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Causticum - General symptoms - T.F. Allen

Hahnemann's Tinctura acris sine Kali, Kali hydr, Kali hyd, Caustic, Causticum hahnemanni, Caust.

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HPUS indication of Causticum: Hoarseness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Causticum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Morning), On waking, anxiety.

confusion of head, etc., on rising from bed, vertigo.

on stooping, vertigo. dizzy, etc.

on waking, pain in top of head.

after rising beating, etc., in vertex.

dryness, etc., of eyes.

pressure in yes. difficult opening of eyes.

sensation in lids. after waking, pain in right inner canthus.

itching in eyeball. when blowing nose, obscuration of eyes.

after waking, dim vision.

stopped sensation in ears.

re-echoing in ear. swelling of nose.

blood blown from nose.

frequent sneezing.

tearing in roots of teeth.

teeth, etc. sensitive.

pain in teeth. hawking of mucus.

dryness of throat. on waking, pressure in throat.

thirst. nausea, soon after rising, pain in stomach.

on waking, cramp in stomach.

pressure in stomach.

in bed, griping about umbilicus.

pain in abdomen.

pressive pain in abdomen.

stitches in right side of abdomen.

cutting colic. erections, etc.

after coition, frequent erections.

*hoarseness, etc.

voice stopped. *cough.

*hollow cough. horse cough.

on waking, dry cough. shortness of breath.

sensation in chest. rawness in chest.

in bed, rushing in left chest.

palpitation, etc. pain in arms.

on waking, weakness in hand.

fingers become dead. in bed, on waking, weariness of legs.

in bed, uneasiness in both limbs.

bruised pain in legs.

sensation in lower, legs, etc.

on rising, tension in bend of thigh.

in bed, cramp in calf.

weariness of feet. on waking, trembling, etc.

in bed, attack of spasm.

in bed, weariness. on rising, very weary.

drowsy. sweat..

(Afternoon), *From 4 o'clock till evening, burning, etc.

of eyes. throbbing in forehead.

pain in teeth. offensive taste.

nausea. nausea, etc. stitches in hepatic region.

pressure in abdomen. oppression of chest.

weariness in legs. pain in muscles of leg.

jerking in left knee. 4 o'clock, chilliness, etc.

when walking, sweat. towards evening, pain in small of back.

(Evening), Before going to sleep, anxiety.

frightful ideas. rush of blood to head.

stitches in left side of head.

burning in scalp. *6 to 8 o'clock, burning, etc., in eyes.

in bed, stitches in ear.

sensation in left ear.

pain in right meatus. ringing in ear.

swelling of the gum. scraping in fauces.

on lying down, waterbrash.

when beginning to eat, nausea.

stitching below right ribs.

tearing in liver. distension of abdomen.

abdomen full, etc. pressure in abdomen.

stitches in abdomen.

diarrhoea. after urinating, pain in urethra.

*hoarseness. *cough.

hoarse cough. pain in right chest.

palpitation, etc. twitching in limbs.

*uneasiness in limbs.

pain in muscles of leg.

drawing in right leg. when walking, stitch in thigh.

drawing-tearing in knee.

7 to 8 o'clock, tension in calf.

tearing in outer malleolus.

drawing in right foot.

when slumbering in bed, attack of spasm.

weary. yawning.

shivering in neck. beginning at 6 o'clock, heat.

(Night), Anxiety, etc.

fearfulness. in bed, on rising and lying down again, vertigo.

headache. pain in middle of forehead.

open mouth, etc., dryness of mouth.

vomiting of blood. on waking, pressure in stomach.

uneasiness, etc., in abdomen.

colic in groins. diarrhoea.

*suddenly, burning in urethra.

urging to urinate. leucorrhoea.

on waking, cough. *hollow cough.

dry cough. at 2 A.M., cough.

when living, stitches in neck.

heaviness in limbs. pain in bones of arm.

pain in arms. when warm in bed, tearing in upper arm.

swelling of hands. uneasiness in leg.

tearing in patella. in bed, sensation of heaviness in lower leg.

cramp in calves. in bed, uneasiness, etc.

*cannot be still.

*side, etc., sore.

itching all over. yawning, etc., on waking, shivering.


(Sitting), Vertigo.

rumbling in abdomen. dragging in inguinal regions.

pain in haemorrhoids. *pain in small of back, etc.

dyspnoea. *tension in hollow of knee.

tearing in lower leg. tearing in tendo Achillis.

after walking, pain in ankle.

feet go to sleep. *uneasiness of body, etc.

bruised pain in body. sleepiness..

(Walking), Bruised pain in groin.

*painfulness of haemorrhoids.

urging to urinate. sensation in small of back.

weakness of legs. *cracking of knees.

*stiffness of knee.

weariness of knee-joint, etc.

*pain, etc., in hollow of knee.

pain in hip. drawing in calf.

weariness, etc. pain in ankle.


Lively, joyous mood, first twelve hours, rapid flow of ideas.

but after twenty-one hours (in the morning after waking and through the whole forenoon), anxious trembling, sleepy confusion of the head, heavy pressure in the occiput and forehead, with heaviness of the limbs, constant pain in the joints and muscles of the fingers, arms, shoulders, knees, and feet,.

On the following morning the mouth and fauces were in an extremely affected state. Everywhere the epidermal coating of the mucous membrane had been abraded, but still hung partly to it in large pieces, the mucous membrane itself was swollen and loose, the tongue was injected scarlet, the papillae swollen, arch of the palate and the uvula extraordinarily swollen, the colors of these parts intensely dark red. In the mouth and fauces the patient had the sensation as if glowing coals were there, together with constant pressure to swallow and hawk up, which increased the pain.

he discharged in a large quantity a secretion consisting partly of saliva, partly of mucus. The voice was hoarse and nasal, his disposition bounding on desperation. To these symptoms were added remarkable febrile symptoms (pulse 120) and unquenchable thirst,.

Eruption of the size of the head of a pin, with a hollow tip, without moisture, on the forehead, neck, shoulder-blades, arms, lower abdomen, especially on the thighs and in the hollows of the knees.

they itch, especially in the warmth of the bed, with burning after scratching.

when not warm they are scarcely noticeable in the skin, of a whitish color, on scratching soon become prominent, and after scratching leave behind a red spot with a large areola, for five days (after sixteen hours),.

On the night of the 15th, when the flow of the urine, which was proceeding at the rate of 3iss. per hour, was augmented in two and a half hours by 3xiv, and no fluid was supplied to the system, the pulse became perceptibly small (almost thready), and slow.

it remained equal and regular, there was no thirst, no shivering, and no nausea.

the skin was dry and warm. In six hours the pulse had quite regained its force and frequency, and the other symptoms had disappeared without any fluid having been taken,.

Sudden arrest of breathing in the open air (when hunting), with very rapid palpitation.

he was unable to remain upright, was obliged to kneel down, with sweat all over.

the breath was very short, the blood rushed to the head, the face became bluish-red, as if he would be attacked with apoplexy.

this condition lasted one hour (fourth day),.

Drawing pain in the bones of the wrist through the metacarpal bones into the little finger, where it is worst in the tip.

on stretching out the hand the pain is increased and the fingers are drawn involuntarily together.

after this the drawing extends from the bones of the wrist into the other fingers, and they all after awhile become bent, at times more, at times less,.


Spasm; in the evening, in a room, he felt in the head as though he were turning involuntarily hither and thither, with which he was dizzy and apprehensive; the face pale, with heat over the whole body; all this disappeared when he went into the open air (twenty-ninth day),

Attack of spasm. when slumbering in the evening, in bed, he felt that he could not move the tongue well, rose up, cried out, but fell back again, stretched out the arms and legs, then he moved them.

the eyes were distorted, he gnashed his teeth, together with flow of saliva from the mouth and icy coldness.

after a quarter of an hour his consciousness returned, but with it great anxiety, which returned after three-quarters of an hour, with transient thoughts and lolling tongue, all of which was relieved by a swallow of cold water,.

pains now in the lower abdomen, now in the stomach, now in the chest, now in the small of the back, which obliged her to bend forward.

she was unable to keep erect without the most violent pain.

could not endure clothing on the epigastric region, and did not dare to eat anything, even the most digestible food, on account of most violent pains in the abdomen and stomach.

the application of warm stones caused immediate relief.

everything seemed as if pressed and obstructed in the abdomen.

so full that it seemed as if it would burst, with constant ineffectual desire to eructate (after a few days),.



The septum of the nose is painful to touch,

Burning in the nostrils, as in coryza,

Drawing in the wing of the nose, extending down from the right external canthus,

Cutting-tearing through the wing of the nose,

Soreness within the nose,

A sore pain in the lower portion of the nose, as in severe coryza,

Tickling in the left nostril, relieved by external pressure,

Itching in the nose, as if coryza would appear,

Itching in the nostrils,


Loss of smell, with completely stopped nose,

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