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Carbo Animalis - Abdomen symptoms - T.F. Allen

Animal Charcoal, Carbo an, Carb-an.

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HPUS indication of Carbo Animalis: Hoarseness

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Carbo Animalis in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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After a large dinner, appetite returns in two hours, and again hunger towards evening, followed by thirst,

Hunger indeed, but he does not relish his food,

No appetite, aversion the food,

Eructations like hiccough, during dinner,

Eructations tasting of food eaten a long time previous,

Great distension of the abdomen after a moderate dinner,


A stitching-like pinching above the navel and in the pit of the stomach, every morning in bed, as from accumulation of flatulence; the passage of flatus, of stool, and of urine relieved it, though it also disappeared of itself and was less noticed when walking,

Motions in the distended abdomen, with passage of offensive flatus,

Moving of flatus, with a sensation as if something was moving about in the abdomen, as if it were torn and bruised,

Audible rumbling, as from incarcerated flatus, which could find no outlet,

Frequent passage of offensive flatus, in the forenoon,

Passage of much offensive flatus when walking after supper,

Much trouble from flatulence,

Rumbling and grumbling in the right side of the lower abdomen, after drinking warm milk, now in the upper, know in the lower part, with ineffectual effort to pass flatus,

A feeling in the left groin, on sitting down, as if a large heavy body were lying there, relieved after pressure by passage of flatus,

Stitching pain in the groin, as from flatus, with a hard stool,


Inclination to waterbrash, with nausea in the stomach, at night,


Long-continued nausea, after eating meat, with qualmishness and many empty eructations,

Nausea, and qualmishness in the stomach, in the morning, after rising, with heat, anxiety, and eructations of water in the mouth, with general weariness,

Nausea, when he sits down, after walking much,

With the dizzy feeling in the head, he was attacked by nausea, and a watery mist seemed to come suddenly before his eyes, twice repeated,

Nausea and aversion to tobacco-smoking,


Pressure in the liver, even when lying,

Severe pressive pain in the liver, almost like cutting; the region is sore externally to touch,

Umbilicus and Flanks.

Griping in the umbilical region,

Cutting in the right flank, when sitting, better when walking and on deep breathing,

General Abdomen.

Great distension in the abdomen,

The abdomen is always very much distended,

Abdomen much distended during menstruation,

Protrusion of the abdomen, here and there, like a hernia,

Fermenting in the intestines,

Fermenting and gurgling in the abdomen,

Motions in the abdomen, with ineffectual urging to stool,

Audible rumbling in the abdomen,

Audible rumbling and grumbling in the colon, which rises up under the stomach and then passes down again,

Great weakness and pain in the intestines, as if they would be screwed together, after a stool (the second one in the same day),

Qualmishness (in the abdomen) towards evening, with flushes of heat (tenth day),

A heaviness which lies like a lump in the abdomen, even when fasting (for several days),

Pain in the abdomen, as if diarrhoea would come on,

Heat in the abdomen,

Burning in the abdomen, when walking,

Painful tension in the abdomen, with pain beneath the ribs on touch, as if there was a sore in it and the place was suppurating,

Pinching in the right side of the upper abdomen, with stitches, when sitting,

Sticking-pinching in the upper part of the abdomen every morning, mostly early, in bed,

Severe griping in the abdomen, after a stool,

Griping and uneasiness in the abdomen,

Griping in the abdomen, about the navel, with a feeling as if a stool would follow,

Feeling of constriction in the abdomen, when fasting, with a great sensation of emptiness, though without hunger and without appetite,

Boring in the right side of the abdomen, immediately after eating,

Digging and twisting in the upper part of the abdomen,

Pressive pain in the left side of the abdomen,

Cutting in the abdomen, in the forenoon,

Partly cutting, partly sticking, in the abdomen; very sensitive, every day, and frequently returning through the day,

Severe cutting in the abdomen, with frequent urging to stool, and even tenesmus, without passing anything more than wind; from morning till noon,

Tearing from the pudenda up into the abdomen, with the stool (twenty-second day),

Pain as if ulcerating in the abdomen,

Hypogastrium and Iliac Regions.

Constriction deep in the lower abdomen,

Painful sensation in the right side of the lower abdomen, as if something would be squeezed through at that place,

Short cutting in the lower abdomen,

Tearing, transversely across the pubes, and ten through the pudendea, as far as the anus (after fourteen days),

Pain in the lower portion of the abdomen, as if sore from coughing,

Dragging in the groins at times, like a burning in strangury,

Violent pressing in the groin, in the small of the back and in the legs, with ineffectual attempts at eructations, during menstruation, chilliness, and yawning,

Sticking in the groin, also at night, disturbing sleep and waking her,

Bruised pain and pressure in the crest of the left ilium, worse in the evening, so that she was obliged to bend double; on external pressure the part pained as if ulcerated,


Gurgling in the stomach,

Audible gurgling in the stomach, in the morning, on waking,

Fulness in the stomach, soon after eating a little with good appetite,

Constrictive cramp in the stomach,

Boring pain in the stomach, as after fasting, which extends to the abdomen,

Pressure in the stomach, even when fasting,

Pressure in the stomach, after eating,

Severe pressure in the stomach, in the evening, after lying down in bed; she was obliged to press upon the epigastric region in order to relieve it (after sixteen hours),

Short sudden pressive pain in the pit of the stomach, on deep inspiration,

Pressure in the stomach, chest, and sometimes in the abdomen,

Pressure in the stomach, with heaviness and fulness, with inclination to waterbrash,

Frequent stitches in the stomach,

Sharp stitches in the right side, near the pit of the stomach, even on inspiration, better when walking,

A bruised feeling in the pit of the stomach, as after a violent cough (after six days),

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