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Carboneum Sulphuratum - Mental (inc. personality) symptoms - T.F. Allen

Alcohol Sulphuris, Bisulfide Of Carbon, Carboneum, Carboneum sulfuratum, Carb-s.

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HPUS indication of Carboneum Sulphuratum: Stupor

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Carboneum Sulphuratum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Very much excited during the night,

Inhalation of the vapor caused a condition resembling intoxication from alcoholic stimulants; this often reached such a degree that one could scarcely walk without reeling,

Raging delirium; he fell on his father and tried to bite him (child),

Depressing and disagreeable visions (in several cases),

Particularly cheerful and free from care (fourth day),

Inclination to sing (curative),


Mood depressed, rather obstinate,

Mood depressed, easily irritated,

Sudden ebullitions of a fretful mood (third day),

Morose mood, inclined to get angry,

Disposition very changeable; sometimes he had turns of extravagant gayety; sometimes he flew into a passion from the most trivial causes, and in these fits of unreasonable anger smashed everything about him,


Increased activity of mind,

At first the intellectual faculties are excited; persons talk more than usual; there is an increased liveliness,

Distraction of mind,

Distraction of mind

it is difficult to fix the mind upon what one is reading,

he is unable to fix his attention upon his reading,

Could not find the right words while speaking,

Frequently she did not know what she was to do with the things she was holding in her hands,

Stupidity (secondary action),

Peculiarly idiotic and childish,

Loss of memory,

Loss of memory, and mental alienation,

Weakness of memory (secondary action),

Memory so poor that he kept forgetting where he had placed his tools when he had occasion for them,

Confusion and Vertigo.

Confusion of the head, etc.

Confusion of the head (third day),

Slight confusion of the head,

Great confusion of the head,

Long-continued confusion of the head, as from excessive use of spirituous drinks,

Head confused, with stitches here and there in the forehead, and frequently a transient jerking pain in it,

Confusion of the forehead, and vertigo,

The whole head is confused and painful, as in catarrho-rheumatic headache; it lasted till noon, after he had produced perspiration by constant walking (third day),

Confusion of the forehead, with sensation of constriction of the cerebral hemisphere,

Inclination to vertigo,


Vertigo (after two hours),

Frequent attacks of vertigo, while sitting,

Vertigo, in the afternoon, while sitting,

Vertigo in the forehead, with tendency to fall forward,

Momentary vertigo,

Intense vertigo,

Such violent vertigo that he was unable to stand,

A reeling in the head,

General Head.

Great dulness of the head,

Head heavy,

Head heavy and confused, for several weeks,

Heaviness of the head,

Heaviness of the whole head,

Whole head painful and confused after breakfast (second day),

Headache (wife),

Headache when reading,

Headache and giddiness,

Headache commences about 9 A.M.; the whole head is confused, and thought is difficult,

Violent headache,

Violent headache (third day),

Violent headache towards 10 P.M. (second day),

Violent headache, especially in the forehead and over the eyes, the whole forenoon,

Dull headache, becoming worse towards evening,

Pressure in the head,

Pressive headache, in the forenoon,

Head very painful, especially on top, as if it were all sore there, on brushing the hair,

Throbbing headache the whole day, aggravated by moving the head (third day),

The headache, which had disappeared during the afternoon, returned towards evening,

Delirium, with incoherent talking,

On two occasions he had nervous attacks analogous to hysteria; the face was affected by convulsive movements, but he did not lose consciousness; laughed involuntarily and irrepressibly,

At one time during the night he seemed to be surrounded by enemies; persons were coming to harm him; he heard imaginary voices and saw strange objects; this continued for four days, and he was taken to the hospital,

Hallucinations of vision and hearing, he seemed to see splendid spectacles of carriages, with magnificent objects, talked of the emperor, of money, and of grandeur, often incoherently,

Violent cerebral excitement, so that he had to be put into a strait jacket,

It seems to him as if he were constantly in a state of intoxication,

Beat his wife,

Violent and irascible,

Incessant desire to prattle and laugh without cause,

Excessive gayety, followed by sadness and moroseness,

At first he was excessively gay, but with the progress of the poisoning he became extremely sad, and lost all energy,

Exaggerated gayety, changing to profound sadness and absolute indifference,


Extreme loquacity,

Excessive loquacity, but he cannot think of the words he wishes to use; he searches in vain for an expression, and an attempt to speak results in stammering,

The patient was sad, preoccupied,

Preoccupation, with sad, melancholy ideas, indifferent to all about her,

When interrogated he replied by monosyllables or by signs with the hands; his intellect was greatly impaired, he sought solitude, and like a child was occupied by the objects immediately about him; when not amused he was inactive, seemed distrait,

Unable to fix the attention,



Profound sadness, , etc.

Profound sadness, with irritable desire to weep,

His mood is completely changed; there is now profound sadness, with excessive impatience; at times absolute indifference gives place to the most violent anger, when he manifests great energy,

Wept with great facility,


Great irritability,

Excessive irritability, intolerance of contradiction,

Became exceedingly irritable and violent,

He became extremely irritable, violent, and intolerant of contradiction,

His character changed entirely, at first he became irritable, afterward sombre and sad,

Complete indifference,

Memory profoundly impaired,

Carboneum Sulphuratum man, usually intellectual, has now lost all desire for study; his imagination is wholly occupied with the most absurd reveries,

Unable to find words to express his thoughts,

Incoherence of ideas,

Loss of memory, etc.

Progressive loss of memory,

Weak memory, especially for recent events,

Loss of memory, with difficulty in expressing ideas,

His memory became defective, and he found it very difficult to formulate his ideas, or express them by words,

Complete loss of memory,

Stupid; cannot fix his thoughts upon any object, cannot express his thoughts,

Loss of consciousness, lasting several minutes,

On two occasions the patient fell suddenly with loss of consciousness,

One day he fell down, lost consciousness, had an epileptic attack, followed by paralysis of the limbs,

Complete loss of consciousness at one time,

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