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Carbo Vegetabilis - General symptoms - T.F. Allen

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HPUS indication of Carbo Vegetabilis: Exhaustion
Carbo Vegetabilis
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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Carbo Veg in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




(Morning), On waking, anxiety.

immediately after rising, confusion of the head.

in bed, headache over vertex.

on waking, headache. eyes agglutinated.

immediately after rising, flickering before eyes.

in bed, nose bleed. on waking, catarrhal irritation.

dryness of mouth. on waking, dryness of mouth.

bitter mucus in mouth.

scraping in throat. an hour after waking, nausea, etc.

pain near pit of stomach.

on waking, passage of flatus.

in bed, itching in anus.

contraction of urethra.

tearing, etc., in urethra.

very early, desire to urinate.

on rising, leucorrhoea.

almost voiceless. on rising from bed, cough.

after waking, cough. on waking, rush of blood to chest.

after rising tightness in chest.

after rising from bed, sensation in chest.

in bed, sticking beneath ribs.

on rising, stiffness in back.

tearing from chest to back, etc.

in bed after rising, sensation in joints.

on waking, tearing in shoulder, etc.

in bed, pain in elbow-joints.

especially in the wind, drawing in wrist-joint, etc.

on washing sensation in hands.

in bed, twitches in left thigh.

on rising tension in thighs.

indolent, etc. in bed, weariness, etc.

on rising from sleep, weary, etc.

prostration. in bed, headache, etc.

febrile chill, etc., on waking, sweat.

warm sweat..

(Afternoon), 4 to 6 o'clock, anxiety.

throbbing headache. headache in forehead.

pressure in top of head.

ringing in ear. eructations.

accumulation of flatulence.

pain near pit of stomach.

abdomen distended. flatulence, etc.

great quantity of flatus.

tension in abdomen. griping in abdomen.

noon till evening, legs relaxed.

body trembled, etc.

(Evening), Excited, etc.

anxiety. after lying down, anxiety, etc.

after walking, confusion of head.

after sleeping while sitting, dizzy, etc.

dizziness. in bed, headache.

in bed, throbbing headache.

after lying down, eyes ache.

heat etc., of the left ear.

twinges in right ear. fluent coryza.

crawling in the side of nose.

in bed, tearing in left zygoma.

sensation in mouth, etc., scraping in throat.

pain in pit of stomach etc.

after 7 o'clock, pressure in pit of stomach.

griping in abdomen. cutting in bowels.

stitches in anus. soreness in pudenda.

obliged to clear throat, etc.

after lying down, crawling, etc., in larynx.

hoarseness. when walking in open air, hoarseness.

cough. in bed, short cough.

spasmodic cough. on going to sleep, cough.

when lying, difficult breathing.

on going to sleep, palpitation, etc.

drawing pain in back. in bed, twitching of the arms, etc.

in bed heaviness of the limbs.

in bed, drawing sensation in limbs.

pains in fingers. in bed, drawing in thigh.

restlessness in lower leg.

after lying down, cramp in soles.

indolence, etc. weariness.

weakness of body. uneasiness.

in bed, stitches on the side.

red spots on neck. in bed, sticking-itching in region of coccyx.

chilliness. with the irritation to cough, chilliness, etc.

shivering, etc. feverish coldness.

cold hands, etc. in bed, before 1 o'clock, could not get feet warm.

at 6 o'clock, heat. burning heat.

(Night), Headache.

pain in occiput, etc.

unable to open eyes. illusions of hearing.

sneezing. frequent sneezing, etc.

nose-bleed. catarrhal irritation.

nausea. pressure beneath stomach, etc.

diarrhoea. moisture from anus.

paroxysm of cough. heaviness of back, etc.

sticking between shoulder-blades.

arms go to sleep. in bed, burning in thigh.

in bed sensation in left leg.

in bed, cramp in leg. tearing under toenails.

in bed, pain in corn. uneasiness, etc., tearing in various parts.

in bed, burning in skin.

itching on the palms. chilliness, etc.

in bed, heat. offensive sweat..

Anxiety in the evening after lying down, as from oppression of the chest, with heat in the head, heat in the hands, and sweat on the forehead.

she was unable to remain in bed on account of a sensation as if the heart would be pressed downward.

objects about her seem to become constantly narrower and smaller, and when the room was dark horrible visions passed before her sight,.

Paroxysm as follows In looking out of the window he was suddenly attacked by a sickening vertigo.

he fell down in consequence and lay for several minutes, and when he recovered consciousness it seemed as if he had lain in a deep sleep from which he could scarcely arouse himself.

after waking, nausea, which obliged him to lie down for two hours, and which returned on rising.

after this he was extremely lachrymose and despondent (after six days),.

Excessive desire for stool, with crawling in the anus, and pressure in the bladder towards the small of the black, like a haemorrhoidal colic, at intervals.

instead of a stool, violent bearing-down pains in the lower abdomen, in front and back, with burning in the anus, and sensation as in diarrhoea.

after the pain, a scanty passage of faeces, consisting of soft pieces, with great exertion, with relief of the pains,.



Trembling from uneasiness and anxiety; was unable to remain in any place,

The whole body trembled from uneasiness and anxiety every afternoon; it seems as though he had committed a great crime; this terminated by violent weeping, even in the street in the presence of strangers,

Trembling of the body, with prostration,

At night he started up on account of noises, with shivering of the back,

A wound from a stab began to bleed again at various times,

Disinclination for physical exertion,

Debility and Faintness.

Indolence, disinclined to think (after ten hours),

Indolent, weary, and trembling in all the limbs, and sweating easily, in the morning (second day),

Indolence, sleepiness, and indisposition, in the evening,

Weariness, especially in the limbs,

Weariness in the morning, in bed,

Sensation of great weariness in the morning, in bed, especially in the joints, disappearing after rising,

Great weariness and stretching of the limbs in the morning,

Sensation of weariness in the morning, with trembling of the limbs and a feeling about the stomach as after drinking too much wine (after twenty-four hours),

Weariness in the evening,

Weariness after dinner (after four days),

Great weariness after the pains,

After the pains had lasted two days, they were followed by excessive weariness of the affected parts,

The weariness is especially noticed when walking; less when sitting, mostly in the arms when writing,

Weariness after a short slow walk in the open air,

Sudden weariness while walking in the open air, which, however, soon passed away (after three days),

Weary and unrefreshed in the morning on rising from sleep, but after a few hours she became stronger,

Weakness in the forenoon, as from stupefaction,

Weakness after breakfast,

Tremulous weakness after stool,

Sensitive weakness of the body, in the evening, as after great loss of blood,

Attacks of faintlike weakness,

Loss of energy of muscular action (after one hour),

General prostration towards noon, inclination to lean the head against something and to rest; the head feels empty, with sensation of hunger (after twelve hours),

Exhaustion after a stool,

Very frequent momentary attacks of faintness, even to sinking down, also with vertigo, followed by colic and griping in the bowels, as in diarrhoea, though he had an ordinary stool (after twenty-four hours),


Uneasiness the whole day,

Uneasiness in the evening,

Uneasiness at night, with drawing pain in the limbs,

She is unable to rest in any other position than with the limbs drawn up against the abdomen,


Sick and weary, as if he had just risen from a serious illness,

Every member of the body hurts, as also the back, with much headache and great weakness,

Drawing pain in almost all parts of the body, especially below the breast, in the neck and arms,

Rheumatic drawings in the whole body, with coldness of the hands and feet,

Fine slight stitches over the whole body, when she became warm in bed,

Itching stitches on the side on which he was lying, in the evening, in bed,

Tearing in various parts of the body at night, in bed,

Tearing and drawing pain in various parts of the body,

If she spoke in the presence of others all parts throbbed, the usually pale face became puffy and bluish-red,

Tired around hips and sacrum (eighth day),

Continuous tingling in Scarpa's triangle of left leg in place of old abscess (tenth day),

Lame feeling in region of sciatic notch (deep), while standing and walking, more on right side than left; lameness extends across sacrum (sixth day),

Knees stiff and "going to sleep all the time,"

Creeping pains in knees (sixth day),

Legs tired, especially the calves (fourth day),

Aching of tibia about its middle,

Feet grew tender and were swollen,

Numbness of feet,

Pains in the great toe (third day),

At night after falling asleep he awoke several times with a sensation as if blood rushed to the head, with bristling of the hairs, anxiety, accompanied by shivering and a sensation as if some one stroked the body with the hand, and a kind of formication of the skin on every movement in bed.

together with such sensitive and acute hearing that the slightest noise re-echoed in the ear,.

Was awake several times at night on account of pulsation in the head, as if he would be attacked with apoplexy, with anxiety.

soon after waking he came to his senses and felt that it was an illusion, for the beating of the head had disappeared.

as he looked for further development of this symptom while in a state of slumber, the limbs and knees were drawn involuntarily upward and the back was bent, and he felt that if he longer postponed waking he would faint,.


Buzzing in the head, as from bees,

Dulness of the head after waking from the midday nap,

Heaviness of the head,

The head feels as heavy as lead,

Rush of blood to the head,

Rush of blood to the head, with hot forehead and confusion of the head,

Great rush of blood to the head, with confusion of the head and hot forehead (after six hours),

Headache, as if the beginning of coryza,

Severe headache for five days; on stooping it seems to press outward in the occiput and forehead,

Severe headache which contracts the eyes, during menstruation,

Headache at night,

Headache after eating,

Headache from sudden change from warmth to cold,

Headache, which rises from the stomach into the head and destroys her senses for a short time,

Burning and violent pressing headache, evenings, in bed, especially on the vertex, and extending forward to the forehead,

Pain in the head, as if it were too full,

Tension in the brain, more like a confusion than a pain,

Spasmodic tension of the brain,

Contracting pain in the head, especially on motion,

Headache, as from contraction of the scalp,

Headache, as from contraction of the scalp, especially after supper,

Compressive headache,

Drawing, affecting the whole head, arising from the occiput (after half an hour),

Drawing headache here and there, especially in the forehead, extending to just above the root of the nose,

Dull headache, with heaviness in the forehead,

Pressive pain in different places in the head in slight attacks, which soon passed off and seemed to be associated with flatulence (after forty-eight hours),

Paroxysmal pressure and drawings in the head,

Sticking headache in the evening, in bed, extending into the occiput (after sixteen hours),

Stitches here and there extending into the head, with general painfulness of the surface of the brain,

When coughing, painful stitches through the head,

Tearing pain in the head (after twenty-four hours),

Tearing through the whole head, starting from a small spot in the occiput,

A tearing pain in the head, something starting from the limbs, and seeming to end in the head,

Throbbing headache in the afternoon,

Throbbing headache in the evening, in bed, with difficult breathing,

Painful throbbing of the head during respiration, and in the teeth,

Jerking headache,

Severe shocks in the head from reading,

Burning in various place in the skin, at night, in bed,

Slight burning pain in various places on the skin,

Crawling in the whole body,

Itching over the whole body, day and night,

Itching and sticking in several parts of the body,

Severe itching of a tetter before menstruation,

Sticking-itching, as from fleas, in several parts of the body,

Burning on the skin as from a mustard-plaster, here and there, on the back, sides, on the right side of the abdomen, etc. (after twelve hours),

Tension and pressure about an ulcer (on the lower leg),

Itching behind the ear,

Itching in the upper part of the outer ear, which afterward became hot,

Itching about the nostrils,

Itching and burning in various places in the skin on the back, chest, on the navel, on the thighs, etc.,

Stitching-itching in the region of the coccyx in the evening, in bed,

Itching, moisture, and soreness in the axillae,

Severe itching in the right axilla,

Severe itching on the arms, hands, and between the fingers, so that he was unable to sleep at night, though without eruption,

Biting-itching, constantly repeated, on the lower portion of the inner side of the left upper arm, only transiently relieved by scratching (after fifty-four hours),

Burning-itching in the forearm near the elbow,

Severe itching in the palms at night,

Severe itching on the outer side of the left thumb,

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