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Carboneum Sulphuratum - Genitals Etc symptoms - T.F. Allen

Alcohol Sulphuris, Bisulfide Of Carbon, Carboneum, Carboneum sulfuratum, Carb-s.

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HPUS indication of Carboneum Sulphuratum: Stupor

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Carboneum Sulphuratum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Urine smells of Sulphur sulphur,

Increase of carbonates and sulphates in the urine,


Violent stitchlike, crampy pain in the bladder and neck of bladder, at midnight, when making water, on coming home, after taking a glass of wine, extending forwards into the urethra, and accompanied by a similar pain in the anus and rectum; this pain is hardly bearable while it continues,


Slight irritation of the mucous membrane of the urethra,

Tickling in forepart of urethra, and sensation as though something were about to run out of it (after dinner),

Desire to pass urine,

Great desire to pass urine,

Sudden transient desire to urinate, arising from the fossa navicularis, without real urging or necessity for urinating,


Involuntary passage of urine,

Intense pain in the kidneys,

Violent cutting in the urethra during micturition,

Tenesmus of the bladder and frequent urgent efforts to urinate, and emission of two or three drops at a time,

Micturition slow and painful,

Micturition, associated with cutting pain in the urethra,

Micturition painful, accompanied by acute burning pain,

Micturition excessively painful, with tenesmus and frequent desire to urinate; urine bloody,

Smarting during micturition,

Frequent efforts to urinate; the urine was passed guttatim, accompanied by burning in the urethra, and tenesmus of the neck of the bladder,

Urine highly colored,

Urine turbid,

Urine pale and turbid,

Urine slightly albuminous, very red and turbid,

Urine red, containing an abundance of carbonate and Calc phos phosphate of lime,


Violent erections, with burning in the urethra,


Penis much shrivelled and shrunken (eighth day),

Complete impotence, with atrophied testicles, soon followed its administration,

Scrotum and penis shrunken from the commencement,

Left testicle and epididymis somewhat swollen (second day),

Left testicle more swollen and harder than usual, also much more painful, even when at rest,

Jerking-sticking pain in the left testicle, continuing about two minutes (after five hours and a half),

The testicles are very small,

Diminished size of the testicles, with diminished sensation on pressure,

Testicles not painful to pressure,


Symptoms of uterine catarrh,



The sexual organs were relaxed during the whole of the proving,

Erections in the afternoon (second day),

Erections, with nightly emissions,

No sexual appetite since the proving begun,

No pain in the tumor testiculi, though the epididymis is very much swollen (fifth day),

Fine sticking-burning pains in left spermatic cord, running deep into abdomen; these pains returned in the evening, when in bed,

Stitches in the left spermatic cord, in the evening,

Sexual desire increased (in both sexes),

Sexual desire and erections ceased; this impotence was so decided that his wife, herself diseased, gave it as a reason for leaving him,

Copious emission during the night,

Erections difficult, the patient says "he reaches no result in five times,"

Sexual excitement,

Excessive sexual excitement,

Excessive sexual excitement, constant fatiguing erections giving place speedily to complete impotency,

Sexual excitement sometimes amounting to the greatest intensity; at night in particular, he was often taken with veritable rage, during which he had coition with real fury,

Sexual excitement at first, followed after a time by complete loss of power; two or three times his wife became pregnant, but miscarried,

He became very amorous; erections, however, were seldom, coition much too long, and ejaculation short and incomplete,

The sexual appetite at first increased, but afterwards diminished, until there was complete absence of desire; at times an incomplete erection resulted in indefinite coition without emission; or at times an ejaculation was obtained with great difficulty, but was very profuse,

Sexual excitement, with loss of power,

Sexual excitement after a time gave place to complete indifference, etc.

At first sexual instincts were very much excited, but afterwards they disappeared, and at last there was complete impotency,

Complete loss of sexual power,

Sensation as though the genital organs were completely chilled,

All sexual sensation entirely disappeared; there was complete indifference to her husband,


Profuse menstruation,

Menses arrested; at the same time she became very large, and had the appearance of being pregnant; after awhile she was seized with violent haemorrhage, which lasted six months, and was only arrested by the use of ergotin,

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