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Carboneum Sulphuratum - Head symptoms - T.F. Allen

Alcohol Sulphuris, Bisulfide Of Carbon, Carboneum, Carboneum sulfuratum, Carb-s.

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HPUS indication of Carboneum Sulphuratum: Stupor

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Carboneum Sulphuratum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


During the spasms had a dull heavy ache in the forehead, exactly in the organ of benevolence; it lasted two days and a half (third day).

Heaviness of the head,

Sensation as if a band of iron were compressing the head,



Intense headache, , etc.

Most intense headache, with a sensation of painful pressure in the temples (first day),

Violent headache, with distressing throbbing at the temples, aggravated towards, evening,

Constrictive headache,

Compressing headache,

Headache like the painful pressure of a tight cap,

Violent intermittent pain in the head and frontal region,

Lancinating pain in the head,

Intense frontal headache,

Temporal headache,

Compressing headache through the temples,

Violent compressive headache through the temples, aggravated by walking, so that each step caused a violent, painful shock in the head,

Intense compressive headache, occupying the temples and occiput,

Violent pain in the right side of the head,

Pressing pains in the vertex, often lasting all day,

Semilateral headache returned when walking, with great dulness and confusion in head (almost immediately),

Severe pain in right parietal bone, as though it were violently pressed upon with a hard body,

Slight pains in the forehead,

Slight pain in the forehead, which soon extended to the left parietal bone, where it lasted two hours,

Slight pain in the forehead, on waking (second day),

Slight flitting pain in the forehead, which gradually extended to the left temple (a few minutes after taking),

Headache in forehead all day,

Confused headache in the forehead,

Dull, confused headache in the forehead, with nausea,

10 P.M., tensive headache in forehead,

Tensive headache in the forehead, with eructations,

Dull pain in the forehead and temples, especially a pressive pain in the right temple,

Pressure in the forehead, with slight dull pain in it, transient,

Slight painful pressure in the forehead, and a little digging in it,

Pressive pain in the frontal region, with sensation of heat, lasting two hours,

Pressive pain in the forehead, extending from the frontal eminence to the left temple, with some tearings in that direction,

Slight pressive pain in the forehead,

From time to time dull pressive pain in the forehead, extending down towards the eyes,

Slight pressive headache in the forehead, especially increased by reading or stooping,

Pressive frontal headache the whole day, with little interruption,

Pain in the forehead, tearing, appearing after half an hour, and lasting in a slight degree until afternoon, gradually disappearing, extending to the temples,

Ulcerative headache in forehead (second day),

Ulcerative headache in forehead the whole day, with burning in eyes,

Pain in both temples, in the afternoon, especially caused or aggravated by shaking the head, or by stepping hard,

Drawing pain in the temples,

Drawing pain in the left temporal region,

Drawing and tearing pain, extending from the forehead to the temples, lasting the whole day, better in the open air than in the room, and during rest,

Pressive pain in the temples,

Transient tearing pains in the temples,

Violent pulsating pains in the temple (migraine), at 6 A.M. on waking, so that he could not lie quiet; continued until breakfast at 7.30 A.M. (second day),


Sore pimples, painful to touch, on the scalp (sixth day),

Outer head

Itching of the head,



Pressure on the right parietal bone,


Sensation of pressure in the forehead, extending to the orbits and temples,

Dull pressure in the forehead and temples, with inclination to sleep,


Pressure at the insertion of the temporal muscles,

Pressing inward in the temples; the pressure afterwards extending to the vertex,

Stitches in the left temple, extending to the occiput,

Tearing in the left temporal region,

Transient tearing in the right temple, when stooping,

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