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Causticum - Abdomen symptoms

Hahnemann's Tinctura acris sine Kali, Kali hydr, Kali hyd, Caustic, Causticum hahnemanni, Caust.

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HPUS indication of Causticum: Hoarseness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Causticum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Stomach; Greasy taste

Aversion to sweets

Feels as if lime were burned in stomach

Worse after eating fresh meat; smoked meat agrees

Sensation of ball rising in throat

Acid dyspepsia.

Sensitive to clothing




as by a string


rhythmic, with palpitation

Sensation as if diarrhoea would come on




7 p.m.

in children

after eating


lower part of abdomen




after stool


Sensation of fullness


after drinking

after eating




As if something were in abdomen (movements, lumps, etc.); movements in abdomen

Abdominal muscles

twitching and jerking

twitching and jerking; night

Noises from abdomen

rumbling; after eating

rumbling; while sitting



morning; on rising


4 p.m.

cold air; if cold air touches abdomen

must bend double

bending double

after sexual intercourse

as if diarrhoea would come on

after drinking

when breathing in

while lying down; lying on side; lying on right side

in women; before period

in women; at beginning of period

in women; during period

on movement

radiating; to back and chest

before stool


extending across abdomen

extending to other parts; to back

extending to other parts; to chest

extending to other parts; to throat

region of hip; around hip; left

region of hip; around hip; on coughing

behind lower ribs; left

when coughing

behind lower ribs; evening

behind lower ribs; lying on back

behind lower ribs; from pressure; clothing

lower part of abdomen

during period

groin region

hernia; as if a hernia would appear


while sitting

while urinating

while walking

extending to other parts; to down leg



lying down; on back

sides; left

when coughing

sides; on coughing

burning; during period

burning; behind lower ribs



cramping, griping; morning

cramping, griping; afternoon; 4 p.m.

cramping, griping; bending forward

cramping, griping; after eating

cramping, griping; before period

cramping, griping; during period

pressing; sides


pressing; region of navel


cutting; morning

cutting; on appearance of period

cutting; during period

cutting; during stool

cutting; after stool

cutting; lower part of abdomen; before period

cutting; lower part of abdomen; during period

cutting; hip; groin region

cutting; liver; sides

dragging, bearing down

groin region; while sitting

groin region; extending forward


after drinking

after eating

groin region; while sitting

groin region; during urination

sides; between ribs and hip

stabbing, piercing; behind lower ribs; right



extending to other parts; throat

lower part of abdomen

lower part of abdomen; toward genitals

sore, bruised, tenderness, etc.; from coughing

sore, bruised, tenderness, etc.; lower part of abdomen

sore, bruised, tenderness, etc.; groin region

sore, bruised, tenderness, etc.; sides; between ribs and hip

sudden, sharp (sticking, etc.)


while lying down


while sitting

behind lower ribs

behind lower ribs; right

behind lower ribs; afternoon

behind lower ribs; while travelling

lower part of abdomen

groin region

groin region; pressure

groin region; extending to other parts; downward



sides; right

sides; left

sides; evening

sides; extending to sacrum

tearing; during period

tearing; behind lower ribs; evening

tearing; liver




after walking


Restlessness, uneasiness, etc.


after drinking

after eating


electric, extending to fingers

Complaints of spleen


out-breaks on skin; blisters

itching; like insects crawling on skin


from watery fluid; abdominal cavity

groin region; glands


In children, wasting, swollen lymph nodes in back of abdomen (tabes mesenterica)


behind lower ribs

while lying on back



catarrh mucous-pus (see urine, sediment containing pus)


cramp; after urinating

fullness; without desire to urinate

inactivity of bladder



on beginning to urinate

while urinating; after a few drops pass

cervix of bladder; at close of urination

spasmodic; cervix; closure at cervix of bladder


forcible retention seems to paralyse the bladder

after excessive swelling

after childbirth, no desire to urinate

retention of urine (see urination delayed); from exposure to cold air

retention of urine (see urination delayed); in children

retention of urine (see urination delayed); from clots; in the bladder

retention of urine (see urination delayed); from catching cold

retention of urine (see urination delayed); after confinement

retention of urine (see urination delayed); in new-born infants

retention of urine (see urination delayed); painful

urge to urinate, but producing nothing

urging to urinate (unhealthy desire); night

on waking

urging to urinate (unhealthy desire); absent

with swollen bladder

urging to urinate (unhealthy desire); constant

urging to urinate (unhealthy desire); during fever

urging to urinate (unhealthy desire); frequent (see urination, frequent); without passing any, then involuntary flow while sitting

urging to urinate (unhealthy desire); ineffectual

with cramps in rectum

while perspiring

while standing, then while sitting urine flows involuntarily

urging to urinate (unhealthy desire); while perspiring

urging to urinate (unhealthy desire); while sitting

urging to urinate (unhealthy desire); sudden


urging to urinate (unhealthy desire); with thirst

urging to urinate (unhealthy desire); after urinating

urging to urinate (unhealthy desire); while walking

urination; dribbling (by drops)



involuntary; with retention

involuntary; after stool

involuntary; after urinating

urination; painful or difficult urination; during intermission of fever

urination; feeble stream (slow)

from retaining urine for long time

urination; forked stream

urination; frequent; daytime; and night

urination; frequent; morning

urination; frequent; during period

urination; frequent; while perspiring

urination; incomplete (see unsatisfactory)

urination; interrupted (intermittent)


urination; involuntary, incontinence; daytime; and night

urination; involuntary, incontinence; night, bed wetting

first sleep

urination; involuntary, incontinence; when blowing the nose

urination; involuntary, incontinence; during chill

urination; involuntary, incontinence; when becoming cold

urination; involuntary, incontinence; during convulsions

urination; involuntary, incontinence; during cough

urination; involuntary, incontinence; during exertion

urination; involuntary, incontinence; laughing

urination; involuntary, incontinence; at sudden noise

urination; involuntary, incontinence; during pregnancy

urination; involuntary, incontinence; while sitting

retention while standing

urination; involuntary, incontinence; when sneezing

urination; involuntary, incontinence; while standing

urination; involuntary, incontinence; after straining at stool

urination; involuntary, incontinence; while walking

urination; delayed, difficult; must wait for urine to start

urination; delayed, difficult; must wait long while, and then only a little urine passes

urination; delayed, difficult; must press; a long time before able to start

urination; delayed, difficult; flows involuntarily while sitting

urination; unconscious; no feeling in urethra (urinary part of genitals)

urination; unsatisfactory (see incomplete and fullness, after urinating)

urination; weakness



pain; aching; region of kidneys

pain; cramping

suppression of urine



appetite; reduced

appetite; easily satisfied

appetite; lacking, no appetite; morning


clothing disturbs


desires, cravings; alcoholic drinks; beer

desires, cravings; cold drinks

desires, cravings; meat; smoked

desires, cravings; refreshing things

desires, cravings; salt things

desires, cravings; smoked things

desires, cravings; tonics

distended (swollen from inner pressure); after eating


after acids

after bread

cold meat

burping, belching; afternoon

burping, belching; evening

burping, belching; after drinking coffee

burping, belching; after eating

burping, belching; after fats

burping, belching; ineffectual and incomplete


burping, belching; painful

burping, belching; after sweets

burping, belching; strong and sharp (acrid)



burping, belching; tasting like almonds

burping, belching; burning (see heartburn)

burping, belching; foul

burping, belching; hot

burping, belching; loud

burping, belching; tasting of musk

burping, belching; salty

burping, belching; sour; after sugar

burping, belching; of water

burping, belching; clear, salty liquid from stomach in mouth (waterbrash); cool water

burping, belching; clear, salty liquid from stomach in mouth (waterbrash); cold meat

burping, belching; clear, salty liquid from stomach in mouth (waterbrash); after stool


fullness; after bread

heartburn; evening

heartburn; after supper

pain; morning

while fasting

on rising

on waking

pain; night; on waking

pain; sensation of cold air on abdomen

pain; bending backward

pain; on breathing; when breathing deeply

pain; after drinking; cold drinks

pain; cold drinks

pain; after eating; breakfast

pain; after eating; bread

pain; while exercising

pain; while fasting

pain; heat

pain; on breathing in deeply

pain; lying down

pain; in women; during period

pain; on movement

pain; after rising

pain; while sitting

pain; on waking

pain; clawing

pain; cramping, griping, constricting; morning; on waking

pain; cramping, griping, constricting; when breathing in

pain; cutting; after eating

pain; pressing; morning

pain; pressing; if cold air touches abdomen

pain; pressing; after bread

pain; pressing; after breakfast

pain; pressing; while fasting

pain; pressing; while lying down; lying on back

pain; pressing; during period

pain; pressing; reading aloud

pain; pressing; on rising from bed

pain; pressing; while sitting

pain; pressing; talking

pain; pressing; on waking

retching; with cough

stomach sensitive to talking

sensation of violent chemical reaction


thirst; burning, intense

thirst; with dread of liquids

thirst; after eating

without thirst

during heat



Impaction (food lodged in abdomen)

Pain; after eating (including certain foods)


appetite; increased (hunger in general); appetite vanishing on sight of food

appetite; ravenous, excessive; with severe wasting (food not absorbed)

appetite; ravenous, excessive; without enjoying food (see aversion to food)

appetite; lacking, no appetite; at sight of food

appetite; lacking, no appetite; at smell of food

aversion to certain foods or drinks; meat

aversion to certain foods or drinks; sweets

aversion to certain foods or drinks; water


disordered; after fat food

burping, belching; food (regurgitation)

after eating; five hours after

burping, belching; tasting like food

burping, belching; foul; after fat or rich food

burping, belching; sour; after starchy food

burping, belching; sour; fat food

indigestion; from starchy food

loathing of food (see nausea)

pain; after eating; after cold food

pain; after eating; fatty food

vomiting; food



after breakfast

after eating


with hard stool

Noises from abdomen; rumbling; passing flatulence



disordered; during nausea

gagging (see nausea); from coughing (see retching)

nausea; morning

nausea; afternoon

nausea; evening; while eating

nausea; after anxiety

nausea; after drinking coffee

nausea; before eating

nausea; while eating

nausea; after eating


nausea; when burping, belching

nausea; when hawking

nausea; during headache

nausea; in women; with suppressed period

nausea; from mucus in throat

nausea; after sleep

nausea; after stool


vomiting; after eating; meat; cold meat

vomiting; during headache

vomiting; blood



vomiting; sour


vomiting; water

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