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Carbo Animalis - Mental (inc. personality) symptoms - Hahnemann

Animal Charcoal, Carbo an, Carb-an.

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HPUS indication of Carbo Animalis: Hoarseness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Carbo Animalis in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Extremely melancholy mood, with a sensation of being deserted.

He feels, in the morning, as if he was deserted, and full of homesickness.


Great disposition to sadness.

Pusillanimous and sad; everything seems to her so lonely and sad, that she would like to weep (3d d.).

Inclination to solitude, sad and introverted, she always only whishes to be alone, and she shuns every conversation (the first 4 d., and after 8 d.).

Morose thoughts and ill-humor, not to be driven away, concerning things present and past, even to weeping.

Disposition to weep.

He can not weep enough.

Melancholy and anxious, in the morning, on awaking.

Very anxious and dejected, especially in the evening and night; she cannot for internal anguish sleep quietly; she feels best in the morning.

For anguish, he has to rock backward and forward in his chair.

Restlessness and hurry.

Shy and timid.

Timid and fearful, all day.

He feels horror in the evening, even to shivering and weeping.

Thoughts of death.


Despairing mood, day and night.

Peevish, she talks only with repugnance (1st d.).

Peevish, at once i the morning on awaking (the first days).

Greatly disposed to vexation.

Taking things ill. .

Angry and malicious.

Self-willed; no one can do anything to please him.

Unsympathizing, in the beginning; later, increased excitability for passionate impressions.

At times inclined to weep, at times absurdly merry.

Extremely merry.

Involuntary loud whistling.

Weakness of memory; the forgets the word in his mouth.

He cannot write a letter, nor express his thoughts.

The objects on the street seem to him changed, e.g., farther apart and brighter than usual, as in an empty, abandoned city.

Gloominess in the head, in the morning, and everything she looks at vexes her.

Dizzy in the head, and as if she had not done sleeping, in the morning.

In the morning, he is quite confused in his head, knows not whether he has been asleep or awake.

Stupefied, in the morning, and as if in a confused dream.

Great stupefaction, while sitting at the table, and flightiness of the head, with anxious fear that the might fall down unconscious at any moment.

Sudden stupefaction, several times the heard and saw nothing, and had no thoughts.

Sudden stupefaction, in moving the head and in walking.

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