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Causticum - Abdomen symptoms - T.F. Allen

Hahnemann's Tinctura acris sine Kali, Kali hydr, Kali hyd, Caustic, Causticum hahnemanni, Caust.

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HPUS indication of Causticum: Hoarseness

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Causticum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Sensation of emptiness in the stomach, although he had eaten sufficiently at dinner, at 4 P.M.,

Pain in the stomach and uprising, which disappeared after dinner,

He head appetite, but when eating the food immediately caused nausea,

Little appetite, but the food is relished,

Appetite is wanting; hunger, but food is not relished; for three days,

Constant sensation of satiety and loss of appetite, followed after an hour by hunger, with natural taste of food,

Eructations, as when undigested food remains in the stomach,

Eructations of the food, five hours after eating,

Eructations having an odor of the food,

Much accumulation of flatus in the abdomen after a slight meal, on account of which the haemorrhoids protrude, are very painful, and moist (fifth day),

Cutting, extending from the pit of the stomach to the abdomen, after eating, with taste of food in the mouth and eructations tasting of food, with confusion of the head, diarrhoea, and chilliness; he was obliged to lie down,

Cutting in a small streak in the upper abdomen, with a soft stool at 11 A.M., disappearing after dinner,


Great distension of the abdomen, so that she was obliged to loosen the clothes, with frequent passage of loud flatus, which only relieved for a short time; the whole afternoon,

Rumbling in the abdomen, followed by frequent passage of flatus (after one hour),

Much accumulation of flatus, with hard stool (first week),

He passes flatulence both upward and downward,

Frequent passage of flatus, without disturbance in the abdomen,

Frequent passage of flatus after breakfast,

Frequent passage of offensive flatus, without any disturbances,

Frequent loud passage of flatus, the whole afternoon,

Excessive passage of flatus (fourth day),

Tension and distension of the abdomen, so that he could only breathe with difficulty, with frequent passage of flatus, at 7 P.M.,

Cutting-pinching in the abdomen, even while eating, soon disappearing after passing flatus (after six hours),

Cutting in the abdomen and passage of flatus on inspiration,


Cramp in the stomach, like a pressure and contraction, in the morning on waking from a frightful dream, with nausea and collection of water in the mouth (twenty-first day),

Nausea (soon),

She had appetite, but without having nausea it seemed as though she did not dare to eat,

Frequent eructations of tasteless water, or rising of it into the mouth, with nausea, which disappears after the eructations,


Vomited immediately,

He was able to eat only smoked meats; fresh meats nauseated him, even to vomiting,


Distension of the left hypochondriac region,

Sharp burning pain in the left hypochondrium,

Sharp stitches in the left hypochondrium,

Tension in the right side of the abdomen,

Violent stitches beneath the last right true ribs,

Stitching pain below the right ribs, in the evening,

Stitches in the hepatic region when riding, in a place of the size of a hen's egg; touch also caused stinging pain, with great inclination to sleep, and general weariness,

Stitches in the hepatic region, in the afternoon, lasting four hours (after twelve days),

A tensive pressive pain in the liver when lying on the back,

Tearing in the liver, in the evening (seventeenth day),


Swelling of the umbilicus, with painfulness about it, when touched,

Griping about the umbilicus, in the morning, in bed, disappearing after rising (second day),

Crawling in the umbilicus, with sensation as if diarrhoea would come on (after half an hour),

General Abdomen, Objective.

Distension of the abdomen, with internal pressure, especially on deep breathing,

Distension in the left side of the abdomen, extending into the groin (after six hours),

Great distension of the abdomen, especially in the evening (after twenty days),

Great distension of the abdomen after eating,

Painful distension of the abdomen, so that she was obliged to loosen the clothes, with pains in the bowels like cramps,

Abdomen distended, in the evening (after ten hours),

Abdomen, full, hard, in the evening,

The abdomen is full immediately after eating and drinking, with uneasiness and drawing in it,

Moving about and slight cutting in the abdomen, which disappear after a soft stool,

Rumbling in the abdomen after eating, when the stomach is overdistended,

Audible rumbling and croaking in the abdomen, as from frogs,

Loud rumbling in the abdomen when sitting as from emptiness (after one hour),


Uneasiness and jerking in the abdomen at night, which did not allow her to sleep before 12 o'clock,

Sensation of emptiness in the abdomen, relieved by pressure,

Cold sensation in the abdomen, with cracking and crackling in it,

The abdomen becomes cold easily; if the air touches it he has a pressure in the stomach and diarrhoea,

Pain in the abdomen in the morning,

Burning pain in the abdomen about the epigastric region, which wakes him from sleep, though transient,

Sticking-burning in the right side of the abdomen, with sensation as if something would become loosened (ninth day),

Tension and pressure in the upper abdomen,

Contractive tension in the abdomen and stomach,

Pain in the abdomen, as if it were constricted by a string, when breathing,

Contractive sensation about the upper portion of the abdomen (second day),

Twitching contraction in the bowels, at noon (ninth day),

Griping in the upper portion of the abdomen, frequently returning,

Griping in a small spot in the right side of the abdomen below the navel, as with two fingers, after eating,

Pinching pain in the bowels, with paleness of the face,

Severe pinching and cutting in the whole abdomen, with yawning,

A pain drawing back and forth in the abdomen, just before menstruation and on the first day of it,

Pressure in the abdomen several afternoons in succession, so severe that she was not able to do her work,

Pressure in the abdomen, extending up into the throat in the evening (tenth day),

Pressive pain in the abdomen, with short breathing, in the morning after rising,

Twisting pain in the abdomen before a stool,

Cutting and pinching in the right side of the abdomen, as in diarrhoea,

It seems as though one were sticking the whole abdomen with needles, at 4 P.M.,

Dull sticking pain in the right side of the abdomen, when lying,

Stitches in the abdomen for a long time, a sensation so that he was unable to remain sitting,

Stitches in the right side of the abdomen, in the evening,

A stitch in the right side of the abdomen, extending through and through the bowels, and out at the sacrum (after a quarter of an hour),

A severe stitch in the left side of the abdomen,

A transient stitch in the left side of the abdomen,

Dull stitches below the last false ribs above the ilium,

Dull stitches in the right side of the abdomen, followed by bruised pain in the left lower ribs; it is also noticed when pressing upon it (after three-quarters of an hour),

At night, severe colic in the groins; it extended through the lower legs up into the groins,

Cutting colic in the morning, followed by three soft stools, and the whole day a sensation in the abdomen as of diarrhoea (after eight days),

Cutting colic and diarrhoea during menstruation,

Cutting colic on the appearance of menses, without diarrhoea, with tearing in the back and small of the back, especially on motion,

Pain in the abdomen during menstruation, as if everything was torn apart, with pain in the sacrum as if bruised, with discharge of large clots of blood,

Bruised pain in the right side of the abdomen, which is not affected by touch (after one hour),

Bruised pain and pinching in the right side of the abdomen, followed by sticking through the pudenda, from within outward, frequently (after one hour),

Pulsation in the abdomen,

Crawling and moving about in the abdomen, as after a purgative (after half an hour),

Hypogastrium and Iliac Regions.

Quivering or muscular twitchings in the lower portion of the abdomen when sitting bent (after four hours),

Pressure in the lower abdomen, as from a weight,

A dull pressive pain deep in the lower abdomen, at last with fever, heat, anxiety, and restlessness, so that he could neither sleep at night nor lie; the lower abdomen was painful to touch, as in inflammation of the abdomen,

Dragging in both inguinal regions, extending forward, with ineffectual urging to urinate, while sitting, lasting half an hour,

Stitches extending downward in the right groin, as if a hernia would appear, after breakfast,

Bruised pain in the right groin, with stitches; relieved at first by pressure, but afterwards increased (after an hour and a half),

Bruised pain in the left groin, when walking, at 2 P.M.,


"Weakness of the stomach," for a long time after the poisoning,

Sensation of fasting in the stomach,

Sensation as of a disordered stomach, with distension of the abdomen (fifteenth day),

Constant sensation of pleasant warmth in the stomach and abdomen,

Pains in the stomach, which were relieved after lying down,

Violent pain in the stomach, in the morning soon after rising, increased by every sudden motion, with heat in the right side of the head; she was obliged to lie down, and the pain seemed now in the stomach, and now in the chest (after twenty-seven days),

Tensive pain in the pit of the stomach,

Any, even slight, tightness of the clothes about the stomach and hips is very oppressive and unendurable,

A contractive, not very painful, sensation in the epigastric region (after one hour),

Cramp in the stomach,

Clawing in the pit of the stomach,

Pinching-clawing in the pit of the stomach, on deep breathing,

Pressure in the stomach after breakfast (after five days),

Pressure in the stomach, in the morning after rising from bed, and even when sitting,

Pressure on the stomach, in the morning fasting, soon followed by contractive sensation in the abdomen (after two days),

Pressure in the stomach on waking at night, with perfect consciousness, which she did not feel in the morning after being completely awake,

Pressure in the stomach and abdomen above and below the navel, with diarrhoea three times at night, with periodic stitches from the back forward to the right side of the abdomen, arresting breathing (second day),

Pressure in the pit of the stomach,

Severe pressure in the pit of the stomach,

Pressure in the orifice of the stomach, increased by leaning against the edge of the table, and also by reading aloud, by talking much, by lying upon the back, and when the cold air strikes the abdomen,

Continued stitchlike pressure in the pit of the stomach,

Rhythmical chilling pressure in the pit of the stomach, as from a piece of ice,

Stitches in the stomach, for ten minutes,

Stitches in the pit of the stomach, which seem to contract the heart,

Bruised pain in the stomach, also noticed when pressing upon it (after an hour and a half),

Crawling in the epigastric region,


Severe pains in the epigastric region (soon),

Great pain in the region of the stomach and the course of the diaphragm,

Nausea and vomiting

Nausea, immediately,

Nausea, even while eating,

Nausea, every morning,

Nausea, in the evening when beginning to eat,

Nausea after supper, which had been eaten with a good appetite,

Nausea, followed after half an hour by hunger, in the afternoon,

Nausea, with empty sensations in the stomach, and acid taste in the mouth,

Nausea in the stomach, as if qualmish, without vomiting (after half an hour),

Nausea in the stomach, like an inclination to vomit, with frequent gulping up of water into the mouth, which causes constant spitting,

Nausea and inclination to vomit, the whole afternoon till evening,

Nausea, with anxiety,

Great nausea, on waking from the evening sleep,

Frequent nausea after the stool,

Sensation of nausea before eating, with hunger,

Qualmishness in the stomach (after a few hours),

Qualmishness and weakness in the stomach, with alternations of chill and heat,

Vomiting of clotted blood at night,

Sour vomiting, followed by frequent sour eructations,

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