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Carbo Animalis - Generalities symptoms - Hahnemann

Animal Charcoal, Carbo an, Carb-an.

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HPUS indication of Carbo Animalis: Hoarseness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Carbo Animalis in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Much affected by walking, she became fatigued at once, chiefly in the hypochondria.

After a walk, tired and sleepy.

In the forenoon, general lassitude, ready to sink down.

In the morning, especially in the lower limbs, as it were, tired and worn out.

In the morning, after a sound sleep, still very tired, on awaking.

In the morning, on rising, very weary, with such sadness she could have cried.

Sleepiness, with frequent yawning, the whole forenoon.

Drowsiness in the evening, with photophobia (the first days).

Sleep and dreams

She could not go to sleep in the evening, and had in general only a very light sleep.

He could not get to sleep before 5 A.M., and yet, after two hours' sleep, on awaking he felt refreshed.

He cannot sleep at night for heat and restlessness.

Restless and anxious she tosses about all night, without finding rest, with frequent awaking.

Very restless night, he cannot find a restful position in bed.

Restless night, already at 230 A.M. the sleep was gone, from internal unrest.

Very uneasy sleep; he was very much excited and could not get to sleep before 2 A.M.

Very uneasy sleep, with frequent awaking.

Before going to sleep in the evening, he sees horrible faces in his phantasies.

On going to sleep, she starts up, as if she was about to fall down.

Before going to sleep in the evening in bed, fear of suffocation while lying down, closing her eyes; this fear only passed away as she sat up and opened her eyes; this hindered her from sleeping all night; her throat at the same time was full of mucus.

At night an anguish and a rush of blood, so severe that she had to sit up.

At night, much pain in the joints.

At night, tearing in the outer side of the thigh, going off on rising.

At night, cramp in the thighs and legs.

At night, cramp of the calves disturbs the calm sleep.

At night, tearing in the knee, going off by rising.

At night, on awaking and turning his lower limb in bed, a sudden pain, as if the leg was broken in two, upon which the lower limb became heavy, like lead.

At night, on lying down, the right limb goes to sleep, down to the toes, while lying on this side, with the sensation as if this leg was the longer.

At night, pain in the tibia; in the morning on awaking this pain had gone off.

At night, epistaxis for a quarter of an hour.

At night, much passage of urine.

At night, feeling of the whole body as if worn out, as if beaten all over.

After midnight, on awaking, sweat in the houghs, and swollen fingers.

On going to sleep, in the evening, an internal trembling of the limbs, and involuntary twitching in the knees, legs and feet; they moved visibly and he had to draw them up.

On going to sleep, in the evening, frequent starting up.

In sleep, running out of saliva.

Groaning in sleep.

Loud talking in sleep.

Weeping at night, in sleep, and on awaking, sobbing.

Very vivid dreams, at night.

Vivid dreams concerning scientific matters; the worked out themes in his thoughts, and spoke aloud.

Sleep full of vivid fantastic enthusiasm.

Many fantastic and confused dreams during the night, so that the hardly slept at all.

Vivid, frightful dreams, for seven nights in succession.

Dreams of murders.

Anxious dreams at night, with crying and weeping, followed by sad dreams, then voluptuous ones, with pollution.


Throbbing and beating in the whole body, worse in the evening.

Orgasm of blood, without heat.

Easily heated, the whole day.

Weakness and lack of energy of the whole body, with numb feeling in the head.

He eats and drinks, yet his strength decreases from day to day.

Easily exhausted by walking.

In the afternoon, so much anxiety and heaviness in the body, that he found it very hard to walk.

While taking a walk, much perspiration.

But little sensitiveness to the sharp, wintry air (after-effect).

Itching spreads all over the body, especially in the evening in bed.

Stings, like flea-bites, all over the body; by scratching it is always driven to another place.

Stitches in a cicatrix from a burn.

Several small knots on the wrist, in the nape of the neck, and on the dorsum of the foot; they itch violently; on scratching they burn with itching, and pass off after three days.

Attack vertigo, she screams, opens her mouth and bends to the right and backward, with raised hands.

She is about to tumble over, opens her mouth, and looks upward; then heat all over the body, with perspiration in the face, and tearful mood.

Indolence and indisposition to mental and bodily work, the whole day.

Relaxed, anxious and melancholy, especially in the afternoon.

As in a slumber, the whole day, and therefore lazy, deaf, dim-sighted, peevish and brooding morosely.

In the forenoon, stupid and sleepy, worse after dinner.

In the morning, laziness in all the limbs.

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