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Carbo Vegetabilis - Abdomen symptoms - T.F. Allen

Vegetable Charcoal, Carbo Veg, Carboveg, Charcoal, Carbo-v, Carb-v.

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HPUS indication of Carbo Vegetabilis: Exhaustion
Carbo Vegetabilis
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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Carbo Veg in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Pain in hypochondria, as if from a bruise,

Pain in the region of the spleen, followed by a dull heavy ache,

Abdomen bloated, in the evening (fourth day),

Symptoms of flatulency (after 3d powder),

Fetid-smelling wind per rectum (first day),

Passage of wind with a loose stool (fourth day),

Pressure and cramp in lower abdomen,

Colic, during a diminished flow of the menses, with pain in all the bones, as if beaten,


The simplest food caused distress,

Hunger, with, however, aversion to usually agreeable food,

She could eat nothing at all in the morning till noon, then relished her food, but could eat nothing in the evening,

Hiccough after a moderate dinner,

Nausea, before every meal,

Nausea with every meal,

Nausea, even to retching, before dinner,

Severe griping about the umbilical region, after eating a little harmless food; soon disappears after eructations or passage of wind,

Abdomen very much distended, after dinner (ninth day),

The abdomen is full and pressed, as if overloaded with food, day and night, with eructations,


Feeling of tight band around the waist; passes of at 8 o'clock, with discharge of very offensive flatus (second day),

Griping in the pit of the stomach, as from flatulence,

The eructation is always empty, and accompanied, especially in the afternoon, with much accumulation of flatulence in the abdomen,

Abdomen distended by flatulence, in the afternoon,

Much motion in the abdomen, and frequent passage of loud, or noiseless, or moist flatus,

Fermentation in the abdomen, followed by diarrhoeic stool, with passage of moist offensive flatus,

Much flatulence and distension of the abdomen, caused by things which usually digested easily,

Much flatulence, with rumbling and loud movings in the abdomen; in the afternoon,

Accumulation of flatus in the right side of the upper abdomen, more towards the back with pinching pains,

Flatus moves about the abdomen, and causes here and there stitches, especially in the left side, under the ribs,

Suddenly, a great quantity of flatus, in the afternoon, which passes without difficulty (after thirty-six hours),

Offensive flatus (after one hour and a half),

Very much offensive flatus (after one hour),

Passage of offensive, at last moist, flatus, with painful dragging towards the sacrum, and thence toward the abdomen (after two hours),

Enormous passage of odorless flatus, in the morning, on waking,

Passage of some odorless flatus, with much moving of flatus in the abdomen (after half an hour),

Passage of much loud odorless flatus, with frequent eructations (after four days),

Tension in the abdomen from accumulated flatus, but it is passed copiously and easily, in the afternoon,

The griping in the abdomen comes on almost only in the afternoon and evening, and appears to be caused by flatulence; it disappears after passing it,

Colic as after taking cold; it was worse before passing flatus, and relieved after it,

Flatulent colic, with passage of odorless flatus,

Pressive colic, with rumbling and passage of moist, warm, odorless flatus, whereupon it ceased,

Pressive colic, with urging to stool and passage of hot flatus, which relieved it,

The flatus collects here and there in the abdomen, under the short ribs, in the hypogastric region, causing pinching and pressure, and very gradually passing down into the rectum, with sensation of heat,


Pain in the pit of the stomach, in the evening, with sensitiveness to touch, together with nausea and aversion, even on thinking of eating,

Constant nausea, with trembling feeling,

Diminished appetite, toward noon, with nausea (after five days),


Momentary attacks of nausea,

Nausea in the morning, and hour after waking, with qualmishness in the stomach,

Nausea, every forenoon, about 10 to 11 o'clock,

Nausea, at night,

Nausea, with pressure in the stomach, after eating, followed by violent dragging-down pain about the navel,

Nausea and loss of appetite, even when fasting, still more after eating, with anxiety, dizziness, obscuration before the eyes, and white tongue; he was obliged to lie down towards evening, without sleepiness (after six and seven days),

Constant nausea, without appetite and without stool,

Sickening nausea (fourth day),


Frequent qualmishness; he did not vomit, however,


Painful sticking-tearing in both hypochondria, starting from a point just below the pit of the stomach, and extending to both sides,

Both hypochondria are painful to touch,

Every piece of clothing about the hypochondrium oppresses him and is unendurable,

Transient but violent pain in the right hypochondrium,

Pressive pain in the left hypochondrium,

Violent sticking in the region of the liver (after forty-eight hours),

Tension in the region of the liver, as if it were too short there, on waking from the midday nap,

The region of the liver is very sensitive and painful to touch,

Pressive pain in the liver, when walking in the open air,

Violent tearing in the liver, causing cries,

Bruised pain in the liver,

Drawing pain beneath the left ribs,

Pressure beneath the short ribs, after breakfast,


Audible rumblings in the umbilical region,

Burning in the umbilical region,

Burning pain in the skin near the navel, frequently returning (after four hours),

Griping about the navel, extending into the stomach, for four days and nights (first in the morning, on rising); she was obliged to lie down, could not stand erect on account of the pain, and could not sleep at night, with constant chilliness; on the second night, diarrhoea, which was worse at night (after six days),

Pressive pain in the umbilical region,

Sore pain in a spot below the navel,

General Abdomen.

Distension of the abdomen, with rumbling in it, after eating a little,

After a stool, the abdomen is swollen, like an induration (second day),

Movings about in the abdomen (immediately),

Incessant noise in the abdomen, without urging to stool,

Audible rumbling moves slowly about the abdomen (after three hours),

Loud rumbling and noise in the abdomen, for eight days,

Audible rumblings in the abdomen, with some griping,

Complete emptiness of the abdomen after stool, especially noticed when walking,

Passage of much wind after the rumbling,

Great anxiety in the abdomen,

Heaviness in the abdomen,

The abdomen seems very heavy,

Sensation as if the abdomen hung down heavily; she was only able to walk quite bent,

Pain in the abdomen, as from lifting a heavy weight, even slightly raising her arm for the purpose of doing some work with the hand; the same pain is felt when touching the abdomen,

Pain in the bowels, as from lifting or a sprain, as soon as she lies upon the side; mostly in the left side of the abdomen,

Burning in the abdomen,

If he eats or drinks, the abdomen feels as if it would burst,

Tension in the abdomen,

Pain over the whole abdomen, as far as the pubes, as though all the muscular fibres were drawn tense or hardened, which made him very anxious,

Tensive and pressive pain in the right side of the upper abdomen, extending across the whole stomach,

Tensive and pressive pain over nearly the whole abdomen, with constant uneasiness and weeping, as from despair,

Constrictive sensation in the abdomen,

Continued pressive pinching in the upper abdomen,

While sitting bent over, fine pinching in the abdomen, on the left side of the spinal column,

Griping in the bowels, with natural stool,

Griping pains in various places in the bowels, which are frequently transient,

Griping in the abdomen, during and after eating,

Fine griping in the abdomen, when sitting bent,

Colic before the stool,

Colic-like cramp, from morning till evening, before menstruation,

Frequent colic, extending to the small of the back and bladder, afterwards a stool, almost as after Rheum rhubarb,

Frequent pinching colic, especially in the right side of the abdomen,

Dragging or griping colic, after a stool,

Cutting colic,

Pain drawing across the abdomen, before the stool,

Disagreeable pressure in the abdomen, so that she was obliged to hold it constantly with the hand,

Pressive pain in the left side of the abdomen; movings about in the abdomen, with griping,

Dull pressive pain on a small spot in the abdomen,

Cuttings in the abdomen, momentarily, but very often,

Cuttings in the abdomen that shoot through like lightning,

Cuttings in the bowels, like colic, in the evening,

Sticking pain in the left side of the abdomen and chest, increased by breathing,

Dull pinching-stitchings, as from below upwards in the abdomen,

Bruised pain in the abdominal muscles,

Hypogastrium and Iliac Regions.

Movings deep in the lower abdomen,

Gurgling in the left side of the lower abdomen,

Griping and sticking pains in the left lower abdomen,

Pinching colic in the lower abdomen,

A violent pinching labor-like colic, which especially pressed upon the sacrum (and the bladder), with rumbling of the bowels, on waking, at 3 A.M., from an uneasy sleep, with many anxious dreams,

Pressive colic in the lower abdomen,

Tearing-aching in the lower abdomen, extending up to the navel,

Pinching pressure in the lower abdomen,

Pinching pressure deep in the right side of the lower abdomen, extending towards the hips,

Cutting pains in the lower abdomen, during menstruation,

A crawling creeping-sticking the lower abdomen (after twenty-eight hours),

After a hard scanty stool, in the morning, pinching stitches in the left side of the lower abdomen, with incomplete desire for stool, like a pressure upon the rectum, throughout the whole day (after four days),

A sore pain, externally, in the lower portion of the abdomen, even on touch (after four hours),

Griping pain in the right inguinal region,

Pressive pain in the inguinal region, in the right side,


Heaviness in the stomach, and sensation of trembling in it,

He feels acidity in the stomach, when lying on the back and when walking,

Painfulness of the stomach, when walking or standing; it feels heavy and hanging down,

Burning sensation in the stomach,

Continued burning in the stomach,

Fulness, eructations, general heaviness, after a moderate supper; writing is slow and difficult,

The stomach feels tense and full,

Tension and pressure above the stomach, extending from the ribs,

Constrictive pain beneath the pit of the stomach, which is increased by pressure of the finger,

A contractive sensation beneath the stomach,

Contractive pain near the pit of the stomach, on the right side, in the morning and afternoon,

Cramp in the stomach, and cardialgia in a nursing woman,

Contractive cramp in the stomach, even at night, extending up into the chest, with distension of the abdomen; she was obliged to bend double, and could not lie down because it became worse; the pain was paroxysmal, and took away her breath,

Clawing in the stomach, extending up to the throat, like heartburn,

Gnawing in the stomach, in the morning, when fasting,

Cramp in the stomach, with incessant acid eructations,

Pressive sensation beneath the pit of the stomach (after twenty-four hours),

An anxious pressure in the pit of the stomach (after four days),

Pressure in the stomach, as from something sore; worse on touch,

Continued painful pressure in the pit of the stomach and in the upper abdomen, as if in the stomach, in the evening, after 7,

Pressure beneath the stomach, at night, with uneasy sleep and anxious dreams,

Pressive sensation in the region of the stomach, disappearing on passing wind, with rumbling,

Pressure in the stomach follows rumbling in the abdomen,

Very much oppressed and full,

Stooping, it seems as if sausages were lying on the right and left sides, near the stomach,

The epigastric region is very sensitive,

Throbbing in the pit of the stomach,

Chronic aversion to meat; very marked; appetite lost,

Thirst, alternating with slight salivation (seventh day),

Sour, bitter eructations (after fifth dose),


Felt sick in a few minutes, with eructations of wind (seventeenth day),

Bloating of stomach (fifth day),

Feeling of goneness in stomach (after fourth dose),

Tenderness of the stomach and a faint feeling,

Hard sensation in the stomach, as though something were there that ought not be; relieved by sour, bitter eructations (after fifth dose),

Pressive pain in epigastric region (seventeenth day),

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