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Carboneum Sulphuratum - Appendix symptoms - T.F. Allen

Alcohol Sulphuris, Bisulfide Of Carbon, Carboneum, Carboneum sulfuratum, Carb-s.

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HPUS indication of Carboneum Sulphuratum: Stupor

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Carboneum Sulphuratum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.







1, Knaf, Inaug. Diss. Prag., 1835 (translated from the daybooks given in Pemerl's collection, All. Zeit. für Hom., supplement), provings with repeated doses of 2 to 20 drops of the crude oil; 2, J. Buchner took 3 drops, afterward 1/25th and 1/50th of a drop (ibid.); 3, M. H., a woman, aged 24, took repeated doses of 1 to 2 drops crude (ibid.); 4, Dr. Held took 2 drops on the first day, 2 on the second, 1 on the third, 1 on the fourth, 1 on the fifth, 1 on the sixth (ibid.); 5, Anna Gasberger was cured of severe toothache, with swelling of the gum and pains in that (right) side of the head, face, and neck, by Carb. Sulphur sulf., so that only some swelling of the gum was left; she continued to take the drug, however, until she took more than half a drachm of the crude oil, and developed new symptoms (ibid.); 6, Dr. Konigshoefer, aged 36, took the 2d dilution, and afterwards the 1st, repeated doses (ibid.); 7, Mrs. K., aged 26, took repeated doses of the 1st dilution (ibid.); 8, L. M., a man, aged 60, took repeated doses of the 2d dilution, afterwards the 1st dilution (ibid.); 9, Dr. Prims took the 6th dilution daily for four days, afterward the 4th and the 1st (ibid.); 10, Dr. Prims took 1, 3, 5, and 6 drops of the crude oil (ibid.); 11, Dr. Pemerl, aged 36 (formerly, five years ago) had haemoptysis, and now has a tendency to pulmonary congestion) took the 1st dilution at 7 A.M. (three provings), afterward the 3d dilution (two provings), (ibid.); 12, Dr. Moser took 50 drops of the 1st dilution on several successive days, and afterward 1 to 10 drops of the tincture (ibid.); 13, Dr. Quaglio took 2, 3, and 4 drops of the crude (ibid.); 14, Dr. A. W. Koch, N. Am. J. of Hom., 2, 374; 14a, took the 1/6000000th, 3 drops four times a day for three days, 10 drops on fourth day, and 3 drops on tenth day; 14b, took the 2d dilution seven times in twelve days; 14c, 1st dilution 3 to 10 drops, nine times in thirteen days; 14d, 1/6000000th, 10 drops, in six ounces of water, nine tablespoonfuls in nine days; 14e, 1/5th dilution, 5 drops five times in eight days; 15, Delpech, L'Union, 1855, effects of the vapor of Carb. Sulphur sulf. on workmen in rubber factories, cases cited in L'Art Méd., 4, 83, also in Zeit. f. hom. Aezt. Oest., 1, 121, also in Ziemssen, Pathol. und Therapy, Band 1, etc.; 16, Sir J. Y. Simpson, L. and E. M. J., 8, 743, effects of vapor on self and many others; 17, A. Turnbull, Lond. Med. Gaz., 1, 178, effects of local application to the eye and to enlarged glands; 18, Bergeron and Levy, Gaz. Méd. de Paris, 1864, p. 584, effects on the eye; 19, Bienhardt, Berlin Kl. W., 1871 (S. J., 143, 149), effects of inhaling the fumes in a rubber factory; 20, P. H. Van der Weyde, statement of effects (from Hering's Monograph); 21, "S. P." (from Hering); 22, Miller, Elements of Chemistry, vol. 2; 23, Dr. Radziejewski, Virchow's Archiv, 53, p. 370, effects of inspiring a small quantity of the Oxysulphide of carbon.

24 to 47, A. Delpech, Nouv. Recherches sur l'Intoxication Spéciale que détermine le Sulfure de Carbone l'Industrie du Caoutchouc Soufflé, Paris, 1863, twenty-four new cases among workers in rubber factories; 48, J. B. Tavera, Thèse de l'Intoxication par le Sulfure de Carbone, Paris, 1865, a woman worker in a rubber factory; 49, same, case of a man; 50 to 52, Gourdon, Thèse de l'Intoxication par le Sulfure de Carbone, Paris, 1867, effects on men; 53 to 55, Abel Marché, Thèse de l'Intoxication par le Sulfure de Carbone, Paris, 1876; (56 and 57, Berridge, Collection in Appendix in Brit. Journ. of Hom.); 56, Wutzer and Pellengham, Journ. de Chimaphila Umbellata Chim. (Lancet, 1830-1 (2), 329), general effects; 57, Dr. Geo. Kennison, Med. Times and Gaz., 1868 (2), 77, effects of external application; 58, Dr. Davidson, ibid., 1878 (2), 350, W. G., aet. thirty-three years, took a quantity.



Authority.59, T. Wilson, M. R. C. S., Brit. Journ. of Hom., vol. xvii, p. 274, effects of vapor.

16th. The same lower eyelid hot, painful, sore, slightly swelled, rather red near the outer angle of the eyelid.

17th. Since yesterday, continued humming in left ear, extending to the back of the head; stye forming on right lower eyelid, hot and painful.

18th. Loud humming, like wind in the distance; left ear. Lower eyelid very red and swollen, more so at the outer edge; punctured the stye with a lancet, a small quantity of muco-purulent discharge came away. When talking, I feel obliged to raise the voice on account of the loudness of the noise in the ear.

In the evening and during the night, always a feeling of fulness at back of head, with humming noise there; these sensations gone in the morning.

Yesterday took Pulsatilla Pul. 3d without relief.

Drowsy day and night ever since exposed to the vapor of the Sulphuret of carbon.

Yesterday after dinner, and during dinner, feeling of deafness in the left ear, as if obstructed by a thick substance.

19th. Noise continues, worse after food; left ear rather deaf, and feels obstructed. Lower eyelid discharges yellow thick pus; this morning not so painful.

20th. Noise in the ear not quite so loud. Vertigo this morning felt at the back of the head. Severe laryngeal, tracheal, and bronchial cough came on yesterday, continues to day, with soreness in the chest; expectoration of thick mucus this morning.

Took Merc Viv Merc. sol., 3d trit., gr. ii, and Phosphorus Phos. 3d, three hours afterwards.

Took Merc Viv Merc. viv., 2d trit.; Causticum Kali hydr., 1st dil., gtt. iv; Hep Sulph Calc Hep. Sulphur sul., 3d trit.; one dose of each at various periods. Eyelid about well.

30th. Rather loud noise in left ear, like gusts of wind through a funnel or hollow tube. Influenzinum Influenza continues; herpetic eruption on the upper lip.

May 3d. Noise in left ear has continued since last date, more intermitting, and not so loud. Cough, with expectoration of mucus. Mucous râle in the upper part of the left lung on first waking in the morning.

Took one dose of tincture of Belladonna Bell., m. 1st, to day.

12th. Noise in left ear continues, other symptoms about gone. Very low-spirited from the first symptoms till yesterday.

20th. Noise in left ear, but less severe.

25th. Noise in the ear about gone.

28th. Another stye forming on right under eyelid. Noise in the ear beard slightly at times.

June 14th. Occasionally noise in the left ear.

July 5th. Noise in left ear returned yesterday, it has continued at intervals ever since; same noise as before.

The left ear continued affected for some months after this time by the morbid sound, but less in degree, and it finally ceased altogether,

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