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Carbo Animalis - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - Hahnemann

Animal Charcoal, Carbo an, Carb-an.

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HPUS indication of Carbo Animalis: Hoarseness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Carbo Animalis in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Extremities, limbs

In the arms and hands, a drawing pain.

Digging down into the arm, as if it was working in the bones; less perceptible when she lay on this arm.

In the right upper arm, violent tearing on lifting the arm.

Tearing in the middle of the right arm, after midnight, on lying on this side; she could not go to sleep for pain.

Painful tearing in the right humerus, toward the elbow.

In the olecranon of the ulna drawing stitches; the skin there pains as if sore, even at the lightest touch; but when grasped strongly it does not pain at all.

Lancinating pain below the bend of the left elbow, and out through the palm.

Burning and straining on the bend of the right elbow, in the evening.

In the left forearm, burning and stitches, often repeated, and at times passing even into the shoulder-joint; by rubbing it is only relieved for a short time.

Itching on the inner side of the right forearm, where after three days there appears an itching eruption, which occupies a large surface.

Hard, elevated, itching spot, transversely around the forearm, near the wrist.

The wrist-joint pains, as if sprained.

Straining pain in the wrist-joint, on moving it.

Tearing in the hands.

Pricking as with needles in the left palm, as also in the right ball of the hand.

Drawing shooting pain on the outer edge of the hand, where the skin pains as if sore, when touched lightly, but does not hurt when strongly grasped.

Often a very painful boring in the knuckles of the hand.

The hands go to sleep, every day.

The hand goes to sleep, when at rest.

Numbness of the left hand in the morning in bed, going off after rising.

Burning heat in the left hand when the came in the evening from his room into the open air and sat down.

Troublesome heat in the palms, in the morning.

Itching on the back of the hands and the fingers, for many days.

White, itching nodules on the dorsa of the hands, which burn and are red after scratching.

The middle finger-joints pain on moving them.

Straining in the posterior joint of the middle finger, on moving it.

Tearing on the back (and in the bones) of the fingers, passing off by rubbing.

Stitches in the tips of the fingers.

An exceedingly violent stitch in the tip of the index, like a wasp-sting.

Stinging in the fingers.

The fingers go to sleep; later on, the whole hand.

Itching of a wart on the finger.

Chilblain on the little finger.

In the right hip, cramp, when walking.

Stitches in the left hip, when sitting.

The lower limbs cannot be stretched, owing to straining and contraction in the groins.

Disagreeable tension of the skin of the lower limbs, with sensation of burning or of icy cold.

Cold legs during the day.

Pinching pains, here and there, on the lower limbs.

In the thighs, jerking pain.

Drawing and tearing in the muscles of the thigh.

Tearing in the thighs, under the hips, from morning till evening, but worse in the forenoon and when sitting.

Painful tearing, while standing, as if in the narrow of the left thigh; going off when sitting (during the menses).

A violent tearing stitch in the middle of the right thigh, on the inner side, while standing; in the evening.

Fine, burning, transient stitches, here and there, in the thigh and sacrum, the whole day.

Boring and drawing, in the upper part of the right femur, after an uneasy night.

In the right hough a sensation when walking, as if the tendons were too short; goes off in sitting.

Painless drawing with crooking of the right hough, which pains on stretching it; goes off after continued motion.

Cramp in the right knee, when walking.

Pain in the right knee as if compressed in a vice, while standing; with a sensation as if it would draw the leg crooked or contract it, in the evening.

Tearing above the right knee; also above the left, as if in the bone, where it only goes off transiently by rubbing.

Tearing and formicating stitches in the right knee, which on rubbing goes down into the tibia, where it is only transiently improved by rubbing.

Painful stitches in the left hough, on taking a walk.

Pain as of soreness in the knee on bending it, day and night.

Pain as of soreness in the right knee, worse when walking.

In the leg, anteriorly, beside the tibia, cramp, when walking.

Cramp in the calves, in the morning, for several days.

Painful cramp in the calves, after taking a walk.

Painful tension in the calves, while walking.

Painful contraction of the tendo Achillis, frequently repeated, in the evening (3d d.).

Pressure in the tibia, when walking.

Pain as from a bruise in the tibia, while taking a walk in the open air, intermittently, with tension in the calf.

Drawing in the tibia, by jerks.

At night, a painless drawing extending up her left leg.

A tearing in the right leg, especially in the knee-joint and ankle-joint.

A tearing downward in the left tibia, as also on the outer side of the right leg, and afterward in the big toe.

Painful stitch in the right toe on rising from her knees; this darts through the whole body, and startles her.

The legs go to sleep as far as the calves, in daytime.

The foot turns in walking, as if from weakness of the ankles.

Lack of strength in the ankles in walking, causing the foot to turn.

Feeling of stiffness in the ankle-joint, in the morning on rising.

Tension on the dorsum of the foot, as if a tendon was too short; the day after, the spot is swollen and painful to the touch.

Drawing and tearing in the tendons of the right heel.

Sharp stinging in the sole of the left foot.

Pain, as if festering inwardly, in the heels.

A stinging crawling in the feet, as from going to sleep, in the morning.

Cold feet, in walking, in the forenoon.

Extremely cold feet, also in the evening continuing for a long time while in bed.

Very hot feet.

In walking, her feet burn; in sitting, they swell up.

Inflammatory swelling of the foot, breaking open on a toe.

Swelling and tension of the feet.

Profuse foot-sweat.

In the toes, often during the day, cramp; on walking over a rough road it feels as if they turned.

Pain as of a sprain in the posterior joint of the toes, in walking and on every motion.

Tearing in the right big toe.

Violent cutting burning in the toes, chiefly in the little ones.

Violent itching of the toes formerly frozen (aft. 24 d.).

Swelling of the ball of the big toe, in the morning; much heat in it, and it pains, as if formerly frozen and ulcerated.

She easily gets sore between the toes in walking.

Corns appear, which are painful to the touch.

Stitches in a corn, for many days.

Pressive pains in the joints and muscles.

Pressure in the stomach, in the chest and at times in the abdomen.

Pain as if from the pressure of fingers, on the arms and legs.

Tearing drawing pains in the fingers and toes.

Stiffness of the limbs, after sitting.

Frequent sensation as if the hands and feet were going to sleep.

Going to sleep, now of the right arm, now of the right foot, in the evening in bed.

The arms go to sleep when resting the head upon them, and the legs when crossed.

Feeling of numbness of all the limbs, but especially also in the head.

Sensation as of a bruise in all the limbs, especially on moving them.

The ligaments of the elbows and knees are painful when lying down.

The joints of the body feel bruised and severed, without strength.

Sensation of severance in the joints.

Cracking of the joints.

The joints are apt to get sprained.

The gait is tottering, as if caused by an external force.

Attack, from 10 A.M. to 4 P.M.; she feels very uncomfortable; she feels confused in the head and unsafe on the feet, with paleness of the face, qualmishness, and blue rings around the eyes.

Heaviness and trembling of the arms and legs.

Often heaviness in all the limbs.

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