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Carboneum Sulphuratum - Abdomen symptoms - T.F. Allen

Alcohol Sulphuris, Bisulfide Of Carbon, Carboneum, Carboneum sulfuratum, Carb-s.

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HPUS indication of Carboneum Sulphuratum: Stupor

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Carboneum Sulphuratum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Frequent colic,

Violent colic,

Violent colic and diarrhoea for three months,

Very acute pain in the groin,


Pressure in stomach, two hours after dinner; this pressure never ceases altogether, and stretches downwards into the abdomen (second day),

Some pressure in the stomach after dinner, with constriction and sticking-pressing pains in chest (second day),

Vomiting of food and glairy mucus,

Violent vomiting at once on taking food,

Desire for food, with increased secretion of saliva,

Hunger, though with aversion to the food set before him; it, however, had real relish (after five hours),

Sensation of hunger, with, however, aversion to food (second day),

Cutting colic about the navel, with slight attacks of nausea, one hour after dinner,

Some fine tearings from the right side of the umbilical region to the bladder; they frequently return until dinner,

Pain in the abdomen, after dinner,


Fetid flatus,

Profuse fetid intestinal flatus,

Flatulence rises from the stomach, having the acrid smell and taste of the drug, frequently repeated (soon after taking),

Eructations, extraordinary in quantity and loudness, and very fetid flatus in afternoon,

Copious eructations of wind and discharge of flatus,

Dull stitches in the right side of the umbilical region, extending into the caecal region, with passage of flatulence in the morning, in bed (second day),

Increase of the peristaltic motion, rumbling, passage of flatulence,

Movings, like flatulence, in the abdomen (after a quarter of an hour),


Much flatulence, and frequent passage of flatus from the rectum having the smell of the drug,

Great quantity of flatus both up and down, on waking in morning (second day),

Very offensive flatulence,

Passage of flatus,

Passage of flatus, with sensation of itching in the rectum,

Increased passage of flatus,

Many and noisy passages of flatus upwards and downwards (second day),

Discharge of much flatus upward and downward,

Pressive constrictive pain in the abdomen, with discharge of much flatus upward and downward (after one hour),

Griping here and there in the abdomen, with passage of flatulence (second day),

Griping pain in the small intestines, with passage of flatus,

Colic, with movings about like flatulence, aggravated by inspiration, with stitching pain on pressure; the flatulence seems to accumulate in the caecal region, moving from one side to the other; pressing upon the abdomen increases or renews the pain, at 4 A.M. (after two to three days),


Sensation of discomfort in the epigastric region, with nausea, frequent eructations of air having the taste and smell of the drug,

Constant nausea,

Eructations, with nausea,

Eructations of nauseating, disgusting fluid,

Griping pain in the umbilical region, with urging to stool, followed by nausea and accumulation of water in the mouth,

Sensation of discomfort and slight nausea in the abdomen, followed by a soft fecal stool (second day),

Sensation of discomfort in the abdomen, with accumulation of saliva in the mouth, and paroxysms of slight nausea (after four hours),

While sitting and writing, pressive pain in the abdomen seemed to cause attacks of nausea; it was relieved in the open air (second day),

Feeling of discomfort in the lower abdomen, with paroxysms of nausea, aggravated by stooping or by motion (after three hours),

Slight cutting pains in the lower abdomen; stooping, or resting the arm against the abdomen is unpleasant; the former seemed to cause the attacks of nausea, the latter the colic, even if these symptoms had disappeared,


Appetite increased, digestion difficult, irregular, with colic, vomiting, and congestion,

Anorexia without vomiting,

Nausea without vomiting,


Eructations and inclination to vomit,

Continual sour eructations without vomiting,

Uprising of milk that had been eaten, without nausea and vomiting,


Indefinite, unpleasant, painful sensation in the region of the left lobe of the liver (second day),

Sticking, colic-like symptoms in the hypochondria, after sitting a long time (sixth day),

Paroxysmal, sticking pains in the region of the small lobe of the liver precede the stool (fifth day),

Jerking-sticking pain, first in the right, afterwards in the left hypochondrium, continuing but a few minutes on either side, aggravated neither by pressure nor by motion, at 9 A.M. (fourth day),

Stitchlike jerkings in the left hypochondrium,


Pinching twinges in a small spot three fingers' breadth to the right of the navel, lasting half a minute (from the 3d dec. dilution), in the same place where the same sensation was noticed from the 1st dilution,

General Abdomen.

Distension of the abdomen (after two hours),

Distension of the abdomen, with sensation of soreness,

Distension of the abdomen, after eating,

Abdomen full and tense,

Increased peristaltic motion,

Movings about in the abdomen,

Rumbling of the abdomen,

Rumbling in the abdomen, without pain,

Rumblings and movings in the intestines,

Audible rumbling in the abdomen,

Extraordinary discharge of wind both upward and downward, when walking (second day),

Sensation of discomfort in the abdomen by paroxysms, also returning after a stool (second day),

10 P.M., feeling in bowels as if about to have diarrhoea,

Pain in the abdomen, as though diarrhoea would follow,

Griping, with rumbling and rolling in the intestines, as though diarrhoea would follow,

Slight flatulent twinges in the abdomen (fourth day),

Cutting paroxysmal pain in the upper abdomen, by the right false ribs, at 6 A.M. (third day),

Jerking-sticking pain in the caecal region (second day),

Pinching-sticking in the caecal region (second day),

Slight itching-sticking pain on the right side of the abdomen below the navel, followed by semifluid stool (fourth day),

Dull itching-sticking pain in the caecal region as yesterday, only that the attack continues rather longer, lasting from one to two minutes (after two hours),

Stitches here and there in the abdomen,

Occasional stitches in the left side of the abdomen (fifth day),

Pinching stitches in the right side of the abdomen, frequently during the day (fourth day),

Tearing pains here and there in the intestines,

Slight colic-like pains,

Tearing colic-like pain in the abdomen,


Colic (after three-quarters of an hour),

Slight colic after eating,

Frequent slight colic pains,

Severe colic,

Severe cutting colic, followed by urgent stool, in the evening, after eating a very little salad,

Pain in the abdomen on pressure,

Abdomen painful to pressure,

Sensation of soreness of the walls of the abdomen (second day),

Dull jerking pains in the muscles of the abdomen from time to time, during the afternoon,


Slight cutting in the lower abdomen, followed by partly softish, partly crumbly stool, after drinking coffee; the same cutting pain was soon afterwards again experienced without the stool,

Stitchlike twinges in the left side of the lower abdomen,

Dull sticking pain on pressing upon the lower abdomen,

Slight colic in the lower abdomen, as if diarrhoea would follow, at 10 A.M. (second day),


Loss of appetite; could not eat breakfast (third day).

Entire loss of appetite (fourth day).

Appetite began to return, with a great craving for acids, which he could not allay (fourth day).

Frequent indigestion,

Well-developed status gastricus, viz., headache, discomfort, coated tongue, indisposition to exertion, and general feeling of ill-humor (second day),

Sensation of emptiness and discomfort in the stomach,

Uncomfortable sensation in the stomach (soon after taking),

Region of stomach more or less painful all day (second day),

Pain in the stomach, after breakfast, especially worse on deep breathing,

Heaviness in the stomach, extending over the whole epigastric region,

Warmth in the pit of the stomach, extending upward through the whole of the chest,

A pleasant warmth diffuses itself throughout the whole stomach (soon),

The warmth in the stomach increases and spreads downward throughout the lower abdomen; it is also increased in the chest and in the perspiring face and palms of the hands,

Burning in the stomach and region of the liver, increased by pressure,

Burning in the pit of the stomach and in the stomach,

Burning in stomach up through the oesophagus, in the forenoon,

Burning sensation in the stomach, which was increased by pressing upon it,

Fulness in the stomach,

Fulness of the stomach, with eructations,

Extraordinary fulness and inflation in gastric region,

Pinching in gastric region,

An uncomfortable constrictive sensation in the stomach, with good appetite,

Pressure in stomach,

Pressure in stomach and abdomen, with pains in loins (second day),

Pressure in stomach, half an hour after breakfast, followed by eructations of wind and alleviation,

Pressure in stomach after stool, followed by headache and cramplike sticking in both ears (second day),

Pressure in stomach, from whatever he eats or drinks, even from beer and sugar (second day),

Pressure in stomach, with eructations of wind, after drinking beer,

Transitory pressure in stomach (third day),

Slight pressure in the stomach,

Frequent slight pressure in the stomach,

Very severe pressure in stomach, as from a heavy weight,

Violent pressure in stomach one hour after breakfast,

Pressive sensation in the stomach,

Pressive pain in the epigastric region,

Pressing pain beneath the scrobiculus (immediately),

10 P.M. Violent sticking pain in stomach through to back, when resting the epigastrium on the window-sill and taking a deep inspiration; repeated with every deep inspiration,

Transitory, pressing-sticking pains in the scrobiculus, radiating from a single point into the cardiac region (second day),

Transient stitches in the epigastric region,

Stomach sensitive to pressure (second day),

Stomach painful to external pressure (second day),

Increased appetite,

Enormous and insatiable appetite,

Appetite ravenous,

Enormous appetite and voracious eating,

Ravenous appetite; the patient said he could eat all day long,

Marked diminution of appetite,

Appetite very irregular,

Complete loss of appetite,

Great thirst,

Great desire to drink,

Acute pains in the stomach,

Frequent cramps in the stomach,

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