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Carbo Animalis - General symptoms

Animal Charcoal, Carbo an, Carb-an.

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HPUS indication of Carbo Animalis: Hoarseness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Carbo Animalis in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Preparation, Place a thick piece of ox-hide between red-hot coals, where it must remain as long as it burns with a flame, then quickly put the glowing piece between plates of stone, to put a stop to the combustion (if allowed to cool gradually in the air most of the carbon would be consumed). Triturate.

Vertigo about 7 P.M. if she raised the head everything seemed to turn around.

she was obliged to sit bent constantly, and on rising up she struggled hither and thither, together with confusion in the head and a feeling as if all objects moved.

on lying down, she felt nothing the whole night.

only in the morning on rising, this returned,.

Seems to be especially adapted to scrofulous and venous constitutions, old people, and after debilitating disease, with feeble circulation and lowered vitality. Glands are indurated, veins distended, skin blue. Stitch remaining after pleurisy. Easily strained from lifting. Weakness of nursing women. Ulceration and decomposition. All its secretions are offensive. Causes local congestions WITHOUT heat.

Old and feeble

Susceptible to colds, sprains or overaffected by small losses, etc



Slow, hard painful processes; burning like fire (Arsenicum Album Ars---- ), or threatening malignancy

Sense of looseness

Foul acrid discharges


Whining Brain seems loose or as if crown would split, better eating

Pains down through [right] eyeball (Gel)

Can't locate sounds

Nose, hard, red, swelled; hot, brown stripe across, with itching pimples and desquamation

Goneness in stomach; while suckling

All food distresses stomach

Abdomen, distended after operations

Right ovary seems a heavy ball

Neglected bubo

Pelvic bones pain on sitting

Dark menses; in AM

only; then great weakness

Sore, moist anus (Carbo Veg Carb-v)

Indurated os (Sep)

Suffocation on closing eyes; nervous dyspnoea

Hard, painful nodes in breasts

Bluish skin; cheeks, lips, affected parts, etc

Coppery eruptions on forehead

Crawling, as of bugs

Hard, swelled glands

Surgings or hot flushes

Foul, exhausting sweats; at night; staining yellow

Animal Carbo Veg Charcoal. Made from charred ox-hide. Contains Calc Carb Calc. Phosphorus phos. C (impure). Trituration.

can hardly walk across the room. "Gone" feeling from loss of fluids. Too weak to eat. Weeps when she eats. Nausea at night. Hunger in early morning. The goneness of Carb. a. is not amel. by eating (Carbo Veg Carb. v. amel. eating). Constipation where patient thinks bowels will be moved but only wind passes. There is a smothering feeling on closing eyes. Aversion to dark. A peculiar symptom is A feeling of looseness.

of eyes in sockets. of brain on motion or coughing. Far-sighted (Carbo Veg Carb. v. is near-sighted). Objects seem farther apart and brighter. Aversion to cold (Carbo Veg Carb. v. to heat). There are many sensations of coldness in chest.

about stomach. Discharges are ichorous.

but the discharge from piles is inodorous. Carb. an. 3x trit. has been used for insufflation in aural polypi. The leucorrhoea stains linen yellow. Sweat stains yellow. Expectoration is greenish, purulent, offensive (Carbo Veg Carb. v. yellow, more fetid). Gnawing pains in tibiae (during the night), such as usually followed cold feet. A. W. K. Choudhury reports a case of cough of two years' duration, in an unhealthy boy of twelve, cured by Carb. a. The symptoms were "Cough evening and morning, or after lying down, especially at night, thick or frothy whitish or yellowish sputa, sweetish when thick.

agg. lying on r. side.

agg. from exposure to air, to which he is very sensitive. Great tendency to catch cold." The pains in the coccyx are peculiar.

a dragging, bruised pain, when touched it becomes burning. It has cured many cases of injured coccyx and of neuralgia of the bone. The lumbago of Carb. an. occurs when walking, standing, and lying.

feels as if the back were broken. The mental state is one of low spirits, sadness.

weeps when she eats. easily frightened, afraid in the dark.

home-sick. wants to be alone. Fear of the dark and agg. on closing eyes is very marked. Hearing is confused.

cannot tell the direction from which sounds come. There is an ichorous otorrhoea.

and swelling of the periosteum over the mastoid bone is very characteristic. Tip of nose red.

or blue. Disagreeable smoothness of the teeth. There is a hoarse, suffocating cough producing a shaking of the brain as if it were loose. Green, purulent, horribly offensive expectoration. Axillary glands inflamed buboes in groins. Pressure with hand amel. coldness of stomach. Symptoms are agg. in cold air.

amel. in warm room. agg. From sprains from touch. agg. After shaving. Rest agg. head symptoms. agg. Lying on r. side (cough). After menses, throbbing headache, agg. in open air. Weakness agg. during menses.


To prepare the animal Carbo Veg charcoal, lay a thick piece of ox-leather between the red-hot coals and allow it to burn, until the flame disappears and then quickly place the glowing piece between two flat stones, so that it may be suddenly extinguished, as else it would continue to glimmer in the open air, destroying the coat for the most part.

However much similarity there may be found in the effects of animal Carbo Veg charcoal and of vegetable Carbo Veg charcoal on the state of human health, there are, nevertheless, so many variations in the effects of animal Carbo Veg charcoal from those found in Carbo Veg vegetable charcoal, and so many particular symptoms, that I have thought it useful to add here what I have been able to observe.

The animal Carbo Veg charcoal is prepared like the other antipsoric remedies up to the decillionth, potentized attenuation, and one or two small pellets, moistened with it, are given as a dose in the various degrees of potency. Camphora Camphor has proved itself an antidote and a means of relieving its too violent action with persons who were too sensitive.

In treating diseases to which this medicine is appropriate the following symptoms have been relieved or cured

Timidity. morning-vertigo.

pressure in the whole of the brain.

pressure on the head after a meal.

eruptions on the head.

roaring in the ears. discharge from the ears.

erysipelas in the face.

stinging in the cheek-bones, the lower jaw and the teeth.

drawing pain in the gums.

bleeding of the gums. on the gums.

dryness of the palate and of the tongue.

. incomplete eructations with pain.

sour eructation. hiccup after a meal.

faintish qualmishness.

nocturnal nausea. weakness of digestion in the stomach, where almost everything partaken of causes trouble.

pressure in the stomach, as from a load.

clutching and in the stomach;pressure and cutting in the hepatic region.

rumbling in the abdomen.

obstruction of the flatus.

frequent stools every day.

stinging in the anus. fetor of the urine.

. burning, smarting leucorrhoea.

stoppage of the nose. dry coryza.

painful induration of a gland in the chest.

burning in the back. induration of a cervical gland, with lancinating pain.

herpes under the axilla.

gouty stiffness of the finger-joints.

pain in the hip, causing halting.

drawing and stitches in the legs.

sensitiveness to the open air.

tendency to strains. chilblains.

sweat when walking in the open air.

fatiguing sweats, especially on the thighs.

morning sweat.


The symptoms marked were observed by , in Russia; those market by the Practitioner ; those with by , in their .

A pathogenesis of this substance, probably (as with its vegetable congener), made with the 3d trituration, first saw the light in Vol. VI of the second edition of the (1827). It contained 191 symptoms contributed by himself and a . It reappeared in Vol. III of the . The symptoms of and (254 in number) in the third volume of their , have no name attached, but are probably . From these printed sources, from his own later observations on patients and from 23 symptoms (probably of the same kind), supplied by , Hahnemann has compiled the present list.


Statement as to the effect of crude substance on healthy persons.

* * * * *

Animal Coal. Hahnemann.

* *

Carbo animalis is one of the deep-acting, long-acting medicines. Suitable in complaints that come on insidiously, that develop slowly, that become chronic and often malignant in character.

Complaints in anaemic, broken down constitutions. Vascular conditions. The Carbons affect the veins more or less, relaxing, paralyzing. This one has its own peculiar feature of infiltrating little veins. just as sure, as an organ in the Carbo animalis patient becomes congested it becomes hard and purple from infiltration, and has a tendency to remain so.

Glands and veins In an inflammation of a gland the veins become weak, and infiltrated, the gland itself becomes hard and sore, the tissues around it indurate, and the skin over it becomes purple. The glands of the throat and axilla grow purple and indurated with no tendency to soften.

Some of these medicines, after infiltrating a gland, will hurry up the inflammatory action, produce sloughing, rapid breaking down, with pus-like Hep Sulph Calc Hepar, Merc Viv Mercurius and Sulphur Sulphur.

But this medicine paralyzes and infiltrates the little veins in the inflamed part, and there seems to be no tendency to suppuration.

We see that the economy. of this patient is in a sluggish state there are no rapid changes.

but everything is slowed down. Even the inflammatory process is a passive one. Very often a slow quasi-erysipelatous inflammation comes on, the part becomes purple and will pit upon pressure. just think what a contrast this to Belladonna Belladonna.

Belladonna Belladonna will inflame all the glands, they will swell, become hot and so, sensitive that they can hardly be touched; at first bright red, then purple, with a tendency to resolution if let alone. But the Carbo animalis inflammation comes on slowly, its progress is slow, and there is no tendency to repair.

Enlargement of veins here and there over the body, varicose veins. There is intense burning in the part inflamed. which is indurated and purple. The glands of the throat burn.

It does not go on to suppuration, as you would expect it to, it just stays there. It does not enlarge much, but it is hard.

The woman has so much burning in the vagina that she persuades the physician to make a more careful examination than he has done. He will probably find the whole cervix inflamed, purple and somewhat, enlarged. She says it burns like coals of fire.

Carbo animalis eventually produces ulceration of the tissues in various parts, especially in glands.

After a while-but not early in the case - an ulcer forms, and perhaps after ulcerating for a time it comes to a standstill; it has become a sluggish ulcer. Indurated ulcers.

Now in ulcers and fistulous openings, where the walls become hard and burn, and the discharge becomes acrid, Carbo animalis is frequently the remedy.

The proving of Carbo animalis presents the appearance of a broken down constitution. it brought out in the provers just such symptoms as occur in old, feeble constitutions with poor repair and lack of reaction.

Hence the medicine has been a great palliative for patients suffering from malignant infiltrations and indurations; suspicious indurations round about and under the bases of ulcers; suspicious indurations in glands.

A gland becomes inflamed, hard and remains so. Carbo animalis stands at the head of the list of remedies that have that condition.

All through the remedy there is hypertrophy. Tissues pile up here and there into hard nodules; tissues pile up in glands and in organs. The economy has lost its balance, and the result is a disorderly distribution of material. Great prostration, want of energy, associated with palpitation, anxiety and disorders of the pulse.

Awful sensation through the chest and in the head, like some great earthquake taking place. These are due to abnormal conditions of the venous side of the heart.

Women Flushes of heat; pulsations here and there. Hemorrhages. And of course the woman is more likely to bleed than the man; hence we have menses too early, too long, too copious. Prostration with every menstrual flow.

The Carbo animalis woman sinks down at every menstrual period as if she would die. Such striking weakness is not at all accounted for by the quantity of the flow.

Chronic induration, with enlargement of the uterus, which gradually grows from year to year (Aurum Metallicum Aur. m. n.). Induration of the cervix and the whole uterus.

Copious flow of the leucorrhoea. Offensive uterine discharges. Ulceration of the uterus, going gradually toward the malignant state. The menses are black and offensive. Finally this poor, feeble woman, who has been plodding along for years with this condition, goes into malignant ulceration of the cervix, which burns, bleeds constantly and oozes a foetid watery flow. The burning pains in the uterus extend down to the thighs.

Whenever this patient puts the child to the breast she has a sensation of emptiness in the stomach, sinking in the pit of the stomach, and she must take the child away.

There are many uterine troubles, with burning, stinging, smarting, a yellow brown saddle over the bridge of the nose, something like the mottled yellow saddle of Sepia Sepia. All sorts of disordered conditions of the uterus.

Is another remedy whose great general characteristic is Great weakness, want of energy, prostration. The subjects of it are often disposed to glandular swellings, indurations and suppurations.

Benignant suppurations are inclined to become ichorous. The swellings to become schirrous in character.

The swellings seem to have a choice for the axillary, inguinal or mammary regions. Then the sexual organs come markedly under its influence. Old suppurating, bluish colored (Lachesis Lach., Tarant. Cub.), offensive buboes. Menses too early and too long. Menorrhagia from chronic induration of the uterus; also in cachectic women with glandular swellings.

The flow always weakens so that she call hardly speak.

Mammary tumors in hard nodules in the breast.

Cuprum Metallicum Copper colored eruptions on the skin.

Weak ankles in children (Natrum Carbonicum Nat. c., Silicea Sil.).

Easily sprained from lifting (Calc Carb Calc. ost.).



Weak pulse, rapid pulse, irregular pulse. Beating in blood vessels. There is turmoil in the economy, sometimes described as heat. A rushing of heat as though the body was full of steam.