

Audible rumbling and grumbling in the large intestines, passing up under the stomach and thence down again.

Grumbling in the rectum.

Fermentation in the intestines.

Clucking and fermentation in the belly.


At the beginning of a meal, an internal chill.

At dinner, much heat and sweat in the face.

After a moderate dinner, violent distension of the abdomen.

After breakfast, palpitation, and also after other meals.

All the ailments of the forenoon go off through eating dinner (2d d.).

Empty eructation after every meal.

Eructation, with the taste of the food eaten long before.

Hiccuping eructation at dinner.


Frequent eructation.

Much eructation from the stomach.

Putrid, fishy eructation.

Almost continual putrid eructation.


Lancinating pinching above the navel and in the scrobiculus cordis, every morning in bed, as if flatus had accumulated; passage of flatus, evacuations and micturitions relieve it, but it also goes off of itself, and even in walking, it is but little perceptible.

Violent cutting in the belly, with frequent urging to stool and even tenesmus, while only flatus passes; from morn till noon.

Sensation in the left flank, while sitting down, as if a large, heavy body was lying there; after pressing upon it, it is relieved by passage of flatus.

Movement of flatus, with sensation as if something were moving in the abdomen, as if contused and torn.

Much torment from flatus.

Movement in the inflated belly, with passage of fetid flatus.

Audible grumbling, as from accumulated flatus, which finds no egress.

Rumbling and grumbling in the right hypogastrium, after drinking warm milk, now above, now below, with fruitless efforts at emitting flatus.

Frequent emission of fetid flatus, while out walking after supper.

Frequent emission of fetid flatus, in the forenoon.


After eating meat, long qualmishness, with nausea and much empty eructation.

Nausea, after much walking, when he gets to sit down.

Tendency to waterbrash, with nausea in the stomach, at night.

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