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Carbo Vegetabilis - Abdomen symptoms

Vegetable Charcoal, Carbo Veg, Carboveg, Charcoal, Carbo-v

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HPUS indication of Carbo Vegetabilis: Exhaustion
Carbo Vegetabilis

Homeopathic remedies are prescribed on the basis that in a tiny dilution like cures like, so while very dilute Carbo Vegetabilis may help, unprocessed Carbo Veg may be best avoided.

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Carbo Veg in traditional homeopathic usage, not reviewed by the FDA.

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Temporary relief from belching

Burning in stomach, extending to back and along spine

Contractive pain extending to chest, with distention of abdomen

Faint gone feeling in stomach, not relieved by eating

Crampy pains forcing patient to bend double

Distress comes on a half-hour after eating

Sensitiveness of epigastric region

sour, rancid belching

Aversion to milk, meat, and Fat things

Epigastric region very sensitive.

Cannot bear tight clothing around waist and abdomen

Ailments accompanying intestinal fistulae

Abdomen greatly distended; better, passing wind

Flatulent colic

Pain in liver.

Stool and Rectum.

Itching, gnawing and burning in rectum

Acrid, corrosive moisture from rectum

a musty, glutinous moisture exudes

Soreness, itching, moisture of perineum at night

Discharge of blood from rectum

Burning at anus, burning varices ( Muriaticum Acidum Mur-ac.) Painful diarrhoea of old people

Frequent, involuntary cadaverous-smelling stools, followed by burning

White hemorrhoids; excoriation of anus

BLUISH, burning piles, PAIN after stool.


after stool

Sensitive to clothing


Bloated; afternoon


after drinking

after eating

burping, belching

before period

after stool

trapped wind

behind lower ribs

lower part of abdomen


burping, belching

after stool


Enlarged; liver


Sensation of fullness

after breakfast

after drinking

after eating

behind lower ribs

lower part of abdomen


in liver

Hernia; groin

groin; strangulated


As if something were in abdomen (movements, lumps, etc.); movements in abdomen

Noises from abdomen; rumbling; fermentation

rumbling; afternoon

rumbling; after eating

Pain; afternoon



from catching cold

during diarrhoea (colic)

while eating

burping, belching

during the heat of fever

from haemorrhoids

while lying down; lying on side

in women; before period

in women; during period

comes on suddenly


when raising arm

while travelling

while sitting; bent

before stool

during stool

after stool


extending across abdomen

extending to other parts; to back; small of

extending to other parts; to bladder

extending to other parts; to leg

extending to other parts; to lower limbs


extending to other parts; to stomach

region of hip; around hip

behind lower ribs; right

behind lower ribs; evening

behind lower ribs; from pressure; clothing

behind lower ribs; extending to other parts; backward

behind lower ribs; extending to other parts; lumbar region (lower half of back)

lower part of abdomen

before period

before period; extending to back

during period

comes on suddenly

extending to other parts; loins

extending to other parts; sides

groin region



open air

when touched

navel; extending to other parts; pit of stomach

navel; region of navel




while sitting


during heat

burning; during period

burning; sneezing

burning; liver

burning; sides

between ribs and hip; on sneezing

burning; navel

region of

bursting; after drinking

bursting; after eating

cramping, griping; afternoon

cramping, griping; evening

cramping, griping; while eating

cramping, griping; after eating

cramping, griping; burps

cramping, griping; during fever

cramping, griping; before period

pressing; while sitting; while sitting bent

pressing; after stool

pressing; lower part of abdomen

pressing; groin region


pressing; sides


left to right

while sitting; while sitting bent


pressing; region of navel; after eating

pressing; region of navel; extending to other parts; stomach

cutting; evening

cutting; during period

cutting; before stool

dragging, bearing down

after stool


before period

during period

behind lower ribs

behind lower ribs; evening

behind lower ribs; extending to small of back

behind lower ribs; extending to legs

lower part of abdomen

sides; between ribs and hip

stabbing, piercing




sore, bruised, tenderness, etc.; clothing

sore, bruised, tenderness, etc.; behind lower ribs


when coughing

sore, bruised, tenderness, etc.; sides; between ribs and hip

sudden, sharp (sticking, etc.)

behind lower ribs

behind lower ribs; right

behind lower ribs; on breathing in


liver; from coughing


sides; on breathing in

sides; respiration

sides; between ribs and hip


spleen; when coughing

tearing; behind lower ribs

Relaxed feeling

Complaints of spleen

Skin; discoloration; brown spots

discoloration; yellow; spots

itching; like insects crawling on skin

itching; navel


Swelling; groin region; glands

spleen; during heat


after eating

behind lower ribs


on waking

Liver; withered liver

Bladder; catarrh mucous-pus (see urine, sediment containing pus)

catarrh mucous-pus (see urine, sediment containing pus); in aged people


haemorrhoids of bladder



while urinating


aching; during urination

pressing, pressure

pressing, pressure; before stool

sore, tender

sore, tender; cervix


urging to urinate (unhealthy desire); day and night

urging to urinate (unhealthy desire); night

urging to urinate (unhealthy desire); anxious

urination; feeble stream (slow)

urination; involuntary, incontinence

night, bed wetting

after straining at stool

urination; seldom

Kidneys; suppression of urine

suppression of urine; in cholera

Stomach; anxiety

appetite; reduced

appetite; lacking, no appetite; morning

clothing disturbs




desires, cravings; coffee

desires, cravings; salt things

desires, cravings; sour, acids, etc.

desires, cravings; sweets

desires, cravings; warm drinks

distended (swollen from inner pressure)

after eating

burping, belching

emptiness, weak feeling, faintness, hungry feeling; morning; before breakfast


ice cream

after eating

burping, belching




after eating butter

after drinking

after eating

after milk

after soup

after supper


empty; afternoon

empty; after drinking

empty; after soup



large quantities of wind


tasting of milk



sour; evening; in open air

sour; after eating

sour; while lying on the back

sour; after milk

sour; while walking


clear, salty liquid from stomach in mouth (waterbrash); night

fullness; after eating

fullness; burping, belching

fullness; after supper

sensation of stomach hanging down, relaxed


burping, belching



after ice cream

sensation of movement in stomach; trembling

pain; evening

in bed

pain; night

pain; bending double

pain; from contradiction

pain; after disappointment

pain; in alcoholics

pain; after eating

an hour after eating

pain; burping, belching

pain; from fright

pain; during heat

pain; from dehydration

pain; while lying down

pain; in women; from lactation

pain; comes on suddenly

pain; while standing

pain; while walking

pain; warmth of bed

pain; burning; after eating

pain; burning; extending to other parts; back

pain; burning; extending to other parts; throat

pain; clawing

pain; cramping, griping, constricting; night

pain; cramping, griping, constricting; bending forward

pain; cramping, griping, constricting; during heat

pain; cramping, griping, constricting; lying down

pain; cramping, griping, constricting; comes on suddenly

pain; gnawing, biting


morning; while fasting

pain; piercing, stabbing

pain; pressing; evening

pain; pressing; after drinking beer

pain; pressing; after eating

pain; pressing; burping, belching

pain; pressing; as if heart were being crushed


with cough

retching; with cough


thirst; burning, intense

thirst; during chill

without thirst; during heat


Digestion slow; food putrefies before it digests

the simplest food distresses

Bloated; after dinner

Pain; after eating (including certain foods)

after eating (including certain foods); after drinking milk

Stomach; appetite; ravenous, excessive; without enjoying food (see aversion to food)

aversion to certain foods or drinks; butter

aversion to certain foods or drinks; coffee

aversion to certain foods or drinks; fats and rich food

aversion to certain foods or drinks; all food; with hunger

aversion to certain foods or drinks; meat

fat meat

aversion to certain foods or drinks; milk

aversion to certain foods or drinks; salty, savoury food

emptiness, weak feeling, faintness, hungry feeling; aversion to food

burping, belching; after rich food

burping, belching; food (regurgitation)

burping, belching; tasting like food

hiccup; after dinner

loathing of food (see nausea)

nausea; before eating; before dinner

pain; after eating; after cold food

pain; after eating; foods which cause flatulence

vomiting; food


after eating; immediately after


Eructations after eating and drinking

Rancid, sour, or putrid eructations


Stomach; Eructations, heaviness, fullness, and sleepiness; tense from flatulence, with pain; worse lying down

Water brash, asthmatic breathing from flatulence

Gastralgia of nursing women, with excessive flatulence

Pain as from lifting a weight; colic from riding in a carriage; excessive discharge of fetid flatus

Flatus hot, moist, offensive

Bloated; passing flatulence

Flatulence; afternoon


after eating

here and there

after drinking milk


behind lower ribs

Noises from abdomen; rumbling; passing flatulence

Pain; flatulence


Nausea in the morning

Stomach; gagging (see nausea)

gagging (see nausea); from coughing (see retching)

gagging (see nausea); from mucus in throat, at back of mouth

nausea; morning

nausea; late morning

nausea; night

nausea; open air

nausea; before chill

nausea; constant

nausea; after drinking; soup

nausea; before eating

nausea; while eating

nausea; after eating


nausea; during fever

nausea; during headache

nausea; in women; during period

nausea; from heat of sun

nausea; in a warm room


Pain; with vomiting, blood and mucus in stool (intussusception); pain in region of liver

Stomach; vomiting; evening

vomiting; after chill

vomiting; on coughing

vomiting; after drinking; after milk

vomiting; after eating

after breakfast

vomiting; never ending

vomiting; in women; during period

vomiting; bile; then blood

vomiting; bile; during cough

vomiting; blood

after suppressed haemorrhoidal flow

vomiting; milk

vomiting; mucus

vomiting; sour

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