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Carbo Animalis - General symptoms - Hahnemann

Animal Charcoal, Carbo an, Carb-an.

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HPUS indication of Carbo Animalis: Hoarseness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Carbo Animalis in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




To prepare the animal Carbo Veg charcoal, lay a thick piece of ox-leather between the red-hot coals and allow it to burn, until the flame disappears and then quickly place the glowing piece between two flat stones, so that it may be suddenly extinguished, as else it would continue to glimmer in the open air, destroying the coat for the most part.

However much similarity there may be found in the effects of animal Carbo Veg charcoal and of vegetable Carbo Veg charcoal on the state of human health, there are, nevertheless, so many variations in the effects of animal Carbo Veg charcoal from those found in Carbo Veg vegetable charcoal, and so many particular symptoms, that I have thought it useful to add here what I have been able to observe.

The animal Carbo Veg charcoal is prepared like the other antipsoric remedies up to the decillionth, potentized attenuation, and one or two small pellets, moistened with it, are given as a dose in the various degrees of potency. Camphora Camphor has proved itself an antidote and a means of relieving its too violent action with persons who were too sensitive.

In treating diseases to which this medicine is appropriate the following symptoms have been relieved or cured

Timidity. morning-vertigo.

pressure in the whole of the brain.

pressure on the head after a meal.

eruptions on the head.

roaring in the ears. discharge from the ears.

erysipelas in the face.

stinging in the cheek-bones, the lower jaw and the teeth.

drawing pain in the gums.

bleeding of the gums. on the gums.

dryness of the palate and of the tongue.

. incomplete eructations with pain.

sour eructation. hiccup after a meal.

faintish qualmishness.

nocturnal nausea. weakness of digestion in the stomach, where almost everything partaken of causes trouble.

pressure in the stomach, as from a load.

clutching and in the stomach;pressure and cutting in the hepatic region.

rumbling in the abdomen.

obstruction of the flatus.

frequent stools every day.

stinging in the anus. fetor of the urine.

. burning, smarting leucorrhoea.

stoppage of the nose. dry coryza.

painful induration of a gland in the chest.

burning in the back. induration of a cervical gland, with lancinating pain.

herpes under the axilla.

gouty stiffness of the finger-joints.

pain in the hip, causing halting.

drawing and stitches in the legs.

sensitiveness to the open air.

tendency to strains. chilblains.

sweat when walking in the open air.

fatiguing sweats, especially on the thighs.

morning sweat.


The symptoms marked were observed by , in Russia; those market by the Practitioner ; those with by , in their .

A pathogenesis of this substance, probably (as with its vegetable congener), made with the 3d trituration, first saw the light in Vol. VI of the second edition of the (1827). It contained 191 symptoms contributed by himself and a . It reappeared in Vol. III of the . The symptoms of and (254 in number) in the third volume of their , have no name attached, but are probably . From these printed sources, from his own later observations on patients and from 23 symptoms (probably of the same kind), supplied by , Hahnemann has compiled the present list.


Statement as to the effect of crude substance on healthy persons.

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