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Carbo Vegetabilis - Back And Neck symptoms - Hahnemann

Vegetable Charcoal, Carbo Veg, Carboveg, Charcoal, Carbo-v, Carb-v.

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HPUS indication of Carbo Vegetabilis: Exhaustion
Carbo Vegetabilis
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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Carbo Veg in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Warmth in the spine, up to the neck.

In the cervical muscles, an obtuse burning pain.

The neck and the head shake and tremble, in paroxysms.

Painful pressive pain in the cervical muscles (aft. 4 d.).

Pressive and tensive pain in the nape, seemingly in the cervical vertebrae.

Drawing pain in the nape of the neck, ascending to the head and into it, causing nausea with running of water from the mouth.

Tearing in the cervical muscles.

Tearing pain in the cervical muscles to the left side, especially when moving (aft. 3 d.).

Pressive tearing in the cervical muscles of the left side, for two days (aft. 3 d.).

On the neck, pressive pain (aft. 6 d.).

Violent pressive pain in the cervical muscles (of the right side).

Pressive tearing in the cervical muscles.

The cervical glands swell and pain, especially the posterior ones toward the nape.

Lancinating itching on the throat and neck, and red spots there (aft. 38 h.).

Single, scattered, red unequal little spots on the neck, with painful itching in the evening (aft. 48 h.).

Eruption of pimples on the neck.


In the region of the coccyx, a pricking itching, in the evening in bed.

In the sacrum, sensation of coldness, numbness and tension.

Tensive pain and stiffness in the sacrum.

Severe pain in the sacrum; she cannot sit, for it then feels as if there were a plug in her back; she must put a pillow under her.

Tearing pressure in the sacrum.

Tearing pressive pain on the left side beside the hip, extending into the back.

Tearing pain in the sacrum, at times drawing into the hips (aft. 3 d.).

Tearing in the hips, with intermission (aft. 3 d.).

Drawing pressive pain in the sacrum down into the coccyx (aft. 24 h.).

Above the right loin, a pain that obstructs respiration.

Violent burning, externally on the right hip.

The back pains on the side, as if bruised.

Weakness in the back.

Heaviness in the back, and tightness of the chest.

Jerking of the muscles in the left side of the back.

Painful stiffness of the back, in the morning on rising.

Pressive pain, beside the lowest part of the back.

A squeezing pressive pain, beside the lowest part of the spine.

Painful pinching, beside the spine.

Drawing pain in the back, mostly in sitting down.

Drawing pain in the back, in the evening.

Rheumatic drawing in the back, especially when stooping, for several days.

Rheumatic pain at the upper part of the left scapula after the (accustomed) washing with water (not cold).

Rheumatic sensation in the whole of the left scapula, when writing (aft. 6 h.).

Violent tearing in the left scapula, on bending back the arm.

Tearing in the lower part of the back, beside the sacrum.

Stitches between the scapulae, obstructing the breathing, at night.

Burning in the left side of the upper part of the back.

Burning in the right scapula.

Under the right axilla, a pressive, drawing pain, especially noticeable on motion.

Burning pain in the right axilla.

Itching, moisture and excoriation in the axillae.

In the shoulder, a drawing pain.

Drawing pain in the left shoulder-joint.

Painful drawing in both shoulder-joints, as well in motion as in rest (aft. 26 h.).

Rheumatic drawing in the right shoulder.

Violently tearing pain in the right shoulder-joint, especially on motion, with drawing in the shafts of the arms.

Tearing pain in the shoulder-joint (aft. 10 h.).

Paralytic tearing in the right shoulder-joint, often recurring.

Stitches in the right shoulder, by day and by night.

Burning on the top of the right shoulder.

Burning on the shoulder-joint (aft. 3 h.).

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